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  1. Same as last year not changing from 1,2,3 SCC,GFT and TSH.
  2. Ncore and PTP are not HD trackers.. Ncore was general tracker and PTP is a movie tracker..
  3. Yup u could find 'em it easily in those trackers. HDbits only good in their 3 encodes CtrlHD,Don and EbP.. Superb Quality on their Encodes and their retention of torrents was too good.. As for the rest are (CriSC, H@M, LinG, PerfectionHD, jTV, UxO, NiP, NorTV, iLL, DD, EucHD, AtZLIT, somedouches, SMoKeR, CJ, TsH, TjHD, Chotab, VANiR).. They are internal team of HDbits for mostly are WEB-DL..
  4. You say don't exist in other's trackers? Don and Ebp releases are being uploaded in BTN and PTP regularly lol
  5. U forgot to include B2S HDcorea I delete my vote..
  6. Most definetly Banned on IP Changed. They monitors IP like and PTP.. If u didn't believe go ahead try it lolz..
  7. PTN doesn't ban on IP changed.. I've tried it before as long u didn't change the password and e-mail immediately..