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  1. We here at have decided to open the doors up again for a short time, and this will be the last " DOORS OPEN" For a while as we will be going in a new direction for bringing in members so enjoy and take advantage of it while you can! Our user base has grown very well over the last six months and we wanted to allow other users in to share what were now bringing to the table! We have a handfull of DJ's spinning dope tracks 🙂 We have our own RG thats small, but taking off... specializes in 265 with small size. Plays BEAUTIFUL on my 65in 4K tv while downloading in seconds and if you have limited space, or a slow connection, it maybe what you have been looking for! We Sell and GIVE AWAY Donations VERY OFTEN! We currently have a discord server ( if you do not like it, you do not need to tell me, I have heard it already haha :P) We will be setting up IRC soon, as it is time and hte user base is big enough to make use of it now! We game, stream, hang out in chat, watch tv shows and movies together, as we have a PLEX SET UP AND IPTV for VIP donors! Anything you want, we load it on our plex server, so forget paying 20, 30, 40+ for a bunch of streaming services, and get it all in one place on our PLEX server, which works on PC, Mac, IOS, Android, Game system, Tablets, Smart TV's, and many more! We have been making huge strides on the site, and our speeds are great, over a dozen servers house our entire content PLUS the seeds of users.. We have added LOADS of features, Classes, Donation perks, and many other things in the last month or so, and it is STILL growing. If you want content you cant just find on other trackers, come here and check things out. We want to bring you content that is VERY hard to find, or just not out there. We dont jsut pump out encodes of the same ole boring content that is on 20 other sites, we try to bring things you can't just find with a fast search. Look for that TSP tag, and even more that is just on the site. We bring you the most complete packs that you can't find elsewhere. We AVG 11.7 FILLED REQUESTS a day... things that people can not find elsewhere, we RIP loads of content that is not all over the place, or that is not in theResolution/Bitrates that are to our standards. Our REPACKS/ENCODES are only found here on TSP, so adding this to your tracker list is a great choice So come check us out and get in while you can, it can't hurt to have another great source to get your content. Rare, old, cleaned up, enhanced, and everything else can be found here. We do not want to just be another tracker that bots things from the same sources, we have human uploaders that make up around 35% of our uploads. EVERY DAY HUNDREDS of new torrents are added and seeded with 1 gig lines, so our DL speeds are GREAT. You like ROMS? We have ALL ROMS from Atari up thru the PS2/XBOX/GAMECUBE era. We make TV show packs, that are not out there on other sites, so you do not need to grab a dozen torrents to watch that season, or show you are looking for. We have bots aimed at TopSites, and other higly rated trackers, and our uploading team is VERY hard working to fill thoes requests that you can not find on any of your other sites. if we do not have it, REQUEST IT FOR FREE, and our AVG fill time is just a few hours. 90% of the requests are filled within a couple hours. Our Stats At The Moment: TheScenePlaceUsers:6093 Torrents:39360 Seeds:45253 leecher(s):1438 peers:46691 Seeds/leecher(s):3,147% Traffic:1.31 PB Thanks for giving us a chance to give you the content and interaction we have worked so hard to bring you . I hope you enjoy it! :):):)
  2. A new, up and coming tracker named, Is making a name for its self... In under 5 months its stats are TheScenePlace Users:5903 Torrents:35733 Seeds:60777 leecher(s):962 peers:61739 Seeds/leecher(s):6,318% Traffic:1.08 PB The site Sells Seedboxes and gives them away EVERY month. There is a PLEX server for VIP, They have pretty easy seeding and keeping a ratio is easy and minimum interaction will keep you in good standing. They have a HUGE community, that like to chat, share gaming tips and strea,s. help eachother out with techy topics. The sote is being activly developed/imporved. It is VERY active for its age, even having its own RG where the content is STRICTLY on TSP ONLY. Reccommeded as one of the best "new sites" by staff, and keeps all torrents seeded on 1 gig lines in these early days. 600+ new torrents a day. Staff treats you as equals and helps you with ANYTHING, even NON SITE issues.. check it out... I HOPE to see you there!
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