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  1. Yes, all is ok ... thank you @Box4Seed I make review of your seedbox @forgae Seedbox Review posted
  2. Name: box4seed.com Package: 1 Week Trial, 300 GB HDD - 1Gbit Broadband Connection Speed: 8/10 Support: 10/10 GUI: 10/10 Speed of GUI: 10/10 Price: 10/10 - Trial Overall rating: 8/10 Quick review about seedbox experience : - 1 Week Trial Seedbox was working good, - disk space I got was 300 GB HD, - about max down/up speeds, I have seen max 40 MB/s down and 30 MB/s upload speeds, - average down/up speeds are lower, down was about 20-25 MB/s and upload about 10-15 MB/s - I have tested it on few trackers, - I did not need any support, - speed of GUI is working good with added more then 100 torrents, - about price, Free Trial, - overall rating is very positive Thanks @Box4Seed for Trial Testing Your SeedBox and I wish you All Best in the Future Cheers
  3. Thanks @Box4Seed for Trial seedbox. I will be back tomorrow and make quick review of seedbox. Cheers
  4. My favorite seedbox is also FeralHosting, i have using it for 6 months and everything was fine, good speeds, simply excellent
  5. I just checked with 3 different browsers and everything works
  6. One of the best TV Series, its my favorite
  7. I just read this, this is my first information, it is good to know this, i am still on Windows 7, nice info