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  1. hey


    please invite me in

  2. hello

    i seen here that you get an invite from tsctracker . 


    so you will be very helpfull if you help me to get an invite .

    im traying to learn a german language so i need this tracker .

  3. Kraven

    hey i will apply for the invite.. thanks..
  4. Kraven (TSC) 5x invite

    i apply for one invite... i not a seller or trader... i have multiple seedbox and also upload my own release.... almost latinos release... thanks
  5. Kraven

    SceneXpress | General

    I think is the 4 time they reopen thanks
  6. Kraven

    Open: HDRsh

    well i try to sign up but give a error in the birthday idk why
  7. Kraven

    1001 x Hdrush invite

    i apply thanks
  8. Kraven

    Open Signup: (XS) | General

    ask me for a invite code
  9. what about HDcenter for ip change or password or email ?