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  1. 1 X freshon.tv 1 X iloveclassics 5 X waffles.ch Do not apply if you're not reged more than 3 months If you're not active in the forum you will not be getting anything from me If you like me givaewy you know what to do
  2. oculte

    2 X Madsrevolution.net Invites GiveAway

    invite send enjoy thanks
  3. oculte

    1x Waffles.ch invite GiveAways

    nice lapaj123 I do not apply finally they are back
  4. 2 X Madsrevolution.net Please do not apply if you will not use If you like My giveaway you know what to do
  5. Let me in Let me in I'm joke. Good luck for all who apply nice Inviter
  6. oculte

    2 x MaDs Revolution Invites Giveaways

    Nice Giveaway thanks for sharing with us apply for Mad Revolution Good luck for those who apply
  7. oculte

    Happy New Year!

    Thank you my big brother. Happy new year for you and for all members
  8. oculte

    2 X chdbits GA

    Im not applying Nice giveaway laliguras Good luck to the winner r+t
  9. Hello friends. I'm back again with huge giveaway. Requirements: You have to have one active giveaway going on to win one invite. 1 x Cinematik invites.still closed But I already chose midomido I'm a man of my word. 1 x FeedUrNeed 1 x HD-Torrents 1 x PreToMe I already sent it to PrivacyRoad 1 x PT.Hit.Edu.cn 1 x Manicomio-Share I already sent it to to bogar 1 x BRShares 1 x TheGeeks.bz 1 x TorrentLeech 1 x IPTorrents 1 x Danishbits 1 x Wigornot I already sent it to lapaj123 Good luck everyone.
  10. oculte

    10 x IndieTorrents Invites Giveaway

    Nice giveaway brother
  11. hello

    i seen here that you get an invite from tsctracker . 


    so you will be very helpfull if you help me to get an invite .

    im traying to learn a german language so i need this tracker .

  12. nive Giveaway vince thank you for sharing with us R+T