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  1. Hi guys , What is your opinion about this game ? . I am a played Battlefield series .BFBC2, BF3,BF4 and i am not sure if is a good idea to buy this game .
  2. I have invites for Ipt & tl , i need scenefz invite
  3. The company has filed a lawsuit at a federal court accusing unknown AT&T subscriber(s) of activating pirated copies of its operating system and other software products. The AT&T account was tracked by the tech giant’s own cyberforensics team due to “suspicious activation patternsâ€. Although Microsoft is known worldwide as one of the most pirated software vendors, the company doesn’t have a long track record of dealing with individual infringers. Actually, a couple months ago, the company even noted that piracy could sometimes even act as a conversion tool. Apparently, this didn’t mean that all pirates could have their way. The tech giant’s cybercrime center seems to be keeping a close eye on the unauthorized use of Microsoft’s software products. A few days ago, the company has filed a copyright infringement complaint against an individual (or a group) who activated pirated copies of Windows 7 and Office 10 from an IP address assigned to the AT&T subscription account. You may think that pirated copies are hard for the company to detect, but Microsoft explained that it uses modern technology to track software piracy. The software developer described its investigative approach as cyberforensics: its team looks for activation patterns and characteristics that make it likely that certain IP-addresses are engaged in illegal copying. For example, the company analyzes product key activation data received from users when they activate the software. This data includes the IP address from which the key has been activated. By the way, such reports are sent by users voluntarily. The lawsuit claims that the defendants have activated numerous copies of Microsoft software products, including Windows 7 and Office 2010, with suspicious registration keys. The company believes that those were stolen from its supply chain, then used without permission from the refurbisher channel, and more often than the Microsoft license permitted. Now the company wants the court to allow it to identify the individual or a group of them responsible for the copyright violations in order to compensate the damage it has suffered. According to Microsoft’s complaint, it looks like the defendant is not an average user, but perhaps a person selling PCs with pirated software. Well, let’s see what the court has to tell the company.
  4. LionsGate was seen attempting to wipe an entire Reddit sub from Google’s indexes. The movie studio claimed that the action was necessary to protect the movie A Madea Christmas. However, the search giant refused to comply with the overbroad takedown attempt. Millions of DMCA notices are sent to search giants each week: for example, Google received over 8.5 million within the last 7 days. While most of those complaints are accurate, some of them aren’t. As for Google, the company admits that it has to reject thousands of DMCA notices every day, usually because they target the same URLs again and again. Some of such failure notices can be easily spotted (for example when rights owners target content they don’t actually own the rights to). Sometimes the content creators don’t target infringing material precisely – instead of sending a notice for a single URL, they want to move up a level and take down a whole bunch of them in a single swoop. This is what the movie studio tried to do a few days ago, targeting 9,000 URLs in a single DMCA notice, where dozens of URLs were duplicates. However, Google dismissed links targeting Reddit for different reasons. Three links submitted by LionsGate targeted a Reddit sub called BestOfStreamingVideo after someone published a link to the company’s movie ‘Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas‘. The movie studio tried to have the whole sub-reddit delisted from Google, but the search giant refused to comply. In the meantime, it should be admitted that the “over-broad†strategy has quite paid off in the past. For example, the Motion Pictures Association of America has managed to have the homepages of a number of popular websites removed from Google’s search, including that of KickassTorrents.
  5. Hello guys , i have BitmeTV - invite Freshon - Invite TehConnection - account SCC - account blackcats-games - account bithq - account beyondhd - account pornbits - account i will trade all for BTN account pm if interested
  6. i need invite to filelist for a friend . tell me what you whant for it thanks
  7. Have key for The Sims 3 + The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff Key + The Sims 3 Late Night Key + The Sims 3 Date Night Key price 30$ pay pal