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  1. I need someone to send 12 USD over bitcoin and I can pay this amount over paypal. Thanks, Wolfie
  2. if it's still valid, I would like to apply for it.
  3. There are rumours all around that, Zhou was sentenced to 5 years in prison and fined 1,000,000 yuan also his friends are sentenced to prison from 3-5 years which is a terrible news to the lovers of CHDBits and HDWings. I admit that CHDBits and HDwings are two great HD trackers but this is not the end of the world if you seek for a new HD tracker. You can always contact me for the new alternatives. Final words, rest in peace CHDBits and HDWings... Wolfie P.S. These are rumours will most probably be true in the following hours/days.
  4. Hello guys, Today most of us is using dropbox with limited capacity. If we are fortunate enough, we have slightly more space than the custom storage limit because our friend(s) accepted our refferal link once. Here is what I will do for you. For a small price, I'll help you invite up to 32 people for a total of 16GB of extra space. It'll be completed in 12 hours as latest (mostly in 2 hours). All I need is your dropbox referral link. That's all. Very cheap service compared to what you should have to pay to dropbox itself. Contact me if you are interested in. Wolfie