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  1. @‌Inviter. Buddy is the 2nd Exigo Account still up for grabs?, I would really appreciate the account I have wanted one for years now and seen as thought we have known each other for along time now could you please please swing it my way.
  2. I would like to apply please, if that's OK Never been on the site but I love HD Movie sites so it would be great! Edit: Any reviews on this site at all? I cannot find a review so I would be happy to do one for here if I get an invite, that's a promise! Thanks for the GA Inviter but you can take me off the list, its OK but please please still consider me for the Exigo Account on the other offers in the other thread I would really like that account I have wanted an Exigo account for along time now my friend! You have known me in this game for many years now so it would not hurt to show a bit of love between us!
  3. I have heard there will be a few bonus invites given out very soon for there birthday treat so if you have a spare one get in touch. I have 1 GazellaGames invite to swap which are very rare nowadays. I have 1 Torrentshack invite available which are very rare nowadays Also have Tehconnection or Cinemeggddon, Waffles, Pretome, Please get in touch if you have a spare one going I would appreciate the favour. Thanks.
  4. @Inviter. Are any of these invites still up for grabs buddy cause its been a while, just wondering? You don't get anything in life by not asking. I would take anyone of the Exigo (been after an account there for along time now) a BTN or PTP invite if you would be so kind to me.
  5. looking for an invite. Never been there before and looks a good up and coming website for TV. I have loads of invites to swap.
  6. Still got one I'm also after a Pedros invite for a friend. Please get in touch
  7. Still got a NextGen invite guys get in touch asap!. I have also got loads of other invites available for lots of different material except I'm sorry to say porn, I'm not quite that in need yet but never say never, please PM me for further details also swap only guys I don't sell. Thank you
  8. Still have NG invite up for offers PM me
  9. Woops, sorry didn't realize DSTT!!! BIG LOL on that one
  10. You cannot get PixelHD Invites anymore, there is not such a thing, you can either now fill in an open app which used to float around sometimes along while back and that is if they ever come back again, which I doubt now the site has settled quite nicely without new members or go to PTP Power User and above and request for PixelHD account, PTP used to do a request section for PixelHD, not sure if they even do it now, have not used PTP site for along time now, its pants tbh most of the movies they have are not even seeded, oh yes they have a massive selection but no seeds most of them goes for the good oldies, there are way better movie sites now available & funny enough PixelHD is one of them now, the movies in PH-D, the quality of them is second to none! Goodluck Edit: go to the site and apply now its open for apps. you never know your luck you might just get accepted in also if you have been banned there before forget it you will never get in again that's a fact!
  11. Still have NG invite PM me if you think you have something of interest to me
  12. I would like to apply please repped and thanked. Thanks for the GA.
  13. Hi, Have a NG Invite wanted to swap for either, BTN Invite, Exigo account, DB9 Invite, not really looking for anything else. Thanks will; send proofs asap.
  14. Great site with there own encoders with some top quality releases just a shame the content is limited somewhat but still very good and also a very hard private tracker to get into, invites are very rare and are becoming rarer in time! Nice review