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  1. I just checked and it is closed. You can buy your way in, but I've never used this tracker so no idea if it is any good.
  2. Not exactly rare, but I've found a lot of great stuff at The idea behind the site is to preserve as much old content as possible. To me it was useful to find video for old stuff, a lot of people upload VHS tapes that they recorded on their own.
  3. Very good list, thanks. Though I often use for anime and RarBG for mainstream TV/Movies. They are popular enough but I guess it wouldn't hurt to be on the list.
  4. Been using Qbittorrent for many years now. I was using Deluge before, don't quite remember why I switched, but Qbittorrent has been very solid even though I have many active torrents.
  5. I very much enjoy Korean cinema, there are many great titles and Oldboy in particular gets a lot of praise, but if I had to choose one, I'd go for "The Chaser", this one was such a great thriller.
  6. Saw the new Batman movie last night. Not much into DC stuff, but the wife wanted to see it, so kinda got pulled into it, haha. Was entertaining, but I felt it was too long, I think it is a 3 hour movie.
  7. Never cared much for phones, but about two years ago I had to get a new one so I gave Xiaomi a shot, got a Redmi Note 7 and it's been working nicely since then. Probably won't be changing it anytime soon, all I use it for is instant messaging and banking apps.
  8. Saw the latest Scream movie. Even though the killer motive was kinda silly, the movie was still enjoyable throughout, some clever references to the original.
  9. Guess my question would fit here. Looking purely at stats, it would seem BroadcastTheNet is best tracker for TV shows, but I'm guessing they focus mostly on newer TV series, right? I'm looking for some older European TV Shows that had music performances, like Top of the pops, TopPop from Belgium, Musikladen from Germany, etc, and I wonder if BTN has any of these shows. Any chance someone with an account could check it for me? I'm on TV Vault and they got a lot of old stuff from the US like Solid Gold and American Bandstand (although they aren't complete, unfortunately), but there's not a whole lot of stuff from Europe. If anyone has any tips of where I could track these shows, I'd really appreciate it.
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