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  7. FTP still up and running? any 0day content?
  8. what is the price on windows 10 home edition. I don't want to send you another PM as I have inquired about a few products already :)
  9. TSP is a new tracker, that have been uploading like crazy. 160 TB of boxes on over a dozen different servers. There have been 3K torrents uploaded in the last 4 days, most of which are TV packs, Movie packs, Movies, Music and Ebooks. They wanted to get a Solid foundation and not fill up on TV episodes, but are starting 0day episodes this week. Have site wide FreeLeech going, no limit on BP, and a few other perks to help the new users to get a great ratio and allow them to get as much data as they want and build a solid ratio. Most torrents have multiple seeds, so speeds are great! This will be another great tracker in time. Joining now while you can will not make you regret the choice, but make sure you get an account before this site closes doors and becomes invite only. It is just a matter of time, they are in it for the long haul and have everything set for the next year, MINIMUM. They are also looking for a few staff members, coders and uploaders, so get in while you can, check them out, and you wont be sorry! Torrents:2950 SEEDS:4962 Seedbox space:162TB Server Count 13 0day-starting this week as to not bloat base torrent collection. Daily Torrents: 600-900
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      just went thru them. I think i got it all :) Thanks for having me! If I ever tread on the line, FEEL FREE TO MSG ME... Will never take it wrong, as I don't ever want to upset anyone here :) enjoy your day!