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  1. ill give ya an invite for TL, pm me your info and dont forget to mention what country your from.
  2. Looking for a UGC (gamer tracker) invite or a Usenet4all invite! hope someone can help me out here !
  3. 5x Bitgamer Rules: -Dont send me unasked pm's -should allow me to PM you for a proof -user MUST use the invite by him/herself Would be nice if i get a rep
  4. awesome, 10 years for just a torrent file which kept the same file.
  5. depends, if you seed back stuff from the archive its easier
  6. hmm im gonna check this out! thx
  7. well in holland we also have 500mb home connections, which have a similar up & down speed!
  8. nice review indeed, and about the tracker well it has a bunch of games and since blackcats seems not to come back anymore we got not much choice then this bitgamer
  9. Games; Bitgamer General; IPT 0day; SCC/TL
  10. dead end, scared the shit out of me..
  11. lol ive got a so called "xxodd" laptop