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  1. Bibliotik Freeleech To celebrate Bibliotik's birthday, members of the staff have chosen some of their favorite books to share; these torrents will be freeleech for one week, until May 17!
  2. 1)Tracker Name :Dognzb 2)Genre :General Usenet NZB Tracker 3)Review (If Any ) : 4)Sign Up Link : 5)Closing Time :?? 1,000 slots will be available 6)Additional Information :According to the Dog: "I guess it will probably last several hours. Will probably start around 7-8AM local time (GMT-6)"
  3. Tracker Name: Genre: General Review: N/A Sign-up Link: Closing Date: End of Weekend Additional Information: Newznab based General Nzb site. South African site. No porn. Unlimited accounts ( nMatrix Contributor) get this: 10 000 API requests per day 10 000 Downloads per day No category limitations $10.00 lifetime membership. Bitcoin or Paypal
  4. Tracker Name: yify-torrents Genre: Hi-Def Movie rips Review: N/A Sign-up Link: Closing Date: Possibly Soon Additional Information: I discovered Yify rips on Usenet. They specialize in Blu-Ray rips that are amazingly small yet somehow maintain Hi-Def picture quality. Most 1080p are only about 1.5GB . Ratio free with about 4,000 Hi-Def movies. It says on their intro: Welcome to YIFY Torrents Welcome to the official YIFY Torrents website. Here you will be able to browse and download all YIFY rip movies in excellent DVD, 720p, 1080p and 3D quality, all at the smallest file size.
  5. How would you guys compare this tracker to Is it better with a larger selection? Is it easy or difficult to seed there?
  6. Tracker Name: Genre: Audiobooks Review: N/A Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: This is a great little NZB site for people who like audiobooks. It is forum based. It is free but donations are accepted via bitcoin (preferred ) and Paypal to help with server costs.
  7. Tracker Name: Genre: Adult Movies, Porn site Rips, Review: N/A Sign-up Link: Closing Date: NA Additional Information: An amazing forum based NZB site for porn fans. In addition to 0 Day Porn movies , they have complete Adult site rips. There is an Adult classic section where some people upload their personal collections. Established 2007. A great site that is still Free. Donations to help with server costs are accepted via Paypal but donations are optional. Highly recommended.
  8. Tracker Name: Gingadaddy Genre: General Review: N/A Sign-up Link: Closing Date: Soon Additional Information: Custom non-newznab site. Established 5 years ago. Has it's own uploaders. Large backfill. This is a decent non-newsnab site. It is under new ownership. I would signup while it's open. Since it's under new ownership , you might want to wait to see what changes will be made before spending any money for a VIP membership.
  9. Tracker Name: all your base are belong to us Genre: General Review: N/A Sign-up Link: Closing Date: N/A Additional Information: Forum based Nzb site. General Nzb site with an emphasis on complete Blu-Ray releases.
  10. Same here. Ar least nobody "stole " my name. The biggest problem is that every scammer who got banned here before knows there is no record of them so be very careful who you do business with.