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  1. Hi again. Need ipt this time. you have it?

    1. Blackla


      have bitspyder account, pm me

  2. Mate, is so hard to answerr on skype, for weeks i sent you messages, please answer on skype

  3. I can`t message here, please contact me on or skype:

  4. I can`t message here, contact me on or skype:

  5. Hey... if you have still have Torrentday account 2.3 tb buffer + 2 invites - 15 euro, I can take it.. lemme know.

  6. Hi, I want to buy this one: invite - 5 Euro

    How do we proceed?

    thank you

  7. HAVE 22 euro Payza WANT 20 euro Skrill
  8. HAVE account + mail WANT: TTG account + mail Hdcenter account + mail Nxtg buffered account + mail Hdroute account + mail M-team account + mail Hdcorea account + mail Norbits buffered account + mail HAVE BitVaultTorrent WANT TTG account + mail Hdcenter account + mail Hdroute account + mail Hdcorea account + mail