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  1. Nice GA and gr8 tracker, i apply. Rep + tnx added I use seedbox. Tnx!
  2. I apply, rep +tnx added Tnx!
  3. I apply for ncore, rep+tnx added. I own 3 seedboxes, ratio its no problem, i can send u proofs. Tnx!
  4. I apply for BroadcasThe.Net or, because i know that they have a lof of tv&movies stuff and good pre-times, rep + tnx added. Thanx & keep the good work
  5. Mystical is a Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / GENERAL Signup Link:
  6. Tracker Name : LearnFlakes Signup Link : Genre : e-Learning Additional Information : new learning tracker
  7. Hello and Welcome to Bitleechers Today MEMATI has added a new feature to allow members to watch full movies right from our site. The "Cinema" tab can be located in the sites Menu for all members. We want to see how this featire works with our members before we make a decision if it should only be for VIP's only. Eventually in time we will be changing this feature to allow only members who donate to view the Cinema. Staff and uploaders will be adding movies to the Cinema so you have many choices what you would like to watch. We hope you all will like this new feature. If you would like to comment on this new feature please follow this link. Please keep in mind that we are still working on this new feature and will continue to update it. Content will be added soon and the page will be sorted so please bare with us before you make any comments. MEMATI has also decided to open the doors for a short period to allow new members to join. We obviously need more active members using the site. So, please be active because we are not going anywhere anytime soon lol. Tell everyone we are here to stay We would like to THANK all the members who have donated last month and also in the past months to keep the site moving forward! It would be nice to see other members contributing to the server costs each month instead of the same members that care and support us month after month. Please donate and when you donate you are automatically promoted to VIP class for the duration of the amount you have donated. As the previous announcement we have changed the IP of the site and IRC. Details are below and it would be nice to see some new faces in the IRC. Description: Bitleechers IRC Server: OR IP: Port: 6667 +6697 ssl Group: Bitleechers /join #announce /join #chat /join #pre /join #tv /join #help (If YOU need assistance) /join #uploader (If you are an Uploader) If not you will be kicked! Thank You, Bitleechers Staff Team
  8. Thank you for all the content and effort you bring to IPT With the recent significant additions/changes in the sites category structure we have put together a forum topic with the criteria for each category. Specifically, the TV, new CAM and Bluray sections to clarify the content that should go in each. We hope this information will help all of our uploaders and especially our future Trial Uploaders. It is a basis to build on. It is does not cover every single possibility of "What if...?" and we welcome your feedback, input and discussion for anything that can make it more user-friendly, accurate, etc. This is one of the topics that we ask you periodically check for updates. Forums > Uploader Resources > Category Guidelines: Category Criteria For ALL Cagtegories 2 or more videos go in Packs for categories that have them. Any upload that is Non-English must have Title [Language] Tag (Except Anime) Movies Movie/3D Single films in 3D visual format Movie/480p Bluray's exactly 480p Only, any container. No DVDRip, WEBRiP, upscales, or other sources Movie/BD-R Retail Bluray disc files/images. Movie/BD-Rip Bluray Rips (encodes) from Source Bluray Disc. Movie/Cam Any that have CAM/HDCAM/TS/etc audio and/or video. Movie/DVD-R Retail PAL/NTSC DVD Files - Video_TS folder/.iso/Other image files Movie/HD/Bluray Encodes/Re-Encodes of 720/1080 Blurays Movie/Kids Children's Film (Rated G Only) Movie/MP4 All features coded in the MP4 container format that are not 720p+ AND larger than 1GB. Movie/Non-English Single Films whose Only Audio is Not English. Must have [Language] Tag in Title Movie/Packs Duology, Trilogy, etc. and packs with a theme actor, genre, topic, etc. No random content packs Movie/Xvid All DVDRip encodes that are "Small Size"=Less than 1GB and/or below 720p TV Sports Sporting events: Boxing, Soccer, Football, Wrestling, etc whether TV or PPV - Single or Packs. TV/480p Single episodes in 480p resolution ONLY (e.g. 640x480, 704x480). No other resolutions TV/MP4 Single episodes in the .mp4/.m4v/etc. container less than 720p. (720+ go in TV/X264) TV/Non-English Single episodes whose Only Audio is Not English. Title must have Language Tag, e.g. [Hindi], [spanish] TV/Packs Duology, Trilogy, Season, etc. and packs with a theme actor, genre, topic, etc No random mix or Anime TV/Packs/Non-English 2+ episodes/Seasons/etc whose Only Audio is Not English. Title must have Language Tag TV/SD/x264 Single episodes in x264/(e.g. HDTV/PDTV : .mkv/mpeg-4/) format below 720p (No .mp4) TV/x264 Single HD episodes in 720p+ regardless of container TV/Xvid Single episodes in SD Xvid (e.g. avi) container Games Games/Mixed Mixed game types Games/Nintendo DS/NDS/3DS Game formats Only Games/PC ISO PC .iso disc image format Games/PC Rips PC Game Rips Games/PS2 Playstation 2 Single or Pack Games Only Games/PS3 Playstation 3 Single or Pack Games Only Games/PSP PSP/PSN Single or Pack Games Only Games/Wii Wii Single or Pack Games Only Games/XBOX Original Single or Pack Games Only Games/XBOX360 Xbox360 Single or Pack Games Only Music Add Title Tag [Year/Format/Bitrate], e.g. [2014/MP3/320] for Music/Audio Music/Audio .mp3, .aac, etc files. - Single, Packs, Concerts Music/Flac .flac files Only - Single or Packs Music/Packs Discography/Several Albums/2 or more songs by the same singer/group Music/Video Music Videos, Single or Packs & Full Concert DVDs. *Artist/Band Documentaries go in the appropriate movie category Miscellaneous Anime Japanese style Animation. Cartoons / Manga / Bleach/etc. - Single or Packs. [Japanese] tag not necessary. Appz PC Applications - Single or Packs Appz/Non-English PC Applications - Single or Packs who primary text/audio/language is Non-English. AudioBook Digital Audiobooks - Single or Packs. Use Title Tag [Year/Format/Bitrate], e.g. [2014/MP3/120] Books Fiction/Non-Fiction. - Single or Packs Comics Comic Books Single or Packs Educational Educational material - Textbooks/CBT/Manuals/etc. Mac Applications for Apple "Mac" computers only- Single or Packs Magazines / Newspapers Magazines and Newspapers Mobile Applications for Smart Phones & Tablets - Single or Packs. Title Tag (Android) / (iOS) / (iPhone/iPad/iPod)/etc. Pics/Wallpapers Wallpapers - Single or Packs XXX - No free or non-age consent (Homemade/Amateur) material XXX/Magazines Magazines/Books with any nudity, sexually explicit language, etc. XXX/Movie Pornographic videos that contain nudity, sexually explicit content, etc XXX/Movie/0Day 0Day Scene release XXX Uploads Only. XXX/Packs Packs with a theme actress/actor, genre, topic, etc. No random content packs XXX/Pics/Wallpapers Wallpapers/image sets/etc. with any nudity. Bluray Guidelines To be in any BR category must be 1GB or larger and 720p or larger. If not, goes in Xvid as Small Size BRrips Only exception is if it is Exactly 480p, then Movies/480p BD-R = Source is Retail BR Disc and files or image of files on disc BD-Rip = Source is Retail BR Disc and is an original encode from the disc HD/BR = ReEncode of BDRip, Web-DL, HDTV, or encode of source other than Retail Disc BD-R No Encodes and must be from Source BR Disc. Includes Remux same as DVD-R category. Will be OEM Retail BR disc files (.mt2s, .clpi, .mpls etc) or image of (.ts etc). Examples (Tags Removed): The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 2013 COMPLETE BLURAY Delta Farce 2007 1080p Blu-Ray ReMuX VC-1 DD 5 1 Amistad 1997 MULTi COMPLETE BLURAY-UNTOUCHED BD-Rip Enocodes from Source BR Disc only and containers will vary: .mkv, .mp4, etc. Examples (Tags Removed): 13 Sins 2014 720p BDRIP x264 AC3.mp4 Tinker Bell 2008 1080p BluRay x264.mkv HD/BR BRrip/BR-Rip/ReRip/Re-encode/Web-DL from other BR sources than original BR Disc Examples (Tags Removed): The Glass Shield 1994 1080p RERIP BluRay x264.mkv 16 Blocks 2006 720p HDDVDRip x264.mkv Street Fighter Assassin's Fist 2014 720p WEB-DL x264 AAC.mp4 BRrip Re-encodes that go in HD/Bluray, must be 1GB+ and 720p+. If Less than 1GB and/or less than 720p goes in Xvid If it has correctly in the Title or lists as the source: TAG Category BDRip BD-R - Encode of Retail BR disc source BRRip BR-Rip - Re-Encode of Retail BR rip Remux BD-R - Retail BR disc source Untouched BD-R - Retail BR disc source Complete BD-R - Retail BR disc source ReRip HD/BR - Not BR disc source HDRip HD/BR - Not BR disc source ReEncode HD/BR - Not BR disc source Web-DL HD/BR - Not BR disc source HDTV HD/BR - Not BR disc source TV Guidelines Note: No size guidelines as in Movies/BR categories. Only container and resolutions 480 & 720p larger. 480p 480p Resolution Only any container: .mp4/.avi/.mkv/etc MP4 .MP4 containers only less than 720p- If 720p+ put in X264 SD/x264 Standard Definition = Less than 720p. No .avi all others ok. x264 High Definition = 720p or larger any container Xvid Standard Definition in .avi container only Q - .MP4 that is less than 720p A - TV/MP4 Q - .MP4 that is 720p or larger A - TV/X264 Q - 576p A - SD/X264 Q - .MKV less than 720p A - SD/X264 Q - .MKV that is 720p or larger A - X264 Q - HDTV x264 A - SD/X264 Q - HDTV 1080p A - X264 Q - WebDL 720 A - X264 IPTorrents Staff
  9. 3DPron is a RUSSIAN Private Torrent Tracker for 3D XXX Sign up and join the community! Signup Link:
  10. Every week I will post shows until they are all picked, you vote on which one of the posted shows you'd like to have on staff pick freeleech and the winner gets 7 days there. It continues until all the shows are picked or until interest drops off. Come vote now Also come nominate a show or shows to have people vote on:
  11. Vote in the poll here to pick the Trivia start time! 302 Found It’s a well-known fact that, as we age, our brains don’t work in quite the same way that they did when we were younger. We begin to lose memories, we may find it difficult to concentrate, and it can take longer to learn new skills and absorb information. One of the best ways to keep our minds sharp is to exercise them on a daily basis. When you begin to develop your brain fitness routine, be sure to include trivia to the regime. Here’s why: 1. Improved Cognition Cognition, or thinking, can be improved with training. If you hope to learn a new skill, retain new information or practice a new craft, you need to be able to think, reason and problem solve. By playing trivia games, or utilizing a trivia app, you can improve your cognition without realizing you’re doing so. The better you get at trivia games, the easier you will find it to learn new things, concentrate on tasks and perform previously unlearned skills. 2. Fluid Intelligence Our brains are amazing pieces of machinery. Experts call the reasoning that takes place behind our learning processes “fluid intelligence.†If you find trivia games to be confusing, difficult or even boring at first, do your best to stick with them. The more you answer trivia questions and play trivia games, the easier and more enjoyable you will find them to be. As your play becomes more frequent, your brain will adjust to its new task and adapt readily. 3. Cortisol Do you have a stressful job? Is your life just stressful in general? When you live in a persistent state of stress, your body releases the stress hormone cortisol. The more cortisol that courses through your body, the less able you will be to concentrate, learn and even think clearly. When you play trivia games, you can effectively lessen the amount of cortisol being released by your body. The lessening of cortisol will result in an increased ability to focus and to just plain think. 4. Cross-Training While you have dozens of choices when it comes to trivia games, the most beneficial are those that cover a variety of subjects. When you find a trivia game that forces you to recall knowledge about sports, music, history, entertainment, culture and other topics, you will have to rely on skill, memory, logic and even language in order to answer the questions. This type of game play is called mental cross-training and is so beneficial that it is often used to treat those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. 5. Emotion Regulation You may not believe it, but the act of answering trivia questions and playing games can make you a happier person. Friendly competition can heighten your mood, boost your ego and make you more jovial in general. If you win the game, you’ll experience a feeling of satisfaction that can increase the release of feel-good hormones in your brain. This is a great reason to sit down with the whole family on a Friday night and pull out your trivia games. There are some people who love trivia games and some that have to learn to love them. No matter which camp you fall into, there’s no denying that trivia games benefit your brain. The next time you’re looking for something to do, find a partner and bounce some trivia questions off of each other; your brain will appreciate the workout.