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  1. The service is based on the netherlands!!! Am dominican i have good friend from romania!
  2. first review hope you like it invitescene family!!!
  3. Name: Package: Red Dragon Box - 2750 HDD - 10Gbit up/down - traffic 26 TB/month - 84.95 euro/month Speed: 10/10 Support: 10/10 GUI: 10/10 Speed of GUI: 10/10 Price: 8/10 Overall rating: 9.5/10 I WAS LOOKING FOR TOP OF THE LINE BUDGET FRIENDLY SEEDBOX THIS IS THE CLOSEST I GOT! so far so good friendly user interface quite smart i must say. speed is amazing not quite as fast if you where using a ssd with the same bandwidth and those are really expensive for the limited amount of space, not worthy in my opinion. because you will constantly be deleting your files and the point of having a seedbox is to seed lol. the fastest upload i seen is around 90mbps [ ] satisfied ! support: amazing really fast response and mostly accurate. GUI: cant ask for anything better. PRICE: decent i believe they should give more HDD space for that kind of money having a dedicated disk is nice but soon you realize that even 2750gb is nothing specially if you have multiple HD TRACKERS THEY WILL EAT THE SPACE UP WITHOUT A BLINK. DAMN YOU HD...!!! JAJAJA FINAL THOUGHTS 26tb are you kidding me? 20 days in don't even reach 7tb great!!