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  1. Google Translation: Changes in the formula for calculating reserve 2 Starting from 1st of December maximum Discount coefficient is increased up to 0.5 for the ratio less or equal to 0.3 main news: changes in formula for reserve calculation
  2. Mega is one of the Internet's most popular sites, currently storing more than 87 billion files. As a result, the service is regularly targeted with copyright takedown requests. The company's latest transparency report reveals that complaints have been climbing recently but pirates should beware. To date, Mega has terminated almost 95,000 repeat infringers. Founded by Kim Dotcom following the takedown of Megaupload in 2012, Mega’s rise has been nothing less than impressive. Despite parting ways with the entrepreneur several years ago, the cloud storage platform has gone from strength to strength. Late 2013, the site was hosting around 0.6 million files, a figure that increased to 3.6 billion just a year later. In 2019, the site reported 63.8 billion files on its servers but for Mega, significant further growth is only ever a few moments away. “Mega’s users upload approximately 65 million files per day, 750 files per second on average,” Mega revealed this week. Mega Publishes 2020 Transparency Report According to the company’s just-published transparency report, by September 2020 Mega was playing host to around 84 billion files, a ~32% increase over the previous reporting period. Those files were uploaded by more than 200 million registered users located in 200 countries, all of whom enjoy end-to-end encryption that hides the content of their files both from Mega and the wider world. Mega offers features that can be compared to those at Dropbox, so it is an attractive proposition for people looking to back up their own content, documents, and other files. But while Mega is privacy-focused by design, users are still able to easily share their files with third-parties as long as their links contain a decryption key. When this is the case, some users treat Mega like any other file-hosting platform – in some cases to store and distribute copyright-infringing files such as movies, music, TV shows, and just about anything else. Copyright Infringement & Content Removal When shared openly with the public, these links to pirated content attract the attention of copyright holders which are then able to file a complaint with Mega to have them taken down. Mega says that complaints and resulting takedowns happen quickly – certainly within four hours but often in minutes. Copyright holders have three options; the removal of a specified link to a file, the removal of all links to a file, or the removal of all links to and all instances of the file. During the most recent reporting period spanning 12 months to September 2020, rightsholders filed 1.193 million takedown requests with Mega, which sounds like a lot but when compared to the overall storage maintained by the site, percentages are low. During the months covered by the report, the total number of links and/or files taken down peaked at just 0.0006% of the site’s total files, having hit a low of 0.0002% of total files during the first quarter. (Note: Mega’s first reporting quarter is Q4 of the previous year) While Mega took down many more links/files during its last 12 month period than it did in any previous year since its inception, the report suggests that in terms of overall content, Mega has a very low ratio of infringing versus non-infringing content. The chart below shows a general upward trend of links taken down in 2019/2020 but the almost flat red line since 2017 reveals that despite a worrying start back in 2013, the percentage of links/files that aren’t considered infringing on the service are now keeping ratios well and truly pinned back. “The number of unique takedown requests submitted represents a very small percentage of the total number of files stored on Mega. In Q3 2020, the links taken down represented 0.0004% of the 84 billion files uploaded to Mega servers,” the company writes. Also a factor is the volume of incorrect notices sent to the company by copyright holders. Mega doesn’t provide a specific number but does note that when users file counternotices, the majority are accepted by the company. “This is probably because many content owners and agents trawl the Internet using robots which generate incorrect notices on behalf of copyright owners, and due to the failure of owners and agents to review the specific link content,” Mega notes. Dealing With Repeat Infringers After initially operating a “five strikes” policy, in 2015 Mega introduced a “three strikes” regime to deal with users who receive multiple copyright takedown requests against their account. The company’s policy applies to users who receive three valid complaints in any six-month period. While incorrect claims are disregarded upon successful appeal and don’t count towards a ban, users reaching this limit have their accounts terminated. “As of 30th September 2020, Mega had suspended 94,966 users for repeated infringement,” the company notes, adding that the data reveals that “suspensions have declined to a very small % of the number of registered users.” As the image above shows, Mega terminated around 8,850 users during the last 12-month reporting period, which is way down from the peaks observed in 2013, 2015 (change to ‘three strikes’) and 2017, and relatively stable when averaged out over the past three years. Suspending Other Accounts Due to Objectionable Content While terminating 95,000 users in total for repeat copyright infringement offenses may sound like a lot, that figure is dwarfed when it comes to the action taken by the company against those who upload child exploitation and other objectionable content. Mega says that it has terminated 565,000 accounts for storing and sharing this type of content and in all cases account information was made available to law enforcement agencies. “Although all files stored on Mega are encrypted prior to being uploaded to our system, and we therefore cannot access that content unless we are provided with the decryption key, Mega does have access to user registration information and the IP addresses used to access our services,” the company says in respect of handing user data over to the authorities. “After 12 months, identifying information such as email and IP addresses is anonymized (except that email address records are retained for reference by the user’s contacts or where the user has participated in chats with other Mega users), but other related database records may be retained. This includes records of financial transactions relating to a user’s account where Mega is legally required to retain such information.” Mega’s full transparency report can be found here (pdf) Source:
  3. Regarding BON Points & site upgrade notice We are already aware of the issues and they will be soon fixed, so kindly don't ping for same issue. Site will push new update, so soon all issues will be rectified.
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  5. Some data and announcements about the site The number of people on the site is now reaching 15,000, and the number of seeds has reached 160,000, but only less than 4,000 are cut off. At present, the number of species produced has reached about 1 million, and the number of species produced is the second in the country. The server pressure is very heavy. Before the server hardware is upgraded again, the site has a tentative upper limit of 16,000. In view of the long-term development needs, the movie section will be revised in the near future, and duplicate and inferior seeds will be deleted after the revision. Other sections will also gradually revise and clean up low-quality seeds.
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  9. Kingdom Leaks, a music piracy site that has been leaking new music to the Internet for the past seven years, has announced its imminent demise. Due to personal reasons, from January 1, 2021, the site will permanently close down, taking all user data and content with it. While a disappointment to its followers, the site's self-deletion won't be discouraged by recording labels. According to the music industry, the main threat to artists and labels from a piracy perspective is the availability of stream-ripping platforms and tools. On the other hand, however, a much more traditional threat also remains an issue. Recording labels have long lamented the fact that insiders and other people with access to new music have made it available to others in advance of commercial release. Whether those are promo copies, so-called ‘dubplates’ in the vinyl scene, or even CDs liberated from the packing department of a manufacturing facility, early leaks can cause headaches – especially when they make it online. Of course, leaks appearing online has been the standard for two decades already. The availability of music releases on streaming platforms simultaneously across borders has helped dampen the problem but it still hasn’t eradicated it. In fact, some sites specialize in ensuring content gets online as quickly as possible. Kingdom Leaks – Leaking Music For Seven Years While there is no shortage of music leaking sites, Kingdom Leaks (in one form or another) has been around for roughly seven years. That’s quite a feat considering the content on offer. And, despite operating in a niche, the site still manages to pull in an estimated two million visits per month, with many users looking to grab music as far in advance of release as possible. While this particular party was enjoyed by fans while it lasted, it’s clear that Kingdom Leaks will soon be pulling down the shutters for the last time. “It is with a heavy heart and great sorrow that today I announce the shutdown of Kingdom Leaks. This was not a decision made lightly or abruptly, nor was this choice made because of legal pressure, a data breach, or anything of that nature,” site operator Lord Kingdom says in a final statement. “The simple but unfortunate reason is this: mR12 and I have decided to move on, and there is no safe way to hand over the website to another party out of concern for the safety of everyone involved since the site’s inception 7 years ago.” Shutting Down For Personal Reasons, Jan 1, 2021 While many site operators can run on to ripe old ages without a hitch, Lord Kingdom says he has other ‘real-life’ matters on the agenda that require him to move on, with Kingdom Leaks (KL) firmly behind him. “With a baby on the way and getting married next year, this is something that I need to put in the past, officially,” he writes. “This reality has left us at the following decision: we will be permanently shutting down our servers on January 1st, 2021. All user and site data, including that which is stored on PassTheLeaks, will be permanently deleted.” Those familiar with the site will recognize PassTheLeaks as one of the domains offered as an option for people trying to download music from KL, which is presented via related service Filecrypt. The news that all of this content is set to be deleted will come as a disappointment to users but according to Lord Kingdom, the topic won’t be revisited and the decision to close “is final”. Not Everyone is Disappointed That Kingdown Leaks is Closing For many years, copyright holders and their anti-piracy partners have been working hard to have content uploaded by Kingdom Leaks delisted from Google. It will come as no surprise that the BPI takes the lead in the sheer volume of content targeted, closely followed by French music group SCPP and international music organization IFPI. One of the other anti-piracy companies regularly trying to suppress KL is UK-based anti-piracy company AudioLock. If Kingdom Leaks keeps its word and closes down in just over a month’s time, AudioLock will have less work to do. Speaking with TorrentFreak, however, company founder Ben Rush says that he won’t be sad to see the site go.. “Kingdom Leaks has been around a long time and has a strong user base who are kept updated through various social media feeds of every new release. It covers a lot more rock and metal content than other similar sites and protects links from automated tools that take them down,” Rush says. AudioLock’s owner says that Kingdom Leaks’ utilization of link encryption (Filecrypt) has meant that the site has been able to keep itself alive, driving its popularity but at the expense of artists who are struggling in the current climate. “Now without the revenue from live events [due to COVID-19], we are seeing labels seeking to boost existing stream and download revenue by protecting it from piracy. This pressure combined with the site’s popularity will have made it a prime target,” he explains. Kingdom Leaks Admin Asks Users To Consider Spotify In what could be an important departing post, Kingdom Leaks admin mR12 (who is also a VIP uploader on The Pirate Bay) has penned an ‘essay’ on why people should be considering Spotify in their music consumption habits moving forward. “As Kingdom Leaks comes to an unfortunate but inevitable close, you may be considering how your music needs will be sustainably met in the future. Many will understandably and reasonably move to other music blogs, other download sites, and with good cause,” he writes. “I am not writing to condone these moves; however, I would like to argue, through a serious and practical consideration of the actual need that must be filled, that Spotify is the solution many people are looking for but simply don’t know it or haven’t given it enough consideration. “I want to show that, yes, Spotify is worth $120 per year, and perhaps more importantly for those of you reading this, that Spotify is compatible with partial music piracy, which I believe is the most optimal and hassle-free solution for the vast majority of people.” Time will tell how many soon-to-be-former users of KL find his arguments persuasive but Ben Rush is hoping that Kingdom Leaks’ passionate music-fan users will move to legal platforms rather than pirate sites. “The harsh reality is that if these users want to have releases made by the labels and artists they enjoy, then they need to support them now. Without this support, there will be many labels who will no longer exist, and many artists unable to continue to create music,” he says. “Show your appreciation and support to the labels and artists that mean so much to you. Secure their future by purchasing directly from the label itself or from legitimate platforms.” It may have taken seven years but at this point (and if only partially), some kind of consensus appears to have been reached. Source:
  10. Google Translation: Hello, Lately it's not good to be a tracker and that is confirmed with SpaceTorrent. SpaceTorrent is no more and will not be. We wanted to securely erase all of our and especially YOUR data before making an announcement and it's now done. We will not dwell on the reason for this abrupt stop. We hope you enjoyed this experience as much as we did. We look forward to seeing you again in the P2P universe. E***
  11. Advent Calendar Celebrate each day by finding the hidden gift. Click on it to receive a special surprise. It'll be a slightly-bigger version of this: here Today's clue: here
  12. Google Translation: Happy Holiday Romania! Forum topic: Happy Holiday Romania!
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