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  1. We have updated our plans. Now get 4TB space at only 15.95 Euro and 2TB at only 10.95 Euro. Sorry if bumping is not allowed, but I can't edit my own post.
  2. Providing Quality Rapidleech & Seedbox Hosting Since 2015 Why Choose GigaRapid ? We provide fast support Extremely affordable and value for money products No Setup Cost Instant Setup 99.9 % Network Uptime SLA Seedbox Plans Seedbox Features Multiple bittorrent clients are supported (rTorrent, Deluge, Transmission, qBittorrent). You can switch to any bittorrent client at any time. With the integrated file browser, You can directly play videos in your browser* or view images in a slideshow. Our seedbox supports over 60+ third party applications, including but not limited to - Jdownloader, Firefox, Filezilla, Zoom-Uploader, Handbrake, MakeMKV, Avidemux, MKVToolnix, NextCloud, Plex, Resilio Sync, TsMuxer, ZNC. You can easily install/uninstall these apps from the seedbox control panel in a single click, Zero manual configuration is need. You get access to root level SSH shell (available in Ubuntu, Debian, Alpine flavor). so, you can use your custom command line apps/scripts without any issue*. Multiple mobile and desktop apps (Transdroid, nzb360, Electorrent, Deluge for Windows) are supported, So you can control your bittorrent client directly from your desktop PC or android phone. Free OpenVPN is available for selected plans. Zoom Uploader and Jdownloader* is available on all our plans, so you can directly download/upload files from/to your favorite filehosting sites such as, Google Drive, Uploaded, Rapidgator. If your filehosting site is not supported by the aforementioned apps, then you can use firefox to achieve the same. Latest ruTorrent with almost all available plugins are installed by default. Simple & elegant seedbox control panel gives you complete control over your seedbox. You can easily monitor server stats (CPU, RAM, Disk Space etc). List Of Supported Apps * Your browser needs to have video playback support for this feature. Most mp4/mkv videos encoded with x264 codec are supported. If you have lot of unsupported files, you can use plex/emby application. * If your custom application requires complex operating system configuration, or maybe a different file-system, then it may not work with our setup. If you think your application requires special configuration, please contact us before placing order. * Abusing server resources using SSH application or any other application is not allowed. * Filehost premium accounts are not provided with seedbox, You need to use you own. Rapidleech Plans Rapidleech Features With our account manager you can save your own login credentials of cloud-drive accounts for using in download/upload. Unlike other providers, it is completely safe to use our account manager, since all your accounts are encrypted and securely stored into database. You can easily take images and screenshots of your video files using mtn. You can also preset your mtn to upload generated images to an pre-selected image-host with one-click. You can easily get technical information of your audio and video files with using mediainfo. Filemanager features all the tools you need to manage your files efficiently. You can do ftp upload, create zip/rar/unrar/tar archives,change MD5 hash etc through it. With our automation tools like auto download, autoupload you can set multiple files in queue to be downloaded/uploaded. Supported filehosts. Payment Methods Our Website Special Offer Exclusive offer for InviteScene members, Use the code IS-PROMO-10 for a 10% recurring discount on all our products. Hurry up ! Offer is valid for limited time only. Free Demo Currently we are offering trial on our GigaSeedbox product for only €0.30. This amount is required to prevent abuse. However, If you would still like to get a free demo account for a very short time, contact us on Skype. (Chat only) Support Create a support ticket Skype: Email us
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