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  1. Beast station return, congratulations
  2. Tracker's Name: Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Additional information: HdQueen is a newly opened Chinese HD Tracker.
  3. tifow


    Yes it is A lot better. Most of the time they have 100% FreeLeech.but registrations are closed Now. Try your luck next time.
  4. tifow

    Open: HDSky

    HDSky 管ç†ç»„ 2015å¹´1月23æ—¥ limited timing registration is now open! News: We are now open limited timing registration until 23:59:59 26.01.2015(GMT +8). In this period of time,all of you guys will have a chance to earn additional bonus if you send your personal promotionlink to any other Forums,Facebook or Twitter. Please click here to get your personal promotionlink.You will earn additional 50 bonus per 10 minutes if others click your link and complete the registration. Cheers, HDSky Staff Tracker URL: http:// Signup Link: Review: Additional comments: HDSky is a Chinese HD private tracker.It was formerly known as HDStar the cam back online with new name HDSky and new staff.HDSky has lots of HD content for various encoders like DON,ESiR,HiDt,HDBits,PublicHD and others.It has also internal encoder HDSKY.Speed and pre-time are very good.Interface is in Chinese and can be translated into English using Google translate.
  5. tifow


    Tracker Name: Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing Date: In a Few Days Additional Information: Hon3yhd is a famous Desi Hindi movies tracker.They are quick in releasing HD movies and HD songs collection.
  6. tifow


    Tracker Name | Feedbits SignUp URL | Genre | General Closing Date : SOON Additional Comments : FeedBits is a DANISH Private Tracker for MOVIES / TV
  7. Tracker Name | ChinaHDTV |CNHD SignUp URL | Genre | HD Movies Closing Date : SOON Additional Comments : ChinaHDTV is one of the greatest and most active a CHINESE Private Tracker for HD MOVIES / TV
  8. Sorry for the loss... we have no choice but to start from scratch