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  1. CHD was under atack and was showing server overload, I wonder if HDW has the same problem
  2. "why is so important for people to " build " their reputation? increase the sales or why?" sell, trade, get invite, and for whatever reason people would visit an invite site and try to get more rep points lol and if u say you’re not here for that reason (of course I know it isn’t the only reason) then you’re a little sneaky hypocrite but I agree the reputation doesn’t defines who you’re really are and in an ideal world we wouldn’t need it at all. The world, however, isn’t perfect and in order to take full advantage of this forum you must have a good rep, this is why everyone eagerly is collecting those points. I’m sure even you prefer to invite, sell, trade and etc to someone who has at least some rep, or am I wrong? One thing I should say though the big fat rep, unfortunately, is not a 100% protection from the “bad apples†you mentioned, but as you I belive in the staff :wub:
  3. PeaceEnforcer some people spent lots of time building their rep in the past and they may not have that time and resources again, like myself, so its very logical and understandable why some folks are taking it harder than others, not to mantion the scammers are coming with vengeance, some people are so cheeky they didn't even change their nicks from when they were banned... so it'll take more time than u think
  4. Sorry for the loss, do we really need to start everything from scratch, I meen introduce ourselves, building new rep and etc? Was just wanderring. I'm sure it isn't the end of the world