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  1. It's a purely Bond move, and it worked like a charm. As the true shot-callers of the James Bond franchise, the decision-making buck is supposed to stop with franchise producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. Pretty much any component you could think of falls under their purview, with nothing escaping their final seal of approval. Even outgoing 007 Daniel Craig knows this, but that didn’t stop him from making an offer to an old friend at Hugh Jackman’s Christmas party. The problem was, the negotiated prize was the director's chair to 2012’s Skyfall. Speaking with THR’s Awards Chatter podcast, Mr. Craig broke out some rather exciting stories about his time in the tuxedo. With his No Time To Die journey marking the end of his days as England’s greatest defender, now’s the time to spill all the beans that he can in the name of candor and entertainment. Which led to this amusing anecdote about how Sam Mendes was offered his eventual post in the franchise: " I was definitely a little drunk and Sam turned up late. He just turned up and I hadn’t seen him for years, I hadn’t seen him since Road To Perdition... We sat down and were having a drink together and it just dawned on me, it was just like one of those... Because we'd been having conversations about directors… and it just became glaringly obvious to me, sitting opposite him. I was looking at him going, ‘Of course.’... And I just basically went, ‘I’m probably not supposed to say this, but do you want to direct the next Bond movie?’ " Knowing the result of this Skyfall story, as well as the fact that it leads to Sam Mendes also reprising his duties on 2015’s Spectre, doesn’t kill this story’s appeal. Thinking about the historical context of this meeting, with Daniel Craig on two completed 007 adventures at this point, this was probably the best and worst time to make such a move. Looking at where this drunken encounter led in the long run, this is probably the most brazen franchise decision made under the influence. At least, it was until Tom Holland saved the Spider-Man franchise under similar circumstances. Skyfall became the most successful James Bond movie ever, and some even argue it’s the best in the Daniel Craig era of the series. Working with classic hallmarks and modern twists, Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig delivered a $1.1 billion hit, just in time for the 50th anniversary celebration that took place in its year of release. Now strip away all of that foreknowledge and read the rest of the story about what happened after Craig offered the gig to Mr. Mendes: "And he just did this thing, he kinda just looked at me [and squinted] and said, ‘Yes.’ And I went, 'Okay', and I went, ‘I’m in shit now.’ I’m sure there is somebody I have to talk to about that before I go offering directors jobs. It’s not my responsibility, but I was drunk! What can you say? " While everything turned out for the best and history was made for the better, just imagine the fear that may have run through Daniel Craig’s mind at that moment. Sure, he had all of the faith in the world from Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson from the word go, but that doesn’t mean he had carte blanche privileges. One could imagine the follow-up conversation was over coffee, as well as some serious words involving pitching at any further holiday get-togethers. The history of Daniel Craig’s time as James Bond is about to become even more defined, with every new story showing the world just how the process truly did work in this unprecedented era of Bond films. Maybe this means we’ll even get the full story on how Danny Boyle’s scrapped Bond 25 concept caused the ultimate rift that saw his departure. In the meantime, maybe someone should sit Tom Holland down with a couple of drinks and let him try to pitch his way into the world of 007 again. It’s a new year, and there is a job vacancy open in the fictional representation of MI6. No Time To Die is available in all of its splendor, with options to rent or purchase the 25th James Bond film on physical and digital media. Those of you looking to revisit Skyfall at the time of this writing can do so with a subscription to either Hulu or Paramount+. For a full rundown of what this cinematic year has to offer, turn your attention to the 2022 release schedule, and happy hunting!
  2. The exes and co-parents are moving on. It seems like many moons ago, but there was a time when Megan Fox was an it-couple with Beverly Hills, 90210’s Brian Austin Green. The pair shared a 15-year love story that led to marriage, parenting three children together and their eventual separation in late 2019. As it was announced earlier this week that Megan Fox is planning to tie the knot with Machine Gun Kelly, we’re hearing Green’s alleged perspective on the engagement. Brian Austin Green is reportedly “happy” for his ex wife following the news that his ex and her new love are planning to get married after almost two years of dating. Green’s main focus is making sure they are “both on the same page.” per People. As long as they can continue to work together as co-parents, the actor is apparently all “good” with Fox’s engagement. Following the couple’s split, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly crossed paths on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass in early 2020 and became fast friends before igniting a powerful flame between one another. The same year, Fox's former husband actually got struck by cupid’s arrow as well when he met Dancing with the Stars’ pro Sharna Burgess. The two celebrated one year together in October just as he finalized his divorce with Fox. Check out his sweet post at the time of their anniversary: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have three children together, nine-year-old Noah Shannon, 7-year-old Bodhi Ransom and 5-year-old Journey River. People's source also added that the pair are “strictly co-parents” at this time and thaat Green is “super into” Sharna Burgess. So there’s no drama between the couple as they both move on from their marriage and divorce and on to new romances. Brian Austin Green additionally has a 19-year-old son Kassius from a prior relationship, and while former lover will soon become stepmother to Machine Gun Kelly’s only child, his 12-year-old daughter, Casie Colson Baker. As the Transformers alum reaches a new milestone in her life, it’s great to hear her ex and father to her three children is supporting her and Machine Gun Kelly as they get ready to get married. After over a year and a half as a couple, Machine Gun Kelly proposed to Megan Fox under a tree where they previously sat in July 2020 and “asked for magic,” according to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress. Fox shared this video Wednesday to announce their engagement: Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green met in 2004 when Fox was 18 and Green was 31. After a 15-year relationship, the engagement marks a new chapter for the both of them. Between Fox and MGK and Brian Austin Green and Sharna Burgess, there seems to be a lot of happiness floating about. They're proof that is possible after divorce, folks!
  3. The bear did not ask her what her favorite scary movie was. Neve Campbell knows a thing or two about scary movies. As a bonafide Scream Queen (or, queen of Scream if you’d prefer), she has endured some brutal moments on screen over the years. But it turns out one of her scariest on-set moments had nothing to do with Ghostface, because she was once attacked by a bear while filming a movie. Most people probably associate Neve Campbell with the Scream franchise – she has starred in all five films, after all. But before she played Sidney Prescott in Wes Craven's original movie, she worked hard to build a Hollywood career, racking up credits in film (like the spooky teen movie The Craft) and television (like her breakthrough role in the family drama Part of Five). One of her pre-Scream performances was noteworthy for a much less positive reason. During a visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show, Campbell shared a story about a terrifying experience she had on a Canadian film set. It started when she was asked to do something a little bit unconventional to prepare for a scene: " I was playing this role where she’s ‘one with the animals’ and there was a scene where I was getting chased by a bear. They brought this bear on set and they first gave me this big bottle of Coke to feed it. [After feeding it], they said dip your hand in honey and just run. And when you get to the tree over there, turn your hand out and feed the bear. " Okay, there were probably safer ways to get the bear on board with his big cinematic moment, but the actress told Kelly Clarkson she set aside her reservations. She was just seventeen years old and assumed the crew knew what they were doing. Also, the star said that she was a “people pleaser” and eager to show she was capable of the scary stunt, so she followed the instructions: " I dipped my hand in honey, and I run to this rock, and I turn around and I put my hand out – and the bear is not slowing down and he’s not coming for my hand. He grabs me by the leg and he pulls me through the forest. My mother was visiting set and she’s screaming. The whole crew is frozen because nobody can believe what’s happening. All I can think to say is, ‘He’s biting me,’ like it’s not obvious. " Luckily, one of the members of the crew was able to distract the bear by throwing rocks at it, and Neve Campbell was able to escape. She didn’t disclose which movie she was filming at the time, but it goes without saying that it probably wasn't her favorite filmmaking experience. These days, she’s still screaming on movie sets from time to time, albeit in a much more controlled environment. The latest Scream just debuted in theaters (with a solid opening night) and, while there are plenty of terrifying moments that have delighted critics, the film doesn’t feature a single bear.
  4. Now, we have to know where he'd place the DC Comics character on the alignment scale. If there’s one thing we can say for certain about Robert Pattinson’s performance in The Batman, it’s that it’s highly anticipated. Since news first broke in 2019 that he'd been cast as Bruce Wayne, fans have had plenty to say about what he’ll bring to the role. Pattinson, too, has given some hints of what we can expect – including a new insight into how he approached the character’s mindset and his own opinion about whether the Dark Knight is really even a hero at all. Robert Pattinson’s entry into the pantheon of actors who’ve played the vigilante has been memorable. The moment he was cast as the titular character in The Batman, a debate rose regarding whether he's suitable to don the Batsuit on the big screen. Though a handful of fans went so far as to sign a petition to have him replaced, the actor didn’t seem to be bothered by the commotion – he made it clear he was putting in the work necessary by adopting a workout regime and diving headfirst into the primary source material to learn more about the character. Now as we get closer to the new DC Comics film, he's proving that he's done his homework, as we’re getting some more insights into how Pattinson views the iconic character. He told Daily Record that he thinks things aren’t completely black and white when it comes to Bruce Wayne: " I needed to know about as much of the history of the character as possible to see what hadn’t really been done ... People see Batman as this straight-up heroic character but in our story it really questions what the nature of a hero is and it gives a lot of different angles to it. " This isn’t the first time Robert Pattinson has alluded to the idea that he doesn’t totally buy into Batman being purely a superhero. In 2019, he said that he didn’t think he’s one at all because he doesn’t have superpowers. However, this read on the Caped Crusader’s hero status seems to have less to do with logistics and more to do with his psychology and actions. Fans who have been following the production of The Batman probably won’t be too surprised by this revelation, though. There have been plenty of hints that Reeves’ film will show a unique rendering of Gotham City and its inhabitants. Back in 2017, before Pattinson was even cast, the director said the movie will have a Hitchcockian vibe, and that it would give us a chance to see Bruce Wayne's world through his point of view. The lead actor previously said he wants his Wayne to be “frightening.” And the film's trailers have definitively hinted at a more haunting and brutal story than some of the previous films we’ve seen. All of the hints and clues still seem to point to the conclusion that Robert Pattinson’s take on the mogul-slash-vigilante will be nuanced and probably unlike anything we’ve seen from other live-action Batmen. How all of these threads will tie together into Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman remains to be seen – but at least we're getting close to finally seeing it.
  5. "A remembrance of the great Virgil Abloh done on Drake," tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga wrote. Drake is paying tribute to late fashion icon Virgil Abloh with a permanent heartfelt gesture. The 35-year-old superstar rapper commemorated the former Louis Vuitton and Off-White designer, who died in late November following a battle with cancer, with a special new tattoo on his forearm. Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Joaquin Ganga took to Instagram on Wednesday (Dec. 22) to share a photo of Drake’s latest ink, a realistic design of Abloh launching a kite during the Louis Vuitton menswear show at Paris Fashion Week in 2018. “A remembrance of the great Virgil Abloh done on Drake @champagnepapi @virgilabloh,” Ganga captioned the black-and-white snapshot. RELATED Tyler, The Creator Pays Tribute to Virgil Abloh With Touching Message 12/23/2021 Abloh passed away on Nov. 28 after a private two-year battle with cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Following his death, Drake was among numerous musical acts to honor the designer for his artistic contributions. “My plan is to touch the sky 1000 more times for you…love you eternally brother thank you for everything,” the Toronto MC captioned an Instagram photo gallery of himself with Abloh. In addition to his contributions in fashion, Abloh was a DJ and served as Kanye West’s longtime creative director. He also helped design iconic album covers by West, A$AP Rocky, Lil Uzi Vert and Pop Smoke, and teamed up with Kid Cudi on the Kurt Cobain-inspired floral print dress worn by the rapper during Saturday Night Live appearance earlier in the year. See Drake’s new tattoo in honor of Abloh below.
  6. The Texas rapper died after a March shooting on an Atlanta area interstate. A man suspected in the shooting death of a rising Texas rap artist on an Atlanta area interstate was arrested as he was exiting a plane at Atlanta’s airport, a Georgia sheriff’s office said. James Edward Thomas was taken into custody at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on suspicion of malice murder and aggravated assault in the March slaying of rapper Corey Detiege, the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday (Dec. 22). RELATED Chucky Trill Dead: Rapper Dies After Highway Shooting 12/23/2021 He was booked into jail Saturday, according to jail records, which list his age at the time of booking as 34. He was being held without bond. The jail records do not list an attorney for him. Detiege, who performed under the stage name Chucky Trill, died after the predawn shooting March 5 on Interstate 85, police in suburban Gwinnett County have said previously. Detiege, 33, was from Sugar Land, Texas. Police at the time did not provide a motive for the slaying. Chucky Trill released his album Music for the Soul in 2018 and had more music in the works, the Houston Chronicle has reported. The Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office said it apprehended Thomas with help from the U.S. Marshals Service and Atlanta police.
  7. "I just saw my life flash before my eyes," Siwa said after the game. JoJo Siwa got a little scare while sitting courtside at a recent Los Angeles Lakers game. Sporting a Lakers jersey with matching purple and yellow socks, the 18-year-old pop singer and dancer was nearly trampled by Phoenix Suns player Jae Crowder during the NBA game at L.A.’s Arena, formerly the Staples Center, on Tuesday (Dec. 21). In a video clip of the jarring moment, Siwa, who was seated next to her rumored girlfriend Katie Mills, is seen shielding her face and ducking as the 6-foot-6 Suns forward dives near her chair as he attempts to save the ball from going out of bounds. “How’s it going down there, @itsjojosiwa?” the Suns captioned the video on its official Twitter account. Ever the good sport, Siwa replied, “Quite well.” RELATED JoJo Siwa Is Flawless In 'Dancing With The Stars' Grand Final: Watch 12/23/2021 The singer and dancer also took to her Instagram Story after the game to share her excited reaction. “I just got trampled by a player,” Siwa said, according to People. “It was really cool. Also, I just saw my life flash before my eyes.” She added, “If I wouldn’t have ducked, I would’ve been out, down for the count. I think I would’ve got a broken neck… It’s honestly really entertaining. It really spiced up the day.” Watch Siwa’s close call at the Lakers-Suns game below.
  8. The duo is celebrating its 25th anniversary next year. J-pop superstars Yuzu told fans during their 2021 Winter Solstice livestream on Wednesday (Dec. 22) that they will be releasing two new studio albums next year. Yuzu had performed a free concert almost every year on the winter solstice ever since their debut in 1997. This year’s livestream from Noevir Stadium Kobe was the first time in four years that Yuujin Kitagawa and Koji Iwasawa put on the free show, and the two delivered an eight-track set full of hits, including “Eikoh no Kakehashi” from 2004. The pair also shared their new promo photo shot on the field of the stadium before the concert. RELATED JO1 Soars to No. 1 on Japan Hot 100 12/23/2021 Celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2022, the hitmakers will release their 16th studio album, PEOPLE, in March, and follow up with another set called SEES in June. While Yuzu has steadily released albums since its debut, this is the first time the group will deliver two full studio albums in the same year. The track lists and other details will be announced later. Yuzu will also launch a 10-city, 24-concert domestic tour next spring, entitled YUZU ARENA TOUR 2022 PEOPLE -ALWAYS with you-.
  9. There's still no love for the 2016 Paul Feig-helmed film. The Ghostbusters franchise rebounded in 2021 with the success of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, which is still going strong at the box office. Of course, there’s been speculation of a potential sequel, with all signs pointing toward it becoming a reality. With the film’s tremendous success, Sony Pictures is capitalizing on it by releasing a box set of the beloved franchise. But there appeared to be one omission from the celebration – Paul Feig’s 2016 all-female Ghostbusters. After being notified about the faux pas, Feig spoke up about the film not being included in this collection. It appeared Sony Pictures wanted to pretend as if the female-led take doesn’t exist. Of course, the film was poorly received by devoted Ghostbusters fans despite doing fairly well at the box office and earning numerous positive reviews. The glaring omission was pointed out by Slashflim, which caught the attention of Paul Feig. The Last Christmas director took to Twitter to voice his opinion about the box set omission. " Um … @SonyPictures, I know this must be a mistake. We do have a lot of fans and Bill, Dan and Ernie were in it and it won the Kids Choice Award for Best Feature Film the year it came out. So, I guess this was just an oversight? " Calling out the studio for omitting the 2016 film was a bold move. Most directors would just be silent let something like a box set go, but not Paul Feig. He wants his contribution to the Ghostbusters legacy to be recognized. Of course, there are the film’s detractors, but the 2016 gender reversal film does have a sizable fanbase. So it seemed like either a blatant move or an oversight on Sony’s part. As Paul Feig pointed out, Ghostbusters had the seal of approval from the OG Ghostbusters, as Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson made small cameos in the film. Aykroyd mentioned before that most Ghostbusters properties must go through him, so Feig’s female-led take has that in its back pocket. But there might be another reason why the 2016 film was left out While the female-led film has the original actors' approval, it doesn't share the same timeline as the original films. So, this might be a case where continuity issues got it axed from the box set. There have always been talks of the cherished franchise having a potential multiverse. Maybe one day Paul Feig’s take will get just due especially with the franchise’s rebirth. Ghostbusters: Afterlife proved to be a much-needed jolt for the long-dormant franchise. The film has remained in the top three since it was released in November. It appears the sequel’s run won’t end anytime soon. Maybe it’ll pique audiences’ interest to reexamine 2016's Ghostbusters again especially with its influence on the new film. The 2016 all-female comedy is currently available for streaming on Hulu Live TV and Prime Video. Ghostbusters: Afterlife is currently in theaters.
  10. The Pineapple Express actor has broken his silence. James Franco has been off the grid following a string of sexual misconduct allegations that were made against him back in 2018. Since that time, his former frequent co-star Seth Rogen has gone about his own business and made a number of great projects, such as An American Pickle and The Boys. During that time, it’s not surprising that Rogen was asked about his working relationship with Franco. Earlier this year, the actor/writer/producer shared that he had no plans to work with his Pineapple Express co-lead. Now for the first time in four years, Franco is attempting to clear the air with the public. On Wednesday, James Franco spoke with Sirius XM’s Jess Cagle about his sexual misconduct allegations, and in the midst of this, he responded to Seth Rogen’s comments about their working relationship. In Franco’s words: " Of course, it was hurtful in context, but I get it, you know, he had to answer for me cause I was silent. " James Franco shared to Jess Cagle that one of the “main reasons” he asked to speak on the podcast was because his colleagues, like Seth Rogen, and his brother Dave Franco have been placed in the uncomfortable position of speaking for him. When the allegations were made against Franco, the actor recalled deciding he was “going to be quiet” due to so much negative attention being aimed toward him. But now he’s ready to speak to his past head on. While speaking about Rogen, Franco also said this: " He was asked about me, and I just want to say, I absolutely love Seth Rogen. I guess I’m talking about it because a lot of people come up to me [and ask]. I love Seth Rogen. I worked with him for 20 years. We didn’t have one fight for 20 years. Not one fight. He was my absolute closest work friend, collaborator. We just gelled and what he said is true, we’re not working together right now and we don’t have any plans to work together. " In early 2021, Seth Rogen said that he despises abuse and harassment, and “would never cover or conceal the actions of someone doing it” or “knowingly put someone in a situation where they were around someone like that” in reference to not working with James Franco. Since the allegations were made, Franco hasn’t really worked with anyone. During his conversation on The Jess Cagle Podcast, James Franco spoke to his sex addiction, sharing that after getting sober, he found addiction in sex, calling it “such a powerful drug and I got hooked on it.” He got candid about cheating on “everyone,” being “completely blind to power dynamics” and “people’s feelings” until he decided to work on himself these past few years. James Franco’s sexual misconduct allegations first popped up in 2014 when a 17-year-old girl shared screenshots of messages between her and Franco, which had the then 35-year-old asking to meet her at a hotel room despite knowing her age. Franco admitted the messages were real, even joking about it at the time (in New York, the legal consent age is 17). In 2018, a number of women accused James Franco of misconduct, including Freaks and Geeks co-star Busy Philipps and students at the college where he taught film classes as a professor. In the podcast, Franco also admitted that he “did sleep with students” while he held a teaching position. Earlier this year, James Franco agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit led by two former students of his acting school, granting them $2.2 million after previously denying their allegations of being sexually exploited and victims of fraud by his now-closed school. If any more major news items concerning Franco come in, we'll let you know.
  11. Sparks flew on the set of No Way Home. SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Proceed at your own risk. Spider-Man: No Way Home was the culmination of years of various Spider-Man movies. The film saw Tom Holland’s Peter Parker face off against numerous villains and heroes from previous screen adaptations. Two of the returning characters were none other than Max Dillon/Electro, played by Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, and the Green Goblin, played by Willem Dafoe. According to Foxx, working with the OG Spider-Man characters was an - ahem - electrifying experience. Jamie Foxx joined Marvel to discuss the reemergence of Electro in Spider-Man: No Way Home. The supervillain made his first film appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Andrew Garfield as the titular webslinger, but was able to tee off with Tom Holland’s version as a result of Doctor Strange’s botched spell. A tear in the multiverse allowed several other villains to make an appearance, including Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock and Thomas Haden Church’s Sandman. Apparently, the sight of so many iconic Spider-Man characters on set had Jamie Foxx feeling some type of way. He said: " Once you get that then, look, you’ve seen the movie. You see all these cool people, man. You see all these cool people in this movie? Are you kidding me? When I came on, there were some tears. There comes the tears; I said, ‘Whoa, this is about to happen.’ So when you get that call, they work it out and now you’re onset with some of the most incredible actors and actresses in the world. I mean how can you not be happy about it? " But the actor who had the biggest influence on Jamie Foxx was Willem Dafoe, who reprised his role as the Green Goblin from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy. While Jamie Foxx’s acting resume is nothing to sneeze at, the Oscar winner was (understandably) in awe of Dafoe’s extensive career. As he explained: " Just the most incredible people. When people have this sheer talent, like there’s no doubt about it, they’re just cooler. Mr. Dafoe — as I would call him — every time I walked onto set, I would bow seven times [at him]. I said, ‘I’m going to bow seven times because I’ve been watching [your movies] for years and you’re just amazing.’ It was just so funny and when he wasn’t doing his thing, he was doing jokes and everything like that, which is usually what I do; he had me on the ground cracking up. When you’re able to come together for something that’s fun, with people that you really admire and respect, that’s just the cherry on top. " Jamie Foxx wasn’t the only one who recognized the magnitude of No Way Home. The film smashed box office records and is one of the most critically acclaimed Marvel projects to date. It just goes to show - when film legends like Jamie Foxx and Willem Dafoe come together, sparks can fly.
  12. Will The Multiverse of Madness be the MCU's most chaotic yet? After the successful run of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Eternals and Spider-Man: No Way Home, the next Marvel masterpiece to hit theaters will be Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The Spidey sequel set the stage for The Multiverse of Madness to be a fun and chaotic epic Marvel fans have been starving for. Most stars associated with the film have been mum about what Sam Raimi has in store for audiences. But Doctor Strange 2’s Benedict Wong just broke away to give fans some insight. Wong’s explanation of The Multiverse of Madness made it sound like amazing insanity. The anticipation for Doctor Strange 2 has been growing as the stars have spoken about their filming experience. The cast has gone back for reshoots reportedly due to the events of Loki and Spider-Man: No Way Home. The reshoots are an otherworldly experience, according to Benedict Wong. The Doctor Strange star spilled to The Hollywood Reporter what chaos Sam Raimi has in store for the MCU fans. " I’ve been marveling at his vision, his take. His overall resolve, as well. We were shooting in the middle of a pandemic and it was almost like, Doctor Strange and the Menace of the Multischedule. We were literally filming in a quantum way. There is no plan A. There’s a B and a C and then a D. Your mind is running all over the place. I have no doubt it’s going to be something fantastic. " It appears Doctor Strange 2 will live up to Kevin Feige’s multiverse promise for Phase Four. Since it’s expanding on Spider-Man: No Way Home’s storyline, there will be multiple characters and reported cameos to handle in the sequel. But it wouldn’t live up to its title if there weren’t multiple plots and concepts being juggled. Shooting multiple stories with a bit of secrecy is typical Marvel fashion. Having Sam Raimi helm the sequel seemed like a fun and insane time, according to Benedict Wong. Given Raimi’s track record, the MCU is about to get a little weirder and darker. The reshoots indicated Doctor Strange 2 will take the multiverse concept to a new level. Wong already clarified the second round of filming had to do with both reshoots and never-completed scenes. They appeared to be necessary as the sequel will follow Doctor Strange’s search for the Time Stone. Along with Benedict Wong and Benedict Cumberbatch’s returns, Elizabeth Olsen and Xochitl Gomez will join in on the multiverse adventure as Scarlet Witch and America Chavez respectively. If Spider-Man: No Way Home was any indicator, moviegoers are in for a wild ride. Marvel fans will have to wait a moment before they get to witness all the multiverse chaos. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will arrive in theaters on May 6, 2022.
  13. After you see House of Gucci, you'll need to bow down at the Altar of Gaga. We’ve known that Lady Gaga is a superstar for years now. But as she expands her repertoire and her acting career, we’re learning more about her hidden talents. The most recent addition to her roster? Dialogue improvisation -- and not just any dialogue, but one of the most memorable lines in House of Gucci. In Ridley Scott’s new crime drama, Lady Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver), who was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill him in 1995. The film depicts the Italian socialite as ambitious, tenacious, uncompromising to the point of extremes. As soon as audiences saw their first glimpse of Gaga in the film’s trailer, it was clear her performance would be unforgettable. Especially after hearing her utter the line, “Father, son, and House of Gucci.” The songstress' delivery alone, which sees her doing the sign of the cross with a deadly serious look on her face, was enough to send the internet into a frenzy. That was before we knew its origins, too. At the new movie's Los Angeles premiere, the Oscar winner confessed to Variety that the line was the result of an ad-lib. When asked how she came up with it, she said: " I used to do it in the trailer all the time. … I was doing it in the trailer, and something about that scene when we were doing it felt right, and we did it. It's a testament to Ridley Scott as a director, because uses the stuff, he uses the creativity, he uses the love. " She seems pretty humble about the whole thing -- in addition to highlighting Ridley Scott’s role in making the moment happen, she also credited co-star Jared Leto with rolling with it. Even when she was told that it’s now one of the most iconic lines in the history of cinema, she shrugged it off playfully: " I don't know about that, but we’ll find out. " Though the film has yet to release, it's already clear that the actress put a ton of herself into the role, so this makes her contribution to the feature feel more special. She even committed to "living" as Reggiani and staying in character (and in accent) on-and-off screen while filming. Given all the buzz around her performance and the movie even beyond Lady Gaga’s ad lib, Ridley Scott's latest is certainly shaping up to be one for the history books, even without her now-iconic line. With the high drama of the true story, some members of the Gucci family aren’t thrilled about the way the movie portrays them. Even if the initial reaction from critics (including the film’s dialect coach) weren't universally positive, many have praised Gaga and her co-stars for their electric performances.
  14. The MCU is coming to Walt Disney World. In the matter of a decade, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has arguably become Disney's most popular property, making it a no-brainer for the company to expand its cinematic vision to Walt Disney Parks. Over the summer, the studio’s original theme park in California became the home of Avengers Campus and, now, Walt Disney World is receiving its first Marvel ride in Orlando, Florida. The attraction in question is an indoor rollercoaster based on Guardians of the Galaxy called Cosmic Rewind. Now, we've learned that one surprising MCU character will be part of the experience. On Saturday morning, Disney Parks updated fans about what’s coming up during its Destination D23 event. One of the announcements shared that none-other-than Glenn Close would be part of the ride to reprise her role as Nova Prime. The critically-acclaimed actress shared the news herself in a video: See more Glenn Close showed up in her full Nova Prime costume, which was first glimpsed by fans in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy film. The actress shared her excitement about reprising her role as the commander of Nova Corps. Reportedly, Close’s character will be involved in the pre-show ahead of guests getting on the ride. It sounds similar to the role Tom Holland plays in the Avengers Campus ride: Web-Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, as he sets up the premise of the attraction before guests board. Nova Prime isn’t exactly the typical pick one would jump to from Guardians of the Galaxy's lineup of characters. Still, she played an important role in the original movie, particularly when her home planet of Xander was threatened by Ronan the Accuser. In the video message, Glenn Close expressed her excitement to be part of the ride that will see guests helping her save the galaxy. Now the question is whether Cosmic Rewind will involve elements from the adventure in the first Guardians movie or something completely new. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is coming to EPCOT next summer during Walt Disney World’s 50th celebration, which kicked off last month on its actual birthday and will span 18 months, until early 2023. The indoor story coaster will rotate 360 degrees, to allow for guests to always be focused on the action taking place on the ride. Additionally, it will be the first ride in Disney history to include a reverse launch along with being one of the longest enclosed coasters in the world. Writer/director of the Guardians movies, James Gunn is also involved in bringing the vision of his movies into attraction form as he films the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which kicked off production earlier this month. Vol. 3 is set to hit theaters on May 5, 2023 following an exciting lineup of upcoming Marvel movies. After a long wait, it seems we have a lot from the Guardians side of the MCU to look forward to in the near future.
  15. Could Scream 5 launch a new era in the franchise? The Scream movie franchise has been a staple for horror enthusiasts for 25 years. With four installments already in the can and another just a few months from hitting theaters, it’s as good a time as any to think about both the legacy of the iconic series and also what its future might hold. Luckily, we can get some insight about that from one of the co-directors of the upcoming fifth movie. In 1996, the franchise's first film -- written by Kevin Williamson and directed by Wes Craven -- became a sleeper hit. With its blend of irreverent pop culture references and pitch-perfect scary storytelling, it, in many ways, set a new standard for Millennial horror movies. It’s now been ten years since the fourth film was released. Before the fifth movie was announced last year, that was long enough for fans to wonder if the franchise was done for good. Now that we know that’s not the case, it’s still fair to wonder whether this new film is just a one-off project or the start of a new era. While there’s nothing set in stone yet, there are some clues that we can draw from. The newest chapter is called Scream, though it’s more of a reboot of the franchise than a remake of the original film -- which could hint at more to come. Then, there’s co-director Tyler Gillett, who told CinemaBlend’s sister site, Total Film, that he can foresee more installments to the franchise: " This new cast of characters is so wonderful. The legacy cast, they’re so wonderful. I think what we discovered, and what [screenwriters] Guy [Busick] and James [Vanderbilt] did, is they found a real reason for the next story to exist. We know that there is more gas in the tank. There are more stories to be told in Woodsboro, and about these characters, for sure. " So it sounds like there could be more films in the works -- or at least, it sounds like the latest movie leaves the door open for them to happen. Like 2011's fourth movie, the fifth brings the surviving original characters Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox) and Dewey Riley (David Arquette) together with a new generation of teen characters. It remains to be seen who will survive Ghostface’s latest bloodbath, or how many more films the original core trio will want to be a part of. But while it’s hard to imagine the series without any of them, it’s also the kind of franchise that has proven it has the ability to transcend generations. As long as there are teenagers who are glued to their phones and an audience that loves being scared as much as it loves pop culture references, there’s a good chance that Ghostface will live on. Scream hits theaters on January 14, 2022, and you can stream past installments of the franchise on Amazon Prime Video.