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  1. Got mmaT now, dont need it anymore Have ipt revtt and tl Want ptp
  2. BiBoB

    5x Invite

    i want one, what do you need?
  3. BiBoB

    What Was The Funniest Movie Ever?

    Trains Planes and automobiles love that one
  4. Cool... didnt even know they was making a new one!!! thanks for posting
  5. BiBoB

    Norwegian student gets rich from bitcoins.

    wish i investet in some bitcoins.. damn!
  6. i7-3820@ 4.5Ghz GTX 780 SLi 1866mhz Dominator platinium 16gigs Asus rampage 4 Formula 2x Samsung Pro 256 SSD
  7. BiBoB

    Best Game Console

    xbone.. PS4 is for kids
  8. BiBoB

    What is Your Favorite HD Tracker, Vote Now !!

    BIT-HDTV.. i like that one
  9. My first CD was micahael jackson - bad
  10. BiBoB

    What is your favorite sport and why?

    MMA is the only "sport" i watch