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  1. DeathStar


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  2. Nextgn till end of year and 2x upload.
  3. DeathStar

    What is your favorite non-english movie?

    There are lot of good China movies.
  4. DeathStar

    RIP Paul Walker

  5. DeathStar

    Who is your favourite Super Hero?

  6. DeathStar

    What Was The Funniest Movie Ever?

    Jim Carrey old movies
  7. DeathStar

    Favourite TV-Shows

    Dexter, House, Breaking Bad, i guess those are ended... well.. everthing good ends someday. Im planning to start watch under the dome.
  8. DeathStar

    Star Trek Continues

    This is not for me Hope someone likes star trek. When i was like 5 years old i watched it but not anymore.
  9. DeathStar

    Want to watch Hobbit ?

    Havent seen it yet but i want to watch it
  10. It was maybe something 90's music
  11. DeathStar

    Favourite Artist/Band?

    In Flames ! Nightwish!
  12. DeathStar

    What is Your Favorite HD Tracker, Vote Now !!

    I like CHD and TL