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  1. 2015-03-17 21:30:01 - Donation Time Sure, we took in a bunch of donations for the new hardware, but it will not do us any good without the simple donations we rely upon for monthly maintenance. We are woefully behind in those funds. Please consider how much you appreciate the site and share a bit.
  2. Dear users, A policy refresh for 2015. It will go live next week. Hungary is removed from the blacklist. Hungarians are now welcome to register (if invited) Romania is unbanned and removed from the blacklist. Romanians are now welcome to register (if invited). Russia is now blacklisted. We will not accept any new registrations from there. Uploader Lite bottom ratio limit is lowered to 0.50. If you've got ratio troubles, consider uploading. Uploader Lite uploading requirement is now 1 torrent / 4 weeks. Uploader and Uploader Elite uploading requirement is now 1 torrent / 10 weeks. VIP class is renamed to Uploader VIP (promoted at staff discretion). UV has no ratio and receives 2 invites/month. Uploading req. is 1 torrent / 10 weeks. Hardware Founder and Site Friend user classes are introduced (+/- at the old VIP level). HF has no ratio and receives 1 inv/month. SF has no ratio, no uploading req., and receives no invites. Promotions for both classes are at staff's discretion. Current VIPs will be re-assigned to one of the new VIP-level classes or become Uploader Elites. Expect also some new Uploader VIP promotions from among Uploaders Elite. That's it for now. There will be another new user class, Elite User, with promotion conditions based on long term seeding. It will enjoy access to invites and no ratio. This class will not be introduced until the new site is online. Senior User class may also be reconsidered a bit as well (hint: seed your downloads!). Important: User and Senior User classes will have their invitations zeroed sometime next week. If you've got any spare invites left it hence may be a good idea to redeem them right away. You still have a few days left to do so.
  3. Guys, right after the abrupt downtime we had been truly sucked in by the RL, virtually every single one of us, so you might feel for a moment we weren't there for you. This news item is to reassure you everything's A-OK. New datacenter We moved into a new data center. We've had issues with the old hosting company for some time now, and the downtime caused by nonsensical routing decisions made by the old ISP became the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. Currently, we are placed in probably the most advanced data center in the country, guaranteeing uninterrupted electrical power delivery and blazing fast internet stability (well, the contract saz 99.9% certainty). So far we've been enjoying the new place. The hosting costs are competitive too. The swarm Guys, the swarm numbers are still low, at around 75% of the number from right before the downtime. This means many of you are still behind with re-writing the announce URLs in your torrents and hence not seeding what you downloaded. If you still have questions and/or are having troubles updating your torrents, post in this forum thread. Freeleech Before the Christmas you were promised freeleech. As soon as the swarm returns to a constant of at least 120 000 peers you will get it. Bonus invites Many of you lost the invites because of the downtime. Let's fix that. Tomorrow everybody will be given 1 bonus invite which will be valid for a week. IRC IRC is down and may stay down for a while. Sorry about that. Old browsers and Cloudflare CF exclusively uses ECDSA SSL certificates (which is an outstanding thing). Old browsers will not work with that. Use most recent Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera (currently version 27) and you will be ok. ECDSA will stay even if we will ever stop using CF. Forum (edit) Forum's obviously up and running. If you cannot see it, log out and then login again. I am aware this is annoying. Bare with us for now. We have re-written the forum platform for the new site completely, so this problem will be soon fixed. I am also looking forward to delivering some truly exciting news later this week. Stay tuned.
  4. a lot of people have this message - i have posted a msg Via Staff and awaiting answer.
  5. sad sad news : ( RiP - two great trackers gone
  6. freshon or bitmetv are the best alternatives i have some for sale - PM if needed.
  7. As Title Says. i will require some seedbox / Speedtest / Ratio Proofs Via PM , ONLY IF I PICK YOU NO NOT PM ME Apply here . ------------------------------------------------------ Freshon (Aka TvT) - Review Here --> BitmeTV - Review Here --> Brokenstones - Review Here (Old Review - Since been updated to Gazelle) --> SDBits - Review Here (Old review, nothing new) --> ThePlace - Review here --> (older Review) Waffles - Review here --> ------------------------------------------------------
  8. We're back and running in our new datacenter. However, the mail server still has issues. Do don't use invitations yet because they'll be wasted. Also, IRC is down for now. You must edit every .torrent file in your client. See your profile page for the new announce URL. Detailed directions for most clients will soon be posted to the Forums. These changes have been very expensive; in your excitement to be back online please do not forget to donate if you can.
  9. Guys, several months ago we organized a small fund collection to finance our new hardware. You answered our call with tremendous generosity and excitement and we collected over 3200 EUR from over 70 donors. We have not spent these funds yet. We've been working on the new site since then and we intend to buy the hardware at the very end. This moment is slowly coming and we intend to make the purchase at the end of January or the beginning of February taking advantage of the most reasonable prices. This also means we are (very) slowly approaching the long awaited open beta period having an entirely newly coded site running on brand new servers. We intend to be ready with everything, including the beta period, before our 11th birthday in May. For another month we will hence accept extra donations for the hardware. We've already collected a lot, but if any of you want to support us even further, you are very much welcome to do so. We can already afford good professional server hardware, yet of course every single Euro counts (e.g. an extra 80 EUR willyield an extra 8GB of RDIMM ram, or 150 EUR another truly industrial Intel SSD). The minimum donation is 20 EUR. If you donate you will be added to the donors list contributing to the new hardware and we will also put your nickname on the main production's server chassis with a golden permanent marker . Both pictures of the hardware and the list will be featured on the new site. If you donate please make it clear that the donation is for XNHP. Every XNHP donation over 50 EUR will be awarded x2 regular buffer bonus, and x3 over for 100 EUR. The new site, both in terms of its code and hardware, and their finely tuned performance and its (and hence yours) security will be truly something else... something which has not been done in the bittorrent world as yet. The XNHP forum thread can be found here. Thanks for your support! We've built this place together and it will be forever.
  10. wow @oculte wonderful giveaway mate i would like to apply for pedro as I never been on this tracker before and am keen to share invites in the future - I'm not a collector or seller can provide proofs of anything - also have a 20gbps seedbox and 40mbb/s home connection added rep also ..
  11. great giveaway @Inviter as always would like to apply for LZtR or Exigo as these are the 2 trackers i been wanting for a while just got a new 20gbps seedbox + many more proofs cheers bro.
  12. Welcome Back! As you can already tell and heard through the grape vine, the site has been moved to Gazelle. We all need to thank the developers of this source, staff here, and you for being patient so let's get back enjoying BrokenStones. Everyone will need to reset their password. Passwords may be put in your junk folder or blocked by your provider. We will handle accounts with these issues at a later date so please stay turned.
  13. maybe they just 'postponed' them for a week or 2 , lets hope it'll be open soon : )
  14. å„ä½äº²çˆ±çš„CHD会员大家好,在此中秋佳节之际,CHD管ç†ç»„全体æˆå‘˜ç¥å¤§å®¶ä¸­ç§‹å¿«ä¹ã€‚本æ¥åœ¨è¿™ä¸ªä¸­ç§‹ä½³èŠ‚ 我们将迎æ¥ä¸€å¤§æ³¢æ–°ä¼šå‘˜ï¼Œä½†æ˜¯ç”±äºŽå¯¹æœåŠ¡å™¨æµ‹è¯•æ—¶å€™å‘现严é‡bug,为了ä¿è¯ç»å¤§å¤šæ•°CHD会员的利益,我 们éžå¸¸æŠ±æ­‰çš„通知您,本次开邀活动延缓举行,具体开邀时间å¦è¡Œé€šçŸ¥ï¼Œç»™æ‚¨å¸¦æ¥çš„ä¸ä¾¿æˆ‘ä»¬æ·±è¡¨é— æ†¾ã€‚ CHD管ç†ç»„ 2014å¹´9月6æ—¥ ================================================== ======================== English Version Dear fellow CHD members: while mid-autumn festival is just around the corner, the CHD management would like to wish everyone a happy "zhong-qiu-jie". However, as we're expecting a big wave of new members, several vulnerabilities were discovered. To protect the interest of our existing members, we regret to inform you that we've postponed the invitation campaign till further notice. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.