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  1. we have decided to bring back the external application. This is an easy way for anyone to try and join PtN and we ask everyone to spread the url for the external application to friends that are looking for a low pressure movie experience in bittorrent. We will be enabling the application at random times and announcing it so you can tell your friends when it's time. It's a quick and easy application, so tell them to give it a whirl. The url for the external application is so get your friends in now. We will leave the application open for a week from today to give people a chance to enjoy this.
  2. nice tracker and their encodes are really quality encodee
  3. Dear members, For the last few weeks, staff formerly of GazelleGames have been in talks with the ex-staffers of the original BitGamer. After hours of tireless work on first and foremost a design change, today marks the beginning of a new era and the return of BitGamer! At last our most significant user-base percentage will feel right at home with the super-sleek rebranding. We will also soon be upgrading to TBDev and adding artificial delays to database queries and tracker announces in order to emulate the nascent rebirth of the greatest games tracker of all time. Welcome to BitGamer 2.0! -bG Staff
  4. Tracker Name :snatchthat Genre :general Review (If Any ) : Sign Up Link : Closing Time :48 hours Additional Information :