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  1. There is any invite yet? I really would like to apply.
  2. Dec-25-15 - Holiday Bonus 3 - (pjcnet) The 3rd and final holiday bonus has now been activated: I have boosted the number of torrents that you can earn seed points on at once. Non donors can now earn seed points on up to 6 torrents at once (Normally 4). Donors can now earn seed points on up to 16 torrents at once (Normally 12). Still not enough? Okay I've also boosted the number of seed points earned per hour as well: Non donors will now earn an additional seed point to 3 seed points per hour instead of 2. Donors will now earn an additional 2 seed points on top of the already boosted amount to 10 seed points per hour instead of 6. If you have a considerable number of hit and runs then now is the best time to get them cleared quickly, especially with the first 2 bonuses in effect as well. All the holiday bonuses will remain activated until just after the New Year so make the most of them. I would like to thank all our members for making BCG what is is today, we would be nothing without yourselves. If you would like to discuss this announcement please click here. Happy Holidays!