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  1. Watch out for this in Maverick! Top Gun: Maverick has been in theaters for a month, and its need for speed has propelled the film into becoming one of the most successful theatrical releases since the pandemic. Part of that success has to do with the attention to detail from director Joseph Kosinski, who both paid tribute to the original 1986 film and made Maverick something new and groundbreaking on its own. In terms of the former element, while shooting the sequel, the filmmaker actually went to an exact location from the original Top Gun. Joseph Kosinski, who previously helmed Oblivion with Tom Cruise and Tron: Legacy, among other movies, spoke about the making of Top Gun: Maverick in depth with CinemaBlend’s own ReelBlend Podcast. During the episode, which is also available on YouTube, the director shared the amazing connection between the original and new Top Gun films. In his words: " I did have a couple of the camera operators who worked on the original film. I had a number of crew members who worked on the original film on our film. And one of them was the ground-to-air operator. And he told me a lot of their ground-to-air stuff was shot on a specific mountain peak in Nevada, looking down into the training valley. So we went back to that exact peak. I stood up there with him and our four cameras with our really long lenses. And we shot our ground-to-air stuff from the same place, 35 years later. Which was pretty awesome. " While the original Top Gun director Tony Scott passed away in 2012, Joseph Kosinski said he had a couple of camera operators from the 1986 movie. One of them actually remembered an exact filming location and brought the production there to pay homage the original film. It’s certainly rare for a sequel filmed with over 30 years later to not only have some of the same crew, but end up featuring an exact location. Top Gun: Maverick accomplished that. This will be a fun element to compare when watching the two films back to back. While Maverick continues to make box office cash in theaters, the original Top Gun is currently available to view with a Paramount+ subscription. We’ll be watching both and on the lookout for the matching locations filmed for the movies. Maverick recently surpassed $900 million at the worldwide box office and has remained a top viewed theatrical release since hitting theaters in late May. The movie has received positive responses from both critics and audiences alike, especially for its immersive experience on the big screen. It’s safe to say that Joseph Kosinski has become a major name in directing since Maverick. After recently releasing his Netflix movie Spiderhead, the filmmaker has a movie with Brad Pitt heading to streaming next. We’ll keep you posted on what’s next for Kosinski and the Top Gun property here on CinemaBlend.
  2. One of the biggest roller coaster parks in the country is making an important operational change. While it doesn’t have the same name recognition of Disney or Universal, Cedar Fair is one of the largest amusement park companies in the world. It owns more than 20 locations in North America including Knott’s Berry Farm, but the crown jewel of Cedar Fair will always be Ohio’s Cedar Point, one of the best parks in the world for roller coaster fans. The park has been involved in its share of controversy of late, surrounding how the park handles its security, and a big change is now under way as the Cedar Point Police are losing their police authority. Up until now Cedar Point has handled security and policing matters with its own full-time staff known as the Cedar Point Police. However, the Sandusky Register reports that the organization is now set to hand over policing duties to the Sandusky, Ohio Police Department. The transition from Cedar Point to Sandusky police will take time and is expected to be concluded sometime next year. This will necessitate the hiring and training of several new officers in Sandusky PD and Cedar Point will be paying that cost. The Cedar Point Police will remain in place, but strictly as security personnel. There has apparently been a review of how Cedar Point handles its security since 2019. An independent third party did a review of Cedar Point security starting back in July 2021 and according to the park, making this change puts Cedar Point’s security more in line with the way it is handled at other Cedar Fair properties. The Cedar Point Police have been under significant scrutiny in recent days. Earlier this year it was reported that 27 sexual assaults involving Cedar Point employees had been reported in the last five years, which resulted in only three arrests. In addition, the Sandusky Register says that it has made various public records requests of the Cedar Point Police that were routinely ignored. The paper claimed that Cedar Fair Police simply did not perform as police agencies are required to perform. This led the paper to actually file a lawsuit against Cedar Point, though the suit was later dismissed. It’s fairly unusual for an amusement park to have its own police department. Even Walt Disney World doesn’t have that. While Disney pays for many of its own services via the Reedy Creek Improvement District, it mainly pays the Orange County Florida Sheriff's Office for its police needs, though it does hire off-duty deputies who work inside the resort during their personal time. Cedar Fair had a rough 2021 where the company lost $48 million, largely due to closures and slow openings due to the global pandemic. The company’s financial difficulties were likely what led to an unsolicited takeover bid from SeaWorld earlier this year. Ultimately, the SeaWorld deal fell through for undisclosed reasons.
  3. You might call it Oscar-worthy advice. The way that Elvis co-star Tom Hanks described it when appearing on CinemaBlend’s official podcast ReelBlend, Austin Butler essentially is playing Jesus, in a movie titled Jesus. The full focus falls on Butler as he attempts to play The King for Baz Luhrmann’s rewarding biopic Elvis, now in theaters. And while the movie has earned incredibly valuable praise from the Presley family regarding his performance (really, it’s the best review he could have gotten), the actor admits to being very nervous while diving into specific scenes during the production, and they involve his need to sing live in front of an audience. One of the coolest aspects of Elvis is that Baz Luhrmann stages actual concerts that signify the different stages of Elvis Presley’s career. They begin around Memphis, when the upstart singer was dragging himself away from screaming female fans. They continue through a major, televised Christmas concert (that ruffled the singer’s feathers), and ends up in Las Vegas in the fading days of the star’s career. Butler ended up hospitalized after filming wrapped, but that had nothing to do with his fears, which came from singing. During press days for Elvis, Butler told CinemaBlend that to get over their fears, he leaned on a very famous friend, explaining: " For one, I was really nervous about that. Because I’d never performed in front of a crowd before. I never sang in front of anybody except my very close friends before. And I was talking about this the other day, but in a moment of panic, I called Rami Malek and I was like, ‘How did it feel? What did you go through?’ and all of those things. He said, ‘You know, really, those days, you end up feeling the energy of the audience, and it becomes this thing where, those will probably end up becoming your favorite days on set.’ And it was so true. " Austin Butler learned from Rami Malek’s experience playing Freddie Mercury in the Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody. There were stories that Malek insisted the Live Aid scene for that movie be filmed in one take, which definitely contributed to the overall energy of the sequence. And a similar approach helps Butler command the screen in Elvis. He talks in our interview above about how the girls in the audience gave him so much emotion to play off of while filming the singing scenes in Elvis, so that if they were swooning or screaming or crying, it helped add to the atmosphere of the scene… as Rami Malek no doubt could have told him. Of course, Rami Malek went on to win the Oscar for playing Freddie Mercury on the screen, and many have similar hopes for Butler. He definitely stood out in CinemaBlend’s review of the film, and Oscar analysts are already making statements about penciling Butler’s name onto the Oscar ballot for next year. We shall see how that all pans out, but of Butler thanks Rami Malek from the stage at the Oscars, now you know why.
  4. More pieces of the Furiosa puzzle have come into place. In 2015, the Mad Max film series returned after a three-decade absence with Mad Max: Fury Road, starring Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky and Charlize Theron as Imperator Furiosa. The latter character received a lot of praise, and in late 2020, it was officially confirmed that Furiosa was getting her own prequel spinoff starring Anya Taylor-Joy. We now finally have an official Furiosa synopsis, and in addition to confirming a returning Mad Max character, it may also reveal who Chris Hemsworth is playing. Back in March, it was revealed that Chris Hemsworth had been cast in Furiosa to play the main villain, but no other details about the role were revealed. Well, the official Furiosa synopsis released by Warner Bros. Pictures to commemorate the spinoff beginning principal photography mentions a character who could very well be who Hemsworth is playing, as well as reveals that we will indeed see a younger Immortan Joe. You can read the synopsis for yourself below: " As the world fell, young Furiosa is snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a great Biker Horde led by the Warlord Dementus. Sweeping through the Wasteland they come across the Citadel presided over by The Immortan Joe. While the two Tyrants war for dominance, Furiosa must survive many trials as she puts together the means to find her way home. " There's a strong chance that Warlord Dementus is Chris Hemsworth’s character. Granted, there hasn’t been any official clarification about that yet, but going off this description, it’s hard to envision Dementus being anyone other than Furiosa’s main antagonist, between him being described as a tyrant and Furiosa being forced to join his biker horde. Alas, given that this is a prequel and we know where Furiosa’s life ends up, it’s a good bet that Dementus won’t make it out of this movie alive, in which case we have to wait and see how his downfall will specifically happen. That brings us to Immortan Joe, who was played by the late Hugh Keays-Byrne in Mad Max: Fury Road. In that movie, Joe was commanded the army of War Boys and controlled his own citadel that was filled with drinking water and crops. The Furiosa synopsis reveals that he was set up at the Citadel for a long time, and while we’ll have to see how much damage his battle with Warlord Dementus causes, we know he’ll make it out of the conflict alive. That being said, Joe wore a respirator mask in Fury Road, and I’m curious to see if something happens in Furiosa that causes his breathing issues. I’m also putting money on the movie showing how Furiosa got that mechanical arm Theron’s version had. So now we have a basic idea of where Furiosa’s story will take moviegoers, although there are obviously plenty of questions yet to be answered. For one thing, it hasn't been revealed yet who Tom Burke is playing yet in the spinoff, although it was a role that Aquaman’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was originally cast to play. As with the previous Mad Max movies, George Miller is directing and co-wrote the script, teaming once again with Nico Lathouris to put words to paper. Furiosa comes out on May 24, 2024, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for updates on its progress and find out what movies are hitting theaters a lot sooner with our 2022 release schedule.
  5. At least this has been cleared up. Warning: SPOILERS for Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1 are ahead! As a result of Netflix deciding to split Stranger Things Season 4 into two parts airing a little over a month apart, fans of the popular sci-fi/horror series were left with a quite a few cliffhangers when Volume 1 concluded with “Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab.” With just two episodes left in this season, there’s a lot that needs to be addressed in Volume 2, including the fate of Joe Kerry’s Steve Harrington, who was bit by some Demobats when he ventured into the Upside Down. There’s just one week left to go before we delve back into Stranger Things, and ahead of that, co-showrunner Ross Duffer has shot down a Steve-centric fan theory, although this isn’t totally comforting news. Many Stranger Things fans are speculating Demobat bites Steve sustained are more than superficial. Maya Hawke’s Robin Buckley expressed concern that Steve might catch an Upside Down version of rabies, so do we need to worry about him dying a bat-triggered death? Good news, Ross Duffer said that’s not on the table while speaking about the Netflix show with Variety alongside his brother, Matt Duffer, although that doesn’t mean that Steve won’t die another way. In the co-showrunner’s words: " I wouldn’t worry about the bat thing. That’s more my thing. I have this thing, I’m worried about bats. That was just me, I was just fixating on bats at the moment I wrote that… if he’s gonna die, it’s not gonna be from the bat bite. " So we can safely cross Steve Harrington slowly being poisoned by Demobats off the list of things to worry about in Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2. That’s not to say those bites couldn’t become scars, but Ross Duffer explained that the reason he included the Demobat attack is because of his own worry about regular bats. Once again though, it needs to be made perfectly clear that Steve is not off the hook for a death scene. The Duffer Brothers even said they “always have to beat Steve up somehow,” so whether that means he dies before Season 4 is over or suffers even more injuries, fans are well within their right to worry about his fate. Steve was dragged into the Upside Down by a tendril from another dimension while he was inspecting the underwater gate at Lover’s Lake. Upon arriving in the Upside Down, the Stranger Things fan-favorite character was swarmed by the Demobats, but he was fortunately soon joined by Robin, Nancy Wheeler and Eddie Munson. After exploring the shadowy realm for a while, they were able to find the gate in the corresponding spot of Eddie’s trailer where Chrissy Cunningham was killed. Robin and Eddie safely made it back to our world, but before Steve and Nancy stepped through, the latter was possessed by Vecna and learned under his influence that he’s Victor Creel’s son Henry. You can read through our Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1 ending breakdown to learn where we’ve left off with the starring players, but it won’t be much longer until Netflix subscribers reunite with them. While Stranger Things is no longer the streaming platform’s most popular show for the first time in weeks, count on a lot of people tuning in for Vol. 2, to the point it’s a good bet Stranger Things will regain the #1 spot. It was also confirmed in February that Stranger Things will return for a fifth and final season, but again, for now, we’re in the dark about if Steve will be around for it. Stranger Things Season 4’s final two episodes drop Friday, July 1; the season’s eighth episode will be an hour and 20 minutes, and the ninth episode will be a whopping two hours and 20 minutes. Until then, our 2022 Netflix TV schedule is available to look through for planning out what shows to watch on the streaming service later in the year.
  6. "Memories follow me left and right/ I can feel you over here/ I can feel you over here/ You take up every corner of my mind." Charlie Puth and Jungkook in "Left and Right" video teaser Not even two weeks after BTS announced they were taking some time to focus on solo projects, Jungkook has set out on his own to team up with Charlie Puth for the upbeat new single “Left and Right,” which arrived first thing Friday (June 24). “Memories follow me left and right/ I can feel you over here/ I can feel you over here/ You take up every corner of my mind,” Puth and the BTS singer croon over a poppy beat in the chorus of the two-and-a-half-minute track. BTS Merch That's Actually Worth Buying: 26 Collectibles K-Pop Lovers Won't Be Able to Pass Up 06/24/2022 The duo also promised a yet-to-come colorful music video, releasing a teaser for the clip on Thursday that sees Puth and the youngest BTS member together and in solo shots, pining over a past love. Last week, Puth pledged that he would drop the Jungkook collab on June 24 if he racked up 500,000 pre-saves for the song — and clearly ARMY came through. “Left and Right” is Puth’s third song of 2022, leading up to his third solo album, simply titled Charlie, set to be released this year via Atlantic. The pop singer/songwriter released “Light Switch” in January, which has so far peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100, followed by “That’s Hilarious” in April. BTS shocked fans back on June 14 with an announcement that they were going on a hiatus to work on solo projects, but Jungkook quickly clarified for worried ARMY that they weren’t breaking up. In a livestream video, Jungkook told viewers — according to a rep — that while the guys are indeed going to spend time focusing on their own projects, they aren’t going to stop working together as a team and are not disbanding. Listen to “Left and Right” now:
  7. "I wanted to create something haunting and ethereal to match this mesmerizing story," Swift has said of the song. Taylor Swift The wait is finally over. After teasing more than three months ago that her new song “Carolina” would be coming “soon,” Taylor Swift has at last dropped the full original song she penned for the Where the Crawdads Sing film soundtrack. Before its release first thing Friday (June 24), “Carolina” has been slowly making its way to viewers in bits and pieces sprinkled across various trailers for the Daisy Edgar Jones-led film. Swift’s nature-driven lyrics are emblematic of Jones’ character Kya, who learns to live by herself in the North Carolina marshlands after being abandoned by her parents and is later accused of murdering a young man she was romantically involved with. Taylor Swift May Have Just Teased That '1989 (Taylor's Version)' Is Coming: See the Clues 06/24/2022 “Into the mist, into the clouds,” the 32-year-old pop star sings in “Carolina,” her breathy lower register floating over a sprawling web of acoustic instruments. “I’ll make a fist, I’ll make it count.” “There are places I will never, ever go,” she later sings. “Things that only Carolina knows.” “About a year & half ago I wrote a song about the story of a girl who always lived on the outside, looking in. Figuratively & literally,” Swift tweeted when the song arrived. “The juxtaposition of her loneliness & independence. Her curiosity & fear all tangled up. Her persisting gentleness & the world’s betrayal of it.” Swift first announced her musical contribution to the film in a March Instagram post explaining that she’d penned “Carolina” after reading Where the Crawdads Sing, the debut novel written by Delia Owens, which inspired the film. “Where the Crawdads Sing is a book I got absolutely lost in when I read it years ago,” the pop star wrote. “As soon as I heard there was a film in the works starring the incredible @daisyedgarjones and produced by the brilliant @reesewitherspoon, I knew I wanted to be a part of it from the musical side.” “I wrote the song ‘Carolina’ alone and asked my friend @aarondessner to produce it,” she continued. “I wanted to create something haunting and ethereal to match this mesmerizing story.” Stream Swift’s new song “Carolina” below:
  8. The latest episode of Billboard Explains dives into what makes a gay pride anthem, and discusses the hits that have contributed to the LGBTQ+ community over the years. Members of the LGBTQ+ community have a vast soundtrack of songs at their disposal to play every year when Pride Month comes around, but what exactly makes a songs a gay pride anthem? The latest episode of Billboard Explains dives in. Much like the LGBTQ+ community itself, gay pride anthems are incredibly diverse and span a variety of genres and are performed by a range of musicians who inspire the courage to be your most authentic self. One of the earliest hits emblematic of gay pride was Judy Garland‘s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” As the 1970s rolled around, ABBA delivered “Dancing Queen” and Queen offered up “Somebody to Love,” which both deeply resonated with the LGBTQ+ community. And in the 1980s, Sister Sledge, Diana Ross and The Weather Girls gave way to the now-anthemic tracks “We Are Family,” “I’m Coming Out” and “It’s Raining Men,” respectively. 60 Top LGBTQ Anthems of All Time 06/23/2022 Of course, modern-day divas like Mariah Carey, Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are gay icons, but it isn’t just pop singers who soundtrack Pride Month — even Disney movies like Encanto and Frozen provide inspiration, as unconventional of a choice as it may seem. Watch the latest episode of Billboard Explains above to learn more about pride anthems and their origins. After the video, catch up on more Billboard Explains videos and learn about the evolution of girl groups, BBMAs, NFTs, SXSW, the magic of boy bands, American Music Awards, the Billboard Latin Music Awards, the Hot 100 chart, how R&B/hip-hop became the biggest genre in the U.S., how festivals book their lineups, Billie Eilish’s formula for success, the history of rap battles, nonbinary awareness in music, the Billboard Music Awards, the Free Britney movement, rise of K-pop in the U.S., why Taylor Swift is re-recording her first six albums, the boom of hit all-female collaborations, how Grammy nominees and winners are chosen, why songwriters are selling their publishing catalogs, how the Super Bowl halftime show is booked and why Olivia Rodrigo’s “Drivers License” was able to shoot to No. 1 on the Hot 100.
  9. "The line up for my Hyde Park shows next week is going to blow your socks off!" the singer tweeted. It’s official: Adele‘s upcoming shows at BST Hyde Park are going to be epic. One week before the 34-year-old is scheduled to perform at the London festival, she took to Twitter to reveal that an all-female lineup of artists — from Kacey Musgraves to Gabrielle — is slated to join her on her two-date run. “The line up for my Hyde Park shows next week is going to blow your socks off!” she wrote, sharing a poster for the festival as well as a black-and-white graphic of her with some of her guest performers. “An all female bill, from new artists that I’m obsessed with to the heavenly @KaceyMusgraves to one of my favorite artists of all time @GabrielleUk who I’ve loved since I was 4!!” Adele Stands With Grenfell Survivors & Bereaved Families, Demands 'Truth, Justice & Change' 06/23/2022 Also on the docket are Mahalia, Self Esteem, Nilüfer Yanya, Tiana Major9, Chrissi, Bonnie Kemplay, Ruti and Tamzene. Right now, it’s unclear if the women will all appear on both nights of Adele’s BST run — which takes place July 1 and 2 — or if they’ll split the days. “It’s going to be incredible, there’s a whole host of us performing all day, I can’t wait to share the main stage with you ladies,” added Adele, whose newest album 30 came out in November last year. “On my gosh!” replied Gabrielle. “I absolutely love and adore you, I can’t wait be part of this incredible line up.” Musgraves also took to Twitter to show her excitement for the approaching festival gig, writing: “Hyde. F—ing. Park. with @Adele and a whole day of talented women.” BST — or British Summer Time — Hyde Park is sponsored by American Express and takes place every year across two weekends in London, kicking off Friday (June 24) with headliner Elton John and ending July 10 with Duran Duran. In between, Eagles, Pearl Jam and The Rolling Stones will join Adele in headlining different days of the festival, bringing with them their own roster of special guests (Phoebe Bridgers, Rina Sawayama, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss and Little Big Town, to name a few). See Adele, Kacey Musgraves and Gabrielle’s tweets about the guest lineup below:
  10. "I dealt with both differently, processed both losses very differently," he shared. Chris Daughtry attends The Drop: Daughtry at The GRAMMY Museum on September 14, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. Chris Daughtry suffered great losses in a very short period of time last year. After first saying goodbye to his mother, who died of cancer in November, then his stepdaughter, who died by suicide a few days later, the former American Idol star is opening up on The Kelly Clarkson Show about the complicated feelings he’s been experiencing in the months since. Speaking with Kelly Clarkson in a Thursday (June 23) appearance on her daytime talk show, the 42-year-old musician discussed what it was like to lose both his mother, Sandra, and Hannah, the daughter of his wife Deanna, in the span of days. “I dealt with both differently, processed both losses very differently,” he shared. “The common denominator in both is the guilt. The ‘I wish I would have said this. I wish I would’ve done this. I wish I would’ve called more.'” Kelly Clarkson Pleads for 'Anyone' to Listen in Stunning Demi Lovato Cover: Watch 06/23/2022 Hannah’s death was particularly shocking, with the 25-year-old having been found dead in her Tennessee home by her boyfriend. Afterward, Daughtry released a statement that read: “I just recently in the last week lost my mother to cancer but I was blessed with the chance to say goodbye and I was processing it privately. We never got to say goodbye to our precious Hannah and it’s another huge hit to our family … Hannah, I love you and I miss you. I wish I could hold you. This hurts so deeply.” “Those moments of the guilt is the hardest because you can’t do anything about it,” he continued to Clarkson. “There’s always going to be reminders of what you could’ve done or whatever, and I tend to beat myself up a lot over it.” The Daughtry frontman also bonded with Clarkson over their shared American Idol roots. The former came in fourth place on the singing competition show’s fifth season, meanwhile Clarkson famously won its very first year. Watch Daughtry’s interview below: If you or anyone you know is experiencing suicidal ideation, reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 (or dial 988) for free, confidential support 24/7.
  11. The actor had to just "go for it." Just ahead of Chris Hemsworth’s return to Marvel with Thor: Love and Thunder, the actor appears in the sci-fi thriller Spiderhead. In the new Netflix movie release, the Aussie actor plays the director of a program that uses convicts as medical subjects for experimental, emotion-altering drugs. And as it turns out, there's one key moment from the movie that Hemsworth admits he was “scared” to shoot. CinemaBlend’s own Sean O’Connell spoke to Chris Hemsworth and the Spiderhead cast and, during the interview, the actor shared that he founding having to portray his character as being afflicted by the Darkenfloxx drug was a particularly daunting task. In his words: " That was intense. I had to, I don’t know, in the space of a minute go through about four or five different emotions, and it was a thing that scared me reading the script. I thought this is going to be either really cool, or really hokey and I’m thankful it worked out. As much as it was, think less and go for it, and let it be sort of visceral in my gut, if I tried to kind of map that out too specifically and intellectually, I think it would have felt orchestrated. " Science fiction concepts like the ones seen in the Netflix movie can be difficult to execute performance-wise, because the actor has to make us believe in aa reality we've never seen before. Though Chris Hemsworth had trepidations about playing someone under the influence of the Darkenfloxx in a scene, he made it work. In order to push through it, the Thor actor said he just went for it rather than thinking too hard about how he would play each element of the scene. Spiderhead is based on the short story “Escape from Spiderhead” by George Saunders, which was initially published in The New Yorker in 2010. The movie follows Chris Hemsworth’s character, Steve Abnesti ,as he tests a behavior-altering drug on convicts played by Miles Teller, Jurnee Smolett, Tess Haubrich and more. The movie was written by Deadpool and Zombieland scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and helmed by Joseph Kosinski, who is already seen massive success over last few weeks, thanks to his directorial efforts on Top Gun: Maverick. The Tom Cruise-led movie just became the actor’s highest-grossing domestic movie, with its domestic cume currently at $422 million and its worldwide haul of $806 million. This movie marks Miles Teller’s third collaboration with Joseph Kosinski. Aside from starring as one of the viral heartthrobs of Top Gun , Teller also worked with him on the 2017 firefighter drama, Only The Brave. Their new streaming release has been met with mixed reviews from critics and audiences thus far. When it comes to Chris Hemsworth, fans will surely be excited to see him return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and suit up as Thor once more. And given he's so comfortable with the MCU and his character, I doubt any scenes will truly shock or scare him like his major moment in the sci-fi flick did. You can check out Chris Hemsworth's work in Spiderhead by grabbing a Netflix subscription, and you can see him return as the God of Thunder when Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8th.
  12. Ciao bellas! Rebel Wilson recently revealed that she's in a relationship with designer Ramona Agruma through a sweet (and viral) post. In it, the Pitch Perfect actress said she thought she was “searching for a Disney Prince” but really needed a “Disney Princess” all this time. Since going public with her girlfriend, the happy couple have landed in Italy for a vacation, and the pictures are “bella” as the locals might say. Rebel Wilson took her Instagram followers with her to Italy in a sense using a number of photos from the vacation. Check out the actress all dressed up and holding hands with her designer girlfriend: The couple were all smiles along the Mediterranean, with the actress wearing a breathtaking yellow floral dress and her mate opting for a black suit. The star captioned the photo “ciao bellas,” which means “hello beautiful.” The social post inspired a ton of excited reactions, including one from Paris Hilton, who commented “So happy for you love! 😍😍.” Her Senior Year co-star Joshua Colley called the pair “ANGELS! ❤️” in another comment. (The actors recently shared a major streaming win with the high school comedy being a trending title on Netflix for weeks following its release in May.) It looks like Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma vacationed in Italy with a whole crew, as wel. You can check out another snapshot from her Insta story down below: Rebel Wilson and girlfriend in Italy 2022 Among the other friends the couple were hanging out with are two polo player champs, Melissa Ganzi and Nic Roldan. We’re not sure the connection between the couple and their vacation buddies, but the star was certainly bringing the party in Italy: Rebel Wilson in vacation in Italy 2022 After starring in four major films in 2019 (Isn’t It Romantic, The Hustle, Jojo Rabbit and Cats), Rebel Wilson took some time off and in 2020 decided to commit her time to living a more healthy lifestyle with her self proclaimed 2020 “Year of Health.” The actress lost over 60 pounds to start off her forties on the right foot despite “a lot of pushback” from her team. They asserted that she had firmly established herself as the “funny fat girl,” as Wilson has put it. Just after returning to movies with Senior Year recently, the Australia native went public with her first known same-sex relationship just in time for Pride Month. Following the exciting announcement, a journalist from an Australian newspaper revealed the publication had learned of the relationship and gave her a two-day heads up before plans to out her. The performer apparently decided to reveal the information herself rather than let the newspaper have control over the story. Getting past that controversy though, it looks like Rebel Wilson is having a blast in Italy and is really enjoying her newfound love by kicking off summer with great memories. Those who have a Netflix subscription can stream Senior Year, and be sure to check out what other related movies starring Wilson if you're a fan of the star.
  13. Here's a clue regarding the future of Downey's Sherlock. Without Iron Man in the MCU anymore, there’s a hole in many of our hearts from the time when we could depend on seeing the charismatic Robert Downey Jr. on screen every couple of years in the franchise. Since Avengers: Endgame, the actor has been taking a break from blockbusters, other than 2020’s Dolittle. However, for years there have been whispers that he could return to the Sherlock Holmes movies with a third installment. Could it still happen? We have the latest. Back in 2019, it was announced that Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher would be helming Sherlock Holmes 3, with a December 2021 release date in mind at the time. That never happened, but Fletcher did recently share what’s going on with the project. In his words: " The pandemic derailed it. I do think it will get made. I think it has to be made. I don’t know what the timeline of that is, unfortunately, but I believe it should be. It’s fantastic. I think it’s about all the right people being at the right place, at the right time. I think it’s that. It’s one of those cruel twists of fate, where the pandemic hit and that scattered people around the world to the wind. But I know that the appetite is huge for it, and I’m sure there are other people acutely aware of that as well. But I believe it should be because it’s brilliant. I very much hope so. " While speaking to Collider, the filmmaker who has long been attached to the Sherlock Holmes threequel shared optimism over the movie getting made. He shared that Sherlock Holmes 3 was “derailed” by the pandemic and it has since “scattered people.” Back in late 2020, Fletcher did share that the project had been placed on the “back burner” until it was clear “where the world is,” but perhaps now that the world is returning to many elements of its pre-pandemic self, the project will finally come to fruition. Robert Downey Jr. recently filmed Oppenheimer with Christopher Nolan, whereas his Watson, Jude Law, is reportedly playing Henry VIII in the movie Firebrand. Maybe once the pair become more available, they can reprise their roles as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson as planned. The actors portrayed the classic detective pair in 2009’s Sherlock Holmes and 2011’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which collectively made over $1 billion at the box office. Both movies were directed by Guy Ritchie and the filmmaker was originally going to return to his franchise, but stepped down in 2019 for Fletcher to pick up where the franchise left off. Jude Law previously teased that the movie would “play up the fact that they haven't seen each other for a long time either” when speaking about Holmes and Watson. It sounds like Sherlock Holmes 3 already had a script too before COVID-19 changed plans, with Narcos creator Chris Brancato behind the screenplay. At the same time, earlier this year, it was reported that Robert Downey Jr. and his wife Susan Downey are executive producing two Sherlock Holmes spinoffs for HBO Max from characters set to be introduced in Sherlock Holmes 3. While the sequel has yet to be officially greenlit (again) by Warner Bros., we can deduce that chances are hopeful for Downey's return as Sherlock to someday be among the upcoming movies.
  14. Buzz's new recruits have some impressive attitudes, and skills to match. While we’ve always known Buzz Lightyear as a daring hero from Star Command’s Universe Protection Unit, the Toy Story movies were only telling part of the story. Disney/Pixar’s new movie release Lightyear drops us in the world of the movie that inspired many a playdate with Andy, and in this case, it’s Chris Evans who lends his voice to the “real” Buzz. With a new incarnation of Captain Lightyear comes not only a ton of Lightyear-related questions, but also a need for new cadets to train under him. This is what introduces audiences to a team of Junior Rangers voiced by Taika Waititi, Keke Palmer, and Dale Soules. Speaking with all three of those actors during the Lightyear press day, the entire Junior Ranger team was at my disposal. As three new characters in the world of Buzz Lightyear’s Star Command, there’s a lot to explore with this rag tag team that's forced into action a little earlier than expected. With the right attitude of heroism, the proper skills and the assistance of scene stealer Sox the robotic cat, there’s nothing these folks can’t do under Buzz Lightyear's training. But what are the most heroic traits in Lightyear’s fresh candidates? For Taika Waititi, who voices Maurice “Mo” Morrison, that heroism comes from a running gag that turns from a fun joke into some serious hero stuff. Here’s what Waititi told CinemaBlend about Maurice’s most heroic trait: " My guy, Mo Morrison, his most heroic trait is perseverance. He will try and try and try to find a use for his pen. Or for any other thing. He’ll try until there’s a use. " Perseverance is what turns jokes into dreams, especially when Maurice is trying to feel his way around the weaponry like his fellow Junior Rangers. Which leads us to Keke Palmer, whose character, Izzy Hawthorne, has a larger burden than the rest of her team, as she’s trying to live up to the legacy of her grandmother/Buzz Lightyear’s best friend, Alisha (Uzo Aduba). That makes Palmer’s answer to the question all the more appropriate: " I think Izzy’s most heroic trait is that she knows how to get her team engaged and empowered. She knows how to get everybody involved. And I think the team is always the best way to finish your goal. " What’s also perfect about Izzy Hawthorne’s natural leadership skills is that they're boosted by a wealth of knowledge. We learn in Lightyear that Izzy’s a master tactician who knows her Space Ranger history, as she’s read her grandmother’s books cover to cover - twice! That definitely comes in handy when trying to figure out a plan during an hour of need in Lightyear's mission. To recap: Taika Waititi’s Mo is someone who will not quit to find a use for his suit’s pen, and Keke Palmer’s Izzy has the ability to use history and inspiration to get her team on board. Which makes the question of what heroism Dale Soules’ Darby Steel brings to Lightyear even more exciting. If her character’s name wasn’t enough of an indication, Soules herself sums it up rather neatly: " In my case, I’d say she’s willing to put herself in danger to try and protect the others. " Darby can build an explosive device with any three components, and has earned herself probation through the Junior Rangers program through an offense that’s not known to us upon her introduction. In normal circumstances, she’d probably just lie low until her sentence was served, with some sly action under the radar. Lightyear isn’t exactly a story that takes place in such times, as the now terrifying evil known as Zurg (James Brolin) has a master plan that puts the fate of the universe in the balance. These Junior Rangers might have the right stuff to rein in Buzz Lightyear’s rather Maverick-style nature, provided that he can slow down long enough to learn the lessons his younger counterparts are trying to teach him. Just as the voice cast for Lightyear is a roster that feels like a dream, the characters who Taika Waititi, Keke Palmer, and Dale Soules voice are the ideal candidates to get this particular mission accomplished. How and why is something you’ll need to see for yourself, as Lightyear is currently in theaters. Disney+ subscribers can also enjoy the majority of the Toy Story franchise through that very streaming platform. With all four films and a ton of TV specials to enjoy, infinity and beyond awaits.
  15. The list includes new and unreleased tracks along with classic dance hits. EDC Las Vegas 2022 EDC Las Vegas 2022, which returned to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from May 20 to 22, hosted more than 300 DJs including Zedd, Eric Prydz, Grimes, David Guetta, Kaskade, deadmau5, LP Giobbi and more. Altogether, this fleet of artists played thousands of tracks spanning house, techno, dance-pop, dubstep, hardstyle, EDM, trance, tech house and beyond. But 15 tracks were played more than any others at the Insomniac Events produced mega-fest, with this list spanning both sonic styles and dance music eras. Movement 2022 Reminded Us That Techno Is Detroit: The Festival's 13 Best Sets 06/03/2022 Data was collected by DJ Monitor, a global leader in electronic music monitoring with exclusive access to performance data from festivals, clubs, venues and online streams. DJ Monitor identifies music for Collective Management Organizations, rights users, and technology companies worldwide. The top played track at EDC Las Vegas 2022 was “Love Tonight,” the 2017 single from Australian-New Zealand duo Shouse that peaked in popularity last year after going viral on TikTok (David Guetta‘s 2021 edit of the song has further raised its profile) and which has been ubiquitous at festivals since the return of live events post-pandemic. Coming in at No. 2 is “Laserbeam,” an unreleased track by dubstep producer Ray Volpe. Rounding out the top three is the mega-hyped tech-house hybrid “Dashstar*” from San Diego producer Knock2. The rest of the top 15 includes Acraze’s relentlessly popular edit of Cherish’s 2006 R&B hit “Do It To It” (the Florida-based producer brought Cherish onstage to perform with him during his EDC set), along with deadmau5 and Kaskade‘s debut single as Kx5, “Escape,” (the pair also delivered their first performance as Kx5 at EDC), along with Sebastian Ingrosso and Alesso’s enduring 2012 EDM-era smash “Calling (Lose My Mind).” Further down the list is the Chris Lorenzo remix of Skrillex and J Balvin’s “In Da Getto” and Spag Heddy’s chaotic bass banger “Spaghetti Strap.” Even Eurythnics’ 1983 eternally beloved body mover “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” hit the list, coming in at No. 10. (EDC 2022 performer REZZ recently dropped an ominous edit of the track.) See the complete list below. 1. Shouse “Love Tonight” 2. Ray Volpe “Laserbeam” 3. Knock2 “Dashstar*” 4. Space Laces “Dominate” 5. Acraze featuring Cherish “Do It To It” 6. Kx5 featuring Hayla “Escape” 7. Ownboss & SEVEK “Move Your Body” 8. Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso Feat. Ryan Tedder “Calling (Lose My Mind)” 9. Virtual Riot “Redline” 10. Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” 11. DJ Hazard & D*Minds “Mr Happy” 12. Swedish House Mafia Featuring John Martin “Don’t You Worry Child” 13. GTA “Saria’s Turn Up” 14. J Balvin & Skrillex “In Da Getto” 15. Spag Heddy, “Spaghetti Strap”