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  1. utpalme

    2 x MaDs Revolution Invites Giveaways

    Nice Giveaway and wish you a very Happy, Prosperous & Wonderful New Year 2017. I apply for Mad Revolution Please consider Like + Rep Added
  2. utpalme

    1x torrentday 1x trancetraffic,1x Bemanismo,

    Awesome Giveaway !!! I apply for torrentday Thanks + Rep added
  3. utpalme

    2 x RevTT, 2 x Bitspyder, 1 x ABT Invites Giveaway

    Awesome Giveway !!! I apply for RevolutionTT Please consider..... liked + Rep added
  4. hello

    i seen here that you get an invite from tsctracker . 


    so you will be very helpfull if you help me to get an invite .

    im traying to learn a german language so i need this tracker .

  5. utpalme

    1 x SPEED.CD, 3 x IPTorrents Invites Giveaway

    Awesome Giveaway !!! I apply for IPT Thanks & Regards
  6. utpalme

    BCG x 1 IPT x 1 TL x 1 Freshon x 1

    Merry Christmas & wonderful, Prosperous New Year 2016 ! I would like to apply for freshon tv Thanks + Rep added
  7. utpalme

    Unlimited ThePlace.bz Invites Giveaway

    Is the invite available ?
  8. utpalme

    Unlimited ThePlace.bz Invites Giveaway

    Nice GA. I apply for ThePlace. Like + Rep added.
  9. utpalme


    Tracker's Name: HDME.EU Genre: HD Sign-up Link:https://hdme.eu/signup.php Closing date: N/A Additional information: Stats: Very Good HD tracker
  10. utpalme


    Tracker's Name: TheGeeks.bz Genre: e-Learning Sign-up Link: http://www.thegeeks.bz/signup.php
  11. Awesome Giveaway !!! I apply for BROKENSTONES Pls consider... Thanks + Rep Added
  12. utpalme

    10x 32pag.es

    Awesome Giveaway !!! I would like to apply for it Please invite.... Thanks + Rep added
  13. utpalme

    250 x alpharatio invites

    Giveaways 250 x alpharatio invites Rules; Apply here till 22 mar 1900hrs Add Like + Rep Add feedback after.
  14. utpalme


    Awesome Giveaway ! ! ! I apply for Tekken.ro Plrase invite... Thanks + Rep Added
  15. utpalme

    tsctracker.net (TSC) 5x invite

    Awesome Giveaway !!! I apply for TSC Plz invite... Thanks + Rep Added