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  1. yea great site ... small one but a good one with a lot of great people but everything got it's end somewhere ...
  2. Ps3 i must say it's one of best consoles all time. Next to ps2 from previous era. Sad to see ps 4 starting with very little titles.
  3. Horror books Recently i'm reading Stephen King books but also been going throu Graham Masterton books. What i can say is that : Bag of bones and Duma Key are really good one
  4. So far the biggest issue with new consoles is lack of games. Wish they gona release them more often
  5. There are several to watch nowdays Game of thrones is my fav but there's also Sherlock with few episodes each year ;D also Walking dead from cartoons Family Guy American dad
  6. I feel quite old myself been playing on old Zx Spectrum and first game was pong