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  1. The second season of The Mandalorian featured the live-action debut of Bo-Katan Kryze, with Katee Sackhoff donning the Mandalorian helmet to play the character she had already voiced for animation on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels. Bo-Katan was present for The Mandalorian's unforgettable Season 2 finale sequence that saw Luke Skywalker save the day and then leave with Baby Yoda for training, but Sackhoff actually thought that a Star Wars character other than Luke would be the one showing up in the nick of time, and it was a character that Clone Wars fans would have known well: Plo Koon. Katee Sackhoff participated in a charity stream for Star Wars Explained, and Plo Koon came up in a discussion of favorite minor Star Wars characters. The Bo-Katan actress had an interesting and unexpected piece of trivia to drop about Plo-Koon and The Mandalorian Season 2: " Do you know that that’s who we thought that it was at the end [of Season 2]? … That’s who we thought it was, was Plo Koon. That’s who we [were] told it was and I’m a very gullible person. When somebody important tells me something, I say ‘okay.' " According to Katee Sackhoff, she and others were told that the person showing up with the epic save at the end of Season 2 was actually Jedi Master Plo Koon. The character was one of the Jedi who died on screen as part of Order 66 in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith, but when has death ever stopped a Jedi character from turning back up again in the Star Wars saga? Of course, it's hard to blame Katee Sackhoff for believing the story that it was Plo Koon showing up to save the day. She previously revealed that the sequence was shot with an actor with dots on his face, so that his face could be digitally replaced by whoever the character was meant to be. It could have been Plo Koon! In hindsight, clues do point toward Luke Skywalker showing up in the X-Wing, but surely a Star Wars project might also produce a scene involving a non-human by using the same kind of digital effects with dots on an actor's face, right? The Luke who showed up was voiced by Mark Hamill, and Star Wars had come a long way from the digital recreations of Tarkin and Leia for Rogue One. Without knowing what the finished product of the sequence would be, it's easy to see how Plo Koon seemed like a perfectly reasonable possibility. It certainly wouldn't be the craziest thing ever to happen in the Star Wars saga! Gina Carano, who played Cara Dune on The Mandalorian before being fired by Lucasfilm, also commented on the secret of the savior in the Mandalorian Season 2 by saying that everybody started to do some whispering about who it could be on set. The end of Season 2 did deliver more than just Luke Skywalker turning up, including setting the stage for potential conflict between Katee Sackhoff's Bo-Katan and Pedro Pascal's Mando over the Darksaber, since Bo-Katan feels that she needs to win the saber rather than have it yielded to her if she's going to have a real claim as leader of Mandalore. As for what comes next for Katee Sackhoff's Bo-Katan, only time will tell. The next Star Wars project that will release is Star Wars: The Bad Batch, an animated series set at a time in the Star Wars saga when Bo-Katan is definitely alive and potentially active, but little about the plot of the series is confirmed just yet. A different Mandalorian character will definitely appear, however! The Bad Batch premieres on May 4 on Disney+, and the Disney streamer is the place to be for plenty more Star Wars content, including The Mandalorian. Content source : CinemaBlend .
  2. Back in February, Bruce Campbell all but officially confirmed that he will be in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. Posting a photo of the London skyline, the actor wrote on Twitter, "Boy, it was a blast, working in a certain city, with a certain director on a certain movie with a certain actor - it sure was!" and the message was pretty clear that he had the opportunity to once again collaborate with longtime friend Sam Raimi. What we don't know at this point is anything about the role that he is playing in the blockbuster, and Campbell has crafted an April Fools Day prank taking advantage of that fact – suggesting that next year we will get to see a Marvel Cinematic Universe/Evil Dead crossover. As you can see below, Bruce Campbell has "accidentally" posted a photo of his Doctor Strange In The Muliverse Of Madness script, and while the words "Ash Williams" and "Necronomicon" aren't actually featured, there is no questioning the amazingness that is being implied here: Obviously this is a joke, and one would be incredibly foolish to take it seriously (hence the name of the holiday), but does anyone else really, really wish that there is some kind of double-reverse pranking going on here? Posting this on April 1st, Bruce Campbell knows that nobody is going to take it seriously, but what if it actually is real and (while dancing around copyright) Doctor Strange And The Multiverse Of Madness finds some way to actually have Ash Williams appear? Again, it's totally nuts to believe it will happen, but it isn't all that outlandish to believe that the Marvel Studios film could feature a scene like this one. The film presumably is going to feature Doctor Strange doing some hopping around the multiverse, so the idea of him accidentally ending up at the Evil Dead cabin isn't totally preposterous. And while we don't actually know anything about the plot of Doctor Strange 2, it's not impossible to believe that the Darkhold is somehow involved following its appearance in the final episodes of WandaVision (which we know is directly tied to Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness via Scarlet Witch). Need more? Does the fact that there is a Marvel Zombies vs. The Army Of Darkness series do anything for you? Regardless, this is weirdly a win-win situation. If we do wind up seeing this scene in Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, we'll all be able to laugh because the Evil Dead star tricked us into thinking that it was just a prank. And if he instead has a totally different role to play in the sequel, that's great too! Just getting to see Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell work together again is always going to make us happy, independent of anything else that happens. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is still in production, but will be heading to theaters on March 25, 2022. Content source: Cinemablend
  3. Love her or hate her, Hunger Games’ District 12 escort Effie Trinket is still a fashion icon. Honestly, this is her dystopian future and we’re just living it. Exhibit A is “Old Town Road” singer Lil Nas X totally channeling her bold and bright sensibilities for a segment of the viral music video for his new song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” and Elizabeth Banks has caught on. Elizabeth Banks, who played Effie Trinket in the Hunger Games films from 2012 to 2015, took notice of Lil Nas X’s fashion statement on Instagram and showed the 21-year-old support for the fashion statement. Check it: Earlier this week, Lil Nas X released his high-concept music video for “Montero,” and it has already generated over 68 million views on YouTube. The video has been the subject of some controversy from conservatives. Elizabeth Banks placed herself on Lil Nas X's side by commenting that she was “thrilled” to see him wearing a Hunger Games-type outfit, along with saying “you do you.” It’s a change of pace for Lil Nas X after some right-wing names spoke out against the “Montero” music video. One Fox News commentator called the singer “desperate and really pathetic” for releasing the music video that involves some biblical themes. Within the “Montero” video, Lil Nas X meets a snake in a place likened to the Garden of Eden before sliding down a pole to Hell and giving the Devil a lap dance. Check out the video below: In the middle of the video, it’s easy to see why some Hunger Games fans are being reminded of Effie Trinket. Lil Nas X got dolled up in a bright blue wig paired with blue eyeshadow in a grand location not unlike the series’ capitol of Panem. Elizabeth Banks certainly caught on and seems to be a fan of the singer’s work. Lil Nas X is also embroiled in a lawsuit with Nike after releasing a line of limited edition “Satan shoes” to pair with the music video’s release. The shoes angered people after word came out that they allegedly contain real human blood, and due to its alignment with the Devil during the Christian faith’s Holy Week. The “Montero'' music video was apparently made with a very specific message in mind about how it feels to be a person in the LGBTQ+ community among religious institutions. Lil Nas X specified on Twitter that he spent his entire teenage years “hating” himself because he was gay due to institutions claiming it is a sin. The video has the singer metaphorically becoming what he has been seen as by dancing with the devil. Controversies aside, Lil Nas X totally rocked that Panem look! Content source: Cinemablend
  4. It's hard to believe that this April marks Forgetting Sarah Marshall's 13th anniversary. Jason Segel's unorthodox-but-heartfelt-and-often-funny rom-com was a delightful mix of raunchy humor and romantic sweetness. Aided by a top-tier comedy cast, which also includes Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand, Paul Rudd, Bill Hader, and Jonah Hill, this Judd Apatow production propelled Segel into leading man status, started Nicholas Stoller's directing career, and lead to 2010's spin-off film, Get Him to the Greek. Thus, it was quite a charming comedy hit, which begs the question, "What are they doing now?" Let's see! Here's what the Forgetting Sarah Marshall cast is working on at the moment. Also, it's worth noting that the film is available to stream on Amazon Prime on April 1st! Jason Segel (Peter Bretter) As Peter Bretter, our lovelorn composer who travels to Hawaii to get his mind off his traumatic break-up, only to run into his ex — and her new lover — on the trip, Jason Segel made his own starring vehicle with 2008's outrageous Forgetting Sarah Marshall. In addition to playing the leading man, Segel wrote the film, too, based on his own experiences. Furthermore, Segel also wrote and starred in 2011's The Muppets, The Five-Year Engagement, and Sex Tape. For TV lovers, Segel is known for CBS' long-running sitcom, How I Met Your Mother. He also appeared in short-lived shows like Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared. His other film credits include I Love You Man, Jeff Who Lives At Home, Bad Teacher, Knocked Up, The Discovery, and The End of the Tour. Recently, Jason Segel starred in Our Friend. He also created, wrote, directed, and acted in AMC's anthology series, Dispatches from Elsewhere. Additionally, Segel appeared in Quibi's Home Movie: The Princess Bride. Next, the actor stars in The Sky Is Everywhere. Kristen Bell (Sarah Marshall) In the role of Sarah Marshall, a famous TV star who dumps Peter after a long-standing relationship, Kristen Bell plays a heartbreaking character in Nicholas Stoller's directorial debut. Prior to this titular role, Bell was best known for playing another titular character in Veronica Mars. She later played this part in a film continuation and Hulu's revival. Also, Bell starred in Showtime's House of Lies, as well as NBC's Heroes and The Good Place, the latter for which she was Golden Globe-nominated. In film, the actress appears in Spartan, Pulse, Fanboys, Couples Retreat, When in Rome, You Again, Burlesque, Scream 4, The Lifeguard, and the Bad Moms movies, which reunited her with Mila Kunis. Also, Bell lent her voice to the Frozen movies and The CW's Gossip Girl. Recently, Kristen Bell was heard in Apple TV+'s Central Park, as well as the Disney+ short film, Once Upon a Snowman. Next, she stars in Queenpins. Additionally, the actress is attached to several upcoming projects, both in film and television, including Molly and the Moon, The Woman in the House, Do, Re & Mi, and Gossip Girl's revival. Mila Kunis (Rachel Jansen) Playing the part of Rachel Jansen, a kind-hearted receptionist who forms a close kinship with Peter during his vacation stay, Mila Kunis became the real love interest in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Most famously, Kunis starred in Fox's long-running sitcom, That '70s Show. The actress also voices Meg Griffin in Family Guy. Additionally, Kunis is regularly heard in Robot Chicken. Her other notable film credits include Black Swan, for which she was Golden Globe-nominated, Friends with Benefits, Ted, Oz the Great and Powerful, Jupiter Ascending, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Friends with Benefits, Extract, The Book of Eli, American Psycho 2, Get Over It, Max Payne, Date Night, and the Bad Moms movies, alongside Kristen Bell. Additionally, Kunis can be heard in Wonder Park. Most recently, Mila Kunis starred in February's Breaking News in Yuba County. She also guest-starred in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Next, the actress appears in Four Good Days, which comes out this May. Additionally, Kunis will star in Netflix's Luckiest Girl Alive. Russell Brand (Aldous Snow) As Aldous Snow, a charismatic, self-infatuated English rock star who dates Sarah shortly after her break-up with Peter, Russell Brand plays a competitive personality in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Later, the actor reprised this standout part in Get Him to the Greek. Also, Brand starred in Arthur (2011) and voiced the main character in Hop. His other film credits include St. Trinian's, Bedtime Stories, Rock of Ages, Army of One, and The Tempest. The voice actor can also be heard in Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, Trolls, and The Simpsons. Additionally, Brand played a recurring role in HBO's Ballers. Most recently, Russell Brand lent his voice to Four Kids and It. Next, Brand will be seen in Death on the Nile and heard in Minions: The Rise of Gru. Outside of acting, the comedian also keeps an active YouTube account. Additionally, Brand has authored several books, including My Booky Wook: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs, and Stand-up and, most recently, 2019's Mentors: How to Help And Be Helped. Paul Rudd (Chuck/Kunu) In the role of Chuck, who goes by the name "Kunu," a cool-talking, ocean-loving surf instructor who doesn't always offer the sagest advice, Paul Rudd plays a scene-stealing supporting character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The actor's other notable film credits include Wet Hot American Summer, Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, This is 40, Clueless, Role Models, I Love You Man, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and the Anchorman movies. He also plays Ant-Man in the MCU. Additionally, Rudd stars in Netflix's Living with Yourself. Most recently, Paul Rudd provided a voice role in the Audible series, Escape from Virtual Island. He also appeared in A Parks and Recreation Special and Quibi's Home Movie: The Princess Bride last year. Additionally, the actor guest-starred in The Simpsons and At Home with Amy Sedaris. Next, Rudd stars in Apple TV+'s The Shrink Next Door. He'll also soon be seen in Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Currently, Rudd is reprising his title role in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which is now filming. He also plays the Marvel character in Disney+'s What If ...? Bill Hader (Brian Bretter) Playing the part of Brian Bretter, Peter's stepbrother and best friend who often gives some tough love advice, Bill Hader plays a mindful supporting character in 2008's Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Most notably, Hader was a long-standing cast member on Saturday Night Live, for which he was Emmy-nominated. Hader is also the star and co-creator of IFC's Documentary Now! The actor's other notable film credits include Tropic Thunder, The Skeleton Twins, Trainwreck, Adventureland, The To Do List, Men in Black 3, Superbad, Hot Rod, Pineapple Express, and IT: Chapter 2. Additionally, as a voice artist, Hader is heard in the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movies, Monsters University, Inside Out, Finding Dory, Sausage Party, Toy Story 4, The BFG, and Ralph Breaks the Internet, as well as Bob's Burgers, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, and South Park. Currently, Bill Hader stars in HBO's Emmy-nominated dark comedy, Barry, which he also created and writes and directs. Next, Hader will be heard in the Addams Family sequel. Liz Cackowski (Liz Bretter) As Liz Bretter, Brian's wife and the only woman he has ever been in a relationship with, Liz Cackowski played a cheery character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Her other film credits include I Love You, Man, The To Do List, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, and the Neighbors movies. Additionally, Cackowski can be seen in Netflix's Wine Country, which she co-wrote and co-produced. Her other writing credits include Saturday Night Live, Up All Night, Community, Funny or Die Presents ..., The Jeanine Tate Show (which she starred in), The Last Man on Earth, and the MTV Movie Awards. On television, Liz Cackowski can also be seen in Speechless, Happy Together, Children's Hospital, and SNL. Additionally, the actress can be heard in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Cackowski was seen in HBO Max's An American Pickle last year. Outside of acting, she was also a writer for this year's Golden Globes Awards. Jonah Hill (Matthew Van Der Wyk) In the role of Matthew Van Der Wyk, a kind-hearted waiter who's an obsessive fan of Aldous, Jonah Hill played a friendly supporting character in Nicholas Stoller's Forgetting Sarah Marshall. One year before this movie's release, Hill gained notice and acclaim for Superbad and Knocked Up. He also co-starred in Get Him to the Greek. His other notable film credits include 21 Jump Street, Funny People, This is the End, 22 Jump Street, Accepted, Hail Caesar!, War Dogs, The Sitter, Cyrus, and The Beach Bum. His voice can also be heard in the How to Train Your Dragon films, The Lego Movie, Horton Hears a Who!, Sausage Party, and Megamind. Additionally, Jonah Hill is a two-time Oscar-nominated actor for his supporting turns in Moneyball and The Wolf of Wall Street, respectively. He also starred in Netflix's Maniac. Furthermore, Hill wrote and directed Mid90s. Also, the actor has screenwriting credits for both Jump Street films and Why Him? Next, Hill appears in Netflix's Don't Look Up. Da’Vone McDonald (Dwayne) Playing Dwayne, a caring bartender, Da'Vone McDonald was a conversational character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He also appeared in Get Him to the Greek. McDonald's other notable film credits include Drillbit Taylor, Walk of Shame, The Five-Year Engagement, The Gambler (2014), A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, Funny People, Miss March, and InAPPropriate Comedy. On TV, the actor was seen in Drunk History, The PET Squad Files, Dads, Raising Hope, and House. Most recently, he appeared in 2019's The Turkey Bowl and Grand-Daddy Day Care. His next project is unannounced. Jack McBrayer (Darald Braden) As Darald Braden, a recently-married man who's insecure about pleasing his sexually-demanding wife, Jack McBrayer plays a timid character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Most notably, McBrayer is known for his Emmy-nominated performance on NBC's 30 Rock. He also received an Emmy nomination for his guest role in Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell. Additionally, as a voice actor, McBrayer is known for Wreck-It Ralph and Ralph Breaks the Internet. He's also heard in Phineas and Ferb, Wander Over Yander, Big Mouth, Smurfs: The Lost Village, Bob's Burgers, Despicable Me, and Star Trek: Lower Decks. The actor also starred in the short-lived series, The Jack and Triumph Show. Jack McBrayer's other notable film credits include Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, The Campaign, Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Movie 43, Cooties, and The To Do List. Next, he'll be seen in Queenpins alongside Kristen Bell. McBrayer will also be heard in Songs for a Sloth. Maria Thayer (Wyoma Braden) In the role of Wyoma Braden, Darald's sexually-liberated newlywed wife, Maria Thayer plays a frisky supporting character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Away from this movie, Thayer is known for her lead roles in Adult Swim's Eagleheart and truTV's Those Who Can't. Also, the actress played the title role in Hallmark Channel's Annie Claus is Coming to Town. Also, Thayer is known for Comedy Central's cult-favorite series, Strangers with Candy. On the big screen, meanwhile, Thayer appeared in Accepted, Hitch, State of Play, Table 19, Storytelling, and Strangers with Candy's film continuation. Most recently, Maria Thayer appeared in a few episodes of NBC's Superstore. The actress also guest-starred in the pilot for Peacock's Punky Brewster reboot, as well as the latest season of A.P. Bio. Additionally, Thayer was recently seen in I've Got Issues. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is currently available to stream on Peacock.
  5. CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links. In 2014, over a decade and a half after his first completely Hollywood-produced appearance failed to impress, Godzilla returned for a second go at American cinematic glory. Fortunately, not only did the Godzilla reboot earn much better critical reception than its 1998 predecessor, it also launched the MonsterVerse franchise, which is about to deliver its fourth entry, Godzilla vs. Kong. However, having Godzilla collide with King Kong wasn’t a plan in motion from Day One. During my recent interview with Godzilla vs. Kong co-writer Max Borenstein, I asked if he and the others who crafted the MonsterVerse were always determined to bring King Kong in, or if that was a development that happened later on. Recalling the days of working on 2014’s Godzilla, Borenstein answered: " Well, early on, during production of the first Godzilla, maybe when we were in postproduction, is when I first spoke to the head of Legendary at the time, Thomas Tull, and producer Mary Parent and Alex Garcia, who’s the executive who’s been in charge of the franchise since then, about this idea of doing a Kong film, and Thomas’ vision, because he’s a huge fan of big monsters and Godzilla and Kong, was to eventually build toward Godzilla vs. Kong. [Those were the] sort of adventures he had in mind to bring about, but it was sort of one step at a time. I only became aware of that once we were like, ‘Ok, Godzilla turned out pretty well, so let’s aim for a Kong movie, and here’s why we want to bring them together. " You have to remember that when 2014’s Godzilla hit the scene, other than the MCU, shared cinematic universes hadn’t quite hit the level of popularity in Hollywood they enjoy nowadays. So even though Godzilla has battled all sorts of monsters over the decades under the Toho banner in Japan, it’s understandable that the focus was on simply providing an enjoyable Godzilla story in the early creative stages. But as Godzilla reached the end of production/went into post-production, it was decided that it’d be worth bringing King Kong into the mix, and from there, it was only logical that there come a day when the massive gorilla and gargantuan reptile duke it out, just like they did in Japanese cinema in 1962. And thus, Kong: Skull Island followed Godzilla three years later, i.e. 2017, 12 years after Peter Jackson’s King Kong remake. Rather than being set in contemporary times, the action took place in 1973 and primarily on Skull Island, rather than Kong being dragged back to the United States halfway through the story like in the original King Kong movie and remake. Then Godzilla: King of the Monsters followed in 2019 and brought Rodan, Mothra and King Ghidorah into play, and now Godzilla vs. Kong is almost upon us! Related Should You Be Team Godzilla Or Team King Kong? Director Adam Wingard Has A Great Take While the MonsterVerse could have taken a Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-like approach and immediately pitted these two against each other after Godzilla, the creative minds behind the franchise decided to build up to that epic conflict, and now we’re just hours away from learning who will emerge victorious. Following that, it’s unclear what’s being planned for the MonsterVerse, although this latest movie does plant some proverbial seeds involving the franchise’s deeper mythology that can surely bloom in the coming years. You can Godzilla vs. Kong in theaters or on HBO Max for a one-month period starting tomorrow, March 31 (sign up for the streaming service with this link). Keep track of other movies set to come out later in the year with our upcoming 2021 movies schedule.
  6. Although the ongoing #ReleaseTheSnyderCut trend has become outdated thanks to Zack Snyder’s Justice League reaching HBO Max earlier this month, the unprecedented director’s cut movement has inspired some new fan campaigns. #ReleaseTheAyerCut and #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. DCEU fans are hoping to see David Ayer’s true vision for 2016’s Suicide Squad, and the filmmaker is providing context as to why the theatrical release was so disappointing. On the Monday following the drop of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, WarnerMedia Studios CEO Ann Sarnoff made blatant comments about the studio moving away from Snyder’s planned Justice League arc after the HBO Max release. Warner Bros has no plans to continue the SnyderVerse, nor will it apparently entertain the director’s cut of the first Suicide Squad movie. Even so, David Ayer is speaking out about why his film may deserve a second pass by describing his Suicide Squad experience. In his words: " I get it, it's a business. It's frustrating because I made a really heartfelt drama and it got ripped to pieces and they tried to turn it into Deadpool, which it just wasn't supposed to be. And then you take the hit, you're the captain of the ship, my name was on it. [Laughs] Even though it didn't represent what I actually made, I would take all the bullets and be a good soldier. I made an amazing movie. It's an amazing movie, it just scared the shit out of the executives. " In a recent interview with EW, David Ayer spoke candidly about Warner Bros’ role in changing the Suicide Squad film the director had intended for 2016 moviegoers. The superhero blockbuster came out the summer directly following Fox’s Deadpool success, and the studio reportedly made some changes to Suicide Squad to resemble the Marvel film. Sadly, that meant changes to Ayer’s intentions for the film and some dismal responses about the highly-anticipated DCEU entry. Similarly to Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League, it seems as though David Ayer had a darker and more heartfelt approach to his comic book movie, but some of it was switched out to more resemble the snarky tome of the Ryan Reynolds-led Deadpool, which had become a runaway hit. One of the key changes to Suicide Squad Ayer has noted is the diminished amount of Jared Leto’s Joker. The performance reportedly had a lot more to it than audiences saw in theaters back in August 2016. Suicide Squad made comparable numbers at the box office to Deadpool in 2016, but it was pulled apart by critics and fans alike. Though it did still manage to become a big cultural moment and introduce Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn to the DCEU. Following its reception, David Ayer has been removed from plans to continue the storyline and James Gunn came in to make The Suicide Squad, which is coming this summer. Check out the trailer below: James Gunn’s version will see the return of some familiar members from the 2016 movie, along with a huge new cast including Idris Elba, Sylvester Stallone and Pete Davidson among them, as well as redirect the title to a new vision different from David Ayer’s. The Suicide Squad is coming to theaters and HBO Max on August 6. What do you think? Would you like to see The Ayer Cut? Vote in our poll below.
  7. For the past several years, Daisy Ridley has been heavily linked to the Star Wars franchise, thanks to her lead role as Jedi Knight Rey in the sequel trilogy. Her time in the galaxy far, far away seems to be at an end, though, and fans are now hoping she’ll join another major franchise. Some Marvel Cinematic Universe devotees are hoping she’ll take on the role of Jessica Drew in a potential Spider-Woman film. Not too long ago, Ridley appeared to show interest, causing many to believe she was putting herself in the running for the role. Now, the actress is providing some clarity regarding those rumors. Daisy Ridley recently recalled being asked about Spider-Woman and confirmed that she did indeed like the idea. Though as she recently told, the public at large may want to slow down before gifting her with spider powers: " Well, it's funny because someone asked me off the cuff about the Spider-Woman rumors recently, and I went, 'Oh, that sounds great.' Apparently, I've now declared myself a frontrunner to be Spider-Woman which isn't true! It's funny because I don't really choose things...I [didn't] set out to do another 'big film.' I just read the [Chaos Walking] script, loved it, and loved the idea of it. " So at this point, Daisy Ridley is not actively pursuing the role of Spider-Woman. Like most actors, Ridley would just prefer to wait for something to come her way so that she can determine whether or not she vibes with the material. Still, in the same interview, she continued to say that the idea of joining the MCU does seem fun: " Basically, should something come along and be great, of course I'd be open to anything. I just finished WandaVision. What they did with it is so amazing and different and interesting. To be particularly in that world, which is ever shifting and reimagining itself would be very exciting. " Daisy Ridley would be a solid pick for Jessica Drew, and she’d be a firm addition to the MCU as a whole. As of right now, it’s not completely clear as to whether or not Marvel Studios has plans for the character, but there’s a chance the character could be at the center of Olivia Wilde’s female-led Spider-Man spinoff. When it comes to possibly headlining a franchise not anchored by an ensemble, Daisy Ridley does find it a bit daunting. This comes from watching the Spider-Man fandom that surrounds her Chaos Walking co-star, Tom Holland. Ridley, however, could certainly power through and carry her own Marvel franchise. Daisy Ridley is a Disney alum, so Marvel is certainly aware of her and could reach out to her at some point. Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see how things progress before we gush about Ridley rubbing shoulders with the Avengers.
  8. Studios like Disney used to rely on box office returns to make money off of their imaginative animated productions. However, it’s no secret this has all been thrown into flux due to COVID-19, and more of the company’s films have been given streaming releases. This past week, it was announced that Pixar’s summer offering Luca would be coming exclusively to Disney+ subscribers for no extra charge, while Cruella and Black Widow are getting a chance at both theaters and the streaming service’s Premier Access. The decision is reportedly rubbing Pixar workers the wrong way. Pixar’s two latest projects, Soul and Luca, will not get the chance at a wide theatrical release, even as more theaters are opening up in anticipation for the movie industry’s first summer box office season in two years. According to The Hollywood Reporter’s former editorial director Matthew Belloni, Pixar employees are discouraged by Disney’s strategy: Both Soul and Luca are huge productions and technical achievements that each spent four years in development at Pixar before their respective releases. The two films were slated to hit theaters before COVID-19 struck, and instead of the Walt Disney Company delaying them or giving them simultaneous theatrical and streaming releases, the animated films have been deemed straight-to-streaming titles. According to Matthew Belloni’s tweet, the Pixar employees in his social circle feel Disney is “demoralizing” the animation wing of the studio by not even charging its audience aside from the monthly $8 fee to be a Disney+ subscriber, a price nearly 100 million people already pay for each month. Perhaps it would not have bothered some Pixar team members if the studio hadn’t decided to assign a higher price value to upcoming films like Cruella and Black Widow. The decision to provide Luca on Disney+ exclusively was described by the studio as a “special offering to kick-off the summer season,” not unlike when Disney brought Hamilton to the streaming service last July and it became a massive streaming hit. The Disney+ strategy has become more vital to the company within the past year, and placing Luca exclusively on the service would presumably be done to bring in more subscribers and keep existing subscribers on board as Disney+ reaches a lull in other high-profile releases, like its MCU shows. Prior to that, Soul was sent exclusively to streaming over the holiday season without any additional charge. The movie became CinemaBlend’s No. 1 movie of 2020 and a sweet gift for families to enjoy over the final days of the year. Though it is interesting that Disney decided to bring its recent movie from the Disney Animation side of production, Raya and the Last Dragon, to theaters and Disney+’s Premier Access, while the two Pixar titles have been given different treatment. Luca hits Disney+ on June 18. Check out what other big releases are coming this summer with CinemaBlend’s 2021 release schedule.
  9. The 32-year-old Argentina striker has 257 goals for City, the most famous being his stoppage-time winner against Queens Parks Rangers on the final day of the 2011-12 season that clinched the team its first league title in 44 years. File image of Sergio Aguero.(Pool via REUTERS) Sergio Aguero, Manchester City’s record scorer, will leave the English club after 10 years when his contract expires at the end of the season. The 32-year-old Argentina striker has 257 goals for City, the most famous being his stoppage-time winner against Queens Parks Rangers on the final day of the 2011-12 season that clinched the team its first league title in 44 years. A key player in the growth of the Abu Dhabi-owned club as a major force in England and Europe, Aguero has struggled with injuries over the past year and been restricted to just 14 appearances in all competitions this season. The penalty he converted against Fulham on March 13 was his 181st goal in the Premier League but his first in the division since January 2020. In a Twitter post on Monday to his 14 million followers, Aguero said he had a “huge sense of satisfaction and pride” about playing for City for a decade and is ready to “continue competing at the highest level.”
  10. The hosts, ranked 74 on the FIFA Rankings, managed to get an early lead when Ali Mabkhout latched onto a through ball from Fabio De Lima and chipped it over the keeper. India go down to UAE in Dubai(Indian Football Team / Twitter) India lost to hosts UAE 6-0 in their second international friendly as striker Ali Mabkhout netted a hattrick at the Zabeel Stadium here on Monday. Staying true to his words, India head coach Igor Stimac gave game-time to many new faces in the friendly, making as many as eight changes to the Blue Tigers starting XI, bringing in Gurpreet Singh (captain for the day), Adil Khan, Anirudh Thapa, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Lalengmawia Ralte, Pritam Kotal, Liston Colaco and Mashoor Shereef and giving them the opportunity to stake a claim for a spot ahead of the upcoming matches in June. Amongst those that retained their places in the XI from the 1-1 draw against Oman were Akash Mishra, Manvir Singh, and Suresh Wangjam -- with the likes of Sandesh Jhingan, Rowllin Borges, Bipin Singh, etc. not in action. The hosts, ranked 74 on the FIFA Rankings, managed to get an early lead when Ali Mabkhout latched onto a through ball from Fabio De Lima and chipped it over the keeper.
  11. It was Barty’s ninth consecutive win at the Miami Open — going back to her 2019 title march as the No. 12 seed. Mar 29, 2021; Miami, Florida, USA; Ashleigh Barty of Australia reacts after winning the first set against Victoria Azarenka of Belarus (not pictured) in the fourth round in the Miami Open at Hard Rock Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports(USA TODAY Sports) Ash Barty seems to enjoy getting pushed to a deciding set. The top seed from Australia moved into the quarterfinals of the Miami Open on Monday, holding off 14th-seeded Victoria Azarenka of Belarus 6-1, 1-6, 6-2 in a matchup of past Miami champions -- plus one where the current world No. 1 topped the former world No. 1. It was Barty’s second win of a three-setter so far in this tournament, and she improved to 17-3 in her last 20 matches that have gone the distance. Barty will next face No. 7 seed Aryna Sabalenka or No. 19 seed Marketa Vondrousova, who were scheduled for a fourth-round match later Monday. It was Barty’s ninth consecutive win at the Miami Open — going back to her 2019 title march as the No. 12 seed.
  12. Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw said he regrets letting down Gareth Southgate in the past by pulling out of England squads England's Luke Shaw.(Twitter) Manchester United left-back Luke Shaw said he regrets letting down Gareth Southgate in the past by pulling out of England squads but is determined to make up for lost time. The 25-year-old made his first England appearance since September 2018 in Sunday's 2-0 win away to Albania in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. ALSO READ| Bale reiterates plan to return to Madrid, says not disrespectful to Tottenham Shaw, who joined United from Southampton for a reported 30 million pounds ($41.32 million) in 2014, has struggled with injuries at Old Trafford, missing time due to hamstring, foot, and ankle problems. He withdrew from England squads in October 2018 and in March the following year but on both occasions started for United in their next fixture. "I think my biggest regrets was just pulling out, how I pulled out," Shaw said. "Over the last two years, I've thought about it so much and, of course, letting Gareth down.
  13. Cristiano Ronaldo is in no danger of losing the Portugal captaincy over his outburst at the end of Saturday's World Cup qualifier against Serbia, coach Fernando Santos said. Reuters | PUBLISHED ON MAR 30, 2021 11:24 AM IST Cristiano Ronaldo is in no danger of losing the Portugal captaincy over his outburst at the end of Saturday's World Cup qualifier against Serbia, coach Fernando Santos said. Ronaldo stormed off the pitch seconds before the final whistle and got booked for dissent after he was denied a stoppage-time goal in Saturday's 2-2 draw. ALSO READ| Bale reiterates plan to return to Madrid, says not disrespectful to Tottenham The 36-year-old was left fuming when his effort was cleared by Serbia defender Stefan Mitrovic after it had crossed the line. With no Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in place, Dutch referee Danny Makkelie waved play on and a livid Ronaldo threw away the captain's armband as he headed towards the tunnel. "Yes, he will keep the armband. Forever," said Santos. "Cristiano is a national example. "If he had offended the manager, his teammates or the federation in a thoughtless attitude, then we would have to address the situation. But nothing like that happened.
  14. Slowly but surely, the world of the big screen is coming back. Things have been looking up since the start of 2021, and things only seem to be improving as we move deeper into the spring. This past weekend proved to be quite excellent evidence of that growth, as more than five movies grossed more than $1 million between Friday and Sunday (a first since the pandemic first shut down theaters), and leading them all was Ilya Naishuller's Nobody with a strong opening performance. While the Bob Odenkirk-led action movie didn't exactly break any records, Box Office Mojo says that the film pulled in $6.8 million during its first weekend playing on the big screen. It marks the third highest grossing start for an action movie since the start of the pandemic, behind Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984 ($16.7 million) Christopher Nolan's Tenet ($9 million). The movie played in over 2,400 theaters around the country, resulting in an average of $2,772 per location. Taking into consideration some of their other releases from the past year, Universal Pictures is likely pleased with the results from the box office. In the last few months of 2020 the studio became much more confident about launching titles on the big screen thanks to the deal that was struck with AMC Theatres, and Nobody made more in its first three days than movies like Thomas Bezucha's Let Him Go ($4 million), Paul Greengrass' News Of The World ($2.3 million), and Christopher Landon's Freaky ($3.6 million) did during their respective theatrical openings. If all things are relative, it's a win. Nobody is actually one of two big recent box office success stories, however, as Walt Disney Animation Studios' Raya And The Last Dragon has put up some strong numbers since it debuted earlier this month (both in theaters and on Disney+ with Premiere Access). The film got off to a surprisingly slow start when it first arrived in cinemas, selling fewer tickets than Tim Story's Tom And Jerry did during its February launch, but it has successfully changed its own narrative. The $8.6 million that it made during its opening has since become a domestic total of $28.7 million – with $3.8 million coming from this past weekend. Again, success is relative (the movie would have probably made more than 10 times that amount by now under normal circumstances), but we're trying to stay positive here. As for the other members of the seven figure club this week, the aforementioned Tom and Jerry came in third, earning an additional $2.5 million; Doug Liman's Chaos Walking came in fourth place with $1.2 million added to its $11.5 million total; and Dominic Cooke's The Courier snagged fifth place with a take of $1.1 million after being added to 208 new theaters. This past weekend allowed us to be optimistic about what's to come when it comes to growth at the box office, and things are only looking up given what's coming out this week: Adam Wingard's Godzilla vs. Kong. Thanks to an early release overseas, the film already has a worldwide total of $123.1 million, and it will be interesting to see how the domestic numbers add to that. It's a story we're definitely staying on top of, so be on the look out for updates, and check out the MonsterVerse blockbuster on the big screen starting this Wednesday, March 31.
  15. CinemaBlend participates in affiliate programs with various companies. We may earn a commission when you click on or make purchases via links. Post-credits scenes are handy tools for blockbuster franchises nowadays to tease the future, and the MonsterVerse is no exception. While 2014’s Godzilla didn’t include any extra material following the main story’s conclusion, 2017’s Kong: Skull Island set the stage for 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters with a post-credits scene, while that sequel foreshadowed what was to come in Godzilla vs. Kong. However, the fourth MonsterVerse movie follows in Godzilla’s footsteps by not including a post-credits scene, though for good reason. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Godzilla vs. Kong co-writer Max Borenstein, and among the things I asked him about was if there had ever been a post-credits scene crafted for the movie, whether it was only written into the script or filmed, but didn’t make the final cut. Borenstein responded with the following: " There was one at some point that everyone had been kind of toying around with… I think it makes sense [one wasn’t included]. This is kind of the culmination of a particular chapter, and whatever may or may not come after it, it’s cool that this feels wrapped up. We certainly toyed around with something. " Godzilla vs. Kong marks the MonsterVerse’s first crossover event, akin to The Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Justice League in the DC Extended Universe. With both those movie including post-credits scenes to tease what was coming up next in their respective franchises, one wouldn’t have been faulted for thinking Godzilla vs. Kong would do the same, even though it remains to be seen what the future holds in store for the MonsterVerse. With plenty of other Toho monsters to choose from and the MonsterVerse’s own mythology continually growing, there are a lot of different directions this Titans-filled world could go next. Related Should You Be Team Godzilla Or Team King Kong? Director Adam Wingard Has A Great Take In the end though, it was decided to simply end Godzilla vs. Kong in a more traditional manner, and Max Borenstein is okay with that. I won’t share spoilers for how Godzilla vs. Kong concludes, but there is definitely a sense that an era is ending when all is said and done. So those who watch the movie later this week either in theaters or on HBO Max (use this link to sign up for the streaming service) can sit with that finality rather than immediately start obsessing over what the next phase/chapter of the MonsterVerse plans to deliver. As for what was being “toyed around with” regarding Godzilla vs. Kong’s potential post-credits scene, Borenstein didn’t provide me with any specifics, so hopefully down the line, either he or one of the other creative minds who worked on the project will be willing to disclose what they’d been hashing out. In addition to Godzilla and King Kong finally colliding in an American blockbuster setting (they previously duked it out in the 1962 Japanese movie King Kong vs. Godzilla), Godzilla vs. Kong also follows the scientific organization Monarch embarking on a journey to discover clues about the Titans’ origins, as well as a conspiracy being uncovered involving the corporation Apex. Be sure to read CinemaBlend’s review of Godzilla vs. Kong and keep checking back for regular coverage on the latest MonsterVerse adventure.