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  1. have KG invite,turbowolke.skynet acc,HDcorea acc loking NB,,SceneHD,TorrentHeaven,DB9,Sinderella,HD-Spain Offer my PM
  2. Very nice giveaway mate!! I would like apply HDCITY.ORG Rep+Thanks
  3. Belife

    Tracker's Name: UHDBits Genre: HD Sign-up Link: : Additional information: Very good HD tracker and it is the fastest source for internal encodes and all other HD or general trackers like HDTorrents or Torrentleech copy those encodes from UHDBits
  4. Belife

    Tracker Name: Genre: e-Learning Sign-up Link:
  5. Belife

    Tracker Name: Genre: e-Learning Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: Private e-Learning Tracker
  6. Belife Open: | HD Tracker's Name: Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing date: 1,2 days tops Additional information: Very Good HD tracker Stats: Online Since: 2009-03-01 User Limit: 100000 Registered: 11,720 Users Online: 15 Torrents: 12,294 New Torrents Today: 3 Peers: 43197 Total Traffic: 23,660,493.53 TB Total Ratio: 3381.948 Forum Topics: 5,633 Forum Posts: 79,180
  7. Tracker: Tracker URL: Open Signups : from time to time Invite System : Only give away to members that has over 1TB Upload Category: General
  8. Hi Jack i apply invite
  9. have invite want good offer
  10. Tracker's Name: Open : Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Additional information:, former has opened registration As the review of March 11 2015 states : "HDTracker is a Russian HD tracker.It has about 100k users and 10k torrents, the content and speed is ok, the pretimes are not that good.The tracker is in russian so you have to use google chrome to auto translate it"
  11. Belife invite

    Hi +drag0n i apply invite HDcity