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  1. the TV in the background, but what i Paused my music on Peat Jr. & Fernando - Let It Be Love (Klubb Traxx RMX) (from the album Hard Dance Mania vol.7)
  2. Trance, Vocal trance, dance, dubstep, Electronic +++
  3. almost everything, but my favorite is Vocal Trance.
  4. Hapkido, and Handball (trained it for 6 years before i had to quit, was moving and never got around to start again)
  5. If I am going to buy one of them, I guess it will be the PS4, but as Xandor said, I'm probably keeping to the computer, atleast until the price goes down
  6. I listen to mostly all music, but a friend of mine posted me this some time back, and I must say, it's kinda relaxing, from one point.
  7. space invader? I believe? I rally can't remember but i do remember that i played that atleast
  8. hmm... yes yes and yes... 3 laptops at work (2 HP and one Dell) (the one I currently use as work computer is a HP Folio 9470m), 2 here at home that i never use (Lenovo R60 and some old HP) (hmm... actually 1, someone is borrowing one from me at this time, the Lenovo) and a stationary computer that is randomly built. Think i have too many :o