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  1. Jaka_Daxter

    Open: Filelist.ro | General

    Thanks for sharing this m8...for those that don't belong to this tracker this is the moment...I have a lots of tracker but this one is almost my favorite...I can't belive that is open for signup...thanks bro...rep and thanks added
  2. Jaka_Daxter

    1 x EOTI (Endoftheinternet Forum)

    Nice giveaway bro...I would like to apply to such awesome forum...thanks for the opportunity Rep and Thanks added...goodluck to all
  3. Jaka_Daxter

    1 x HDSource Invite Giveaway

    Hi m8 nice giveaway like always..I would like to apply for the invite and my reason is that i'm trying to learn german language and for my seeing german films with the subtitles is the best way...for any ratio proof just PM me...Thanks and Rep added Have a nice day
  4. Jaka_Daxter

    FiFA World Cup 2014 Super Poll

    Spain will win
  5. Hi guys I just bought a Surface windows 8.1 RT and is nice but I don't like it because you can't use the desktop apps Only the apps that you buy from the Store...I've read that with Windows 8.0 RT you could use a jailbreak to use the desk apps Any way I would like to know if you have this tablet what do you think about it
  6. Jaka_Daxter

    Unlimited Ebooksheaven Invites Giveaway

    Thread closed...unfortunately one of the members that I invited got banned and I also... Please one of the Mod's close the thread
  7. Thanks guys...hope you enjoy it
  8. Hi friends like the title say I have one buffered acc that I'm not using to much so I want to trade it for one month seedbox with good upload speed...the buffer is 200 gb...if anyone interested just pm me Nice day to all
  9. Tracker name: My Anonamouse Tracker URL: http://www.myanonamouse.net/ Tracker genre:E-lerning Tracker acces:Invite only Tracker type:I'm a very active user there because of the great content and the great community easy to seed also Tracker logo Tracker stats Categories Browse Forums Rules User classes Okay friends hope that you will like the review. I'm new at this but I'm doing my best. Have a great day to all
  10. Tracker name: Ebooks-Heaven Tracker URL:http://ebooks-heaven.info/index.php?logout=true Tracker genre:E-lerning Tracker acces:sometime with invite and sometime open for signup Tracker type:well for me it's a very nice tracker with a lot of nice content and a community Tracker logo Tracker stats Categories Browse Forums Rules Hope that you will enjoy this review...I know that this is not a hight level tracker but we didn't have the review for this Nice day to all my friends
  11. Jaka_Daxter

    Open Signup: Blackcats-games.net | Games

    was only temporally opened bro...they already closed the signup
  12. Tracker name:STP or Stop the press Tracker URL: https://stopthepress.es Tracker genre:E-lerning Tracker acces:Invite only Tracker type:It's a very high level tracker almost secret with very good download speed and a very nice community Tracker logo Tracker Stats Categories: Browse: Forums: Rules: Users clases: Hope that you will enjoy the review...have a nice day friends