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  1. Tracker Name BrokenStones (BRKs) Tracker Genre Apple/Mac Apps Tracker Type Ratio Based Tracker URL: Tracker Signup Closed/Invites Only Bonus System No Maintaining Ratio Easy Banned Countries No Tracker Description BrokenStones (BRKs) is the best private tracker specialized in Mac Apple World , got almost all mac content. Tracker got +13K registered members with more than 30K uploaded torrents , which is really good community with very nice content indeed (with regard with it's category speciality). Getting good ratio there isn't hard at all , as : - Many freeleech (Gold) torrents uploaded daily , you can snatch with seedbox once uploaded. - Users there got freeleech tokens , to be used on a specific of your choice to snatch it freely. - You can upload your own stuffs , but with care about their uploading rules / prohibited uploads / etc... - When you donate , you get extra GBs upload count according to how much you're donating. Forums is active & nice to be there , also invites aren't hard to get as long as you can upload at least 1 torrent to reach PU rank to be able to receive invites , etc.. Needless to say this is a great tracker and probably the best when it comes to Mac stuff. HOME CATEGORIES AND TORRENTS REQUESTS COLLAGES FORUMS UPLOAD TOP TORRENTS RULES WIKI USER CLASSES DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Pre Times - 9/10 Community 8/10 Content 9/10 Speed 8/10 Tracker Score 8/10
  2. AudioNews | AN | Music | 2021 Review Name : AudioNews Tracker URL : Tracker Genre : Music/Misc Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Signup : Closed / Invite Only Bonus System : None Seed Difficulty : Medium Banned Countries : None TRACKER DESCRIPTION AudioNews is a music tracker, useful for music creators rather than music listeners. It has software and tutorials for: Mobile Apps (iOS and Android), Sheet Music (guitar, piano and other instruments), Learning (Skill Share, Udemy, Sonic Academy etc ), Mac (Apps, Fx etc) and Sample Libraries(Drumdrops, Orange Tree, Zero-G, P5Audio etc). If your ratio is less than 0.8 your account will be downgraded to a limited account. HOME TORRENTS REQUESTS SEARCH TERMS User GROUP FAQ BALANCE DONATE MY RATINGS Speed :   9/10 Pretimes : 8/10 Content : 8/10 Community : 8/10 Overall : 8/10
  3. AppzUniverse l Software/Apps l 2021 Review TRACKER NAME : AppzUniverse TRACKER URL : CATEGORY : Software TRACKER TYPE : Ratio Based TRACKER SIGN UP : invite Only MAINTAIN RATIO : Hard BONUS : Not Available BANNED COUNTRIES : None IRC : Not Available TRACKER DESCRIPTION AppzUniverse is a good tracker for software. Here you can't find bonus system or freelech and maintaining ratio is hard. Also their speed is not so good. You can find very good programs. LOG IN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS UPLOAD FORUMS RULES FAQ MY RATING CONTENT : 4/10 PRE TIMEs : 4/10 SPEED : 4/10 COMMUNITY : 4/10 OVERALL : 4/10
  4. Name u2.dmhy Tracker URL Tracker Genre Anime Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Closed / Invites Only Banned Countries -- Traker Irc -- TRACKER DESCRIPTION U2 is a NexusPHP based anime private tracker with high quality standard. If you want to find Blu-ray and DVD rips or good quality encodes then u2 is a good place to go. U2 has a large collection of BDMVs and DVDISOs (more than 5000 BDMV and more than 1000 DVDISO). They have more than 39k torrents and only around +9k torrents have no seeders. Most of the torrents are well seeded. Many of the uploaders are downloading the new content from Japanese peer-to-peer file-sharing softwares such as Share and Perfect Dark and uploading on u2. With the increase in the fight against piracy, some u2 members united and organized a group called "u2娘@share" to release Japanese anime BDMVs which is not released by others. Besides, many u2 members upload self ripped CD's, DVD's and DVD's. All releases by u2 members are of high quality. Many have artworks and new CDs have ripping logs. Apart from BDMVs and DVDISOs, there are also many experienced encoders in u2 such as fch1993, Littlepox, Devil-JIN, Link and so on. The internal group in u2 is DMHY_RAIN and DMHY_SEIU. DMHY_RAIN releases high quality encodes while DMHY_SEIU releases encodes of lower quality with good compatibility with your equipments. All internal rip are all free with 2x or 3x upload while other self encode are of 50% freeleech. Maintaining a good ratio on u2 is easy. U2 also has manga, lossless music and live. Besides, u2 has subtitiles specialized for BDMVs called "外挂结构". The bonus system is different from other trackers. There is no limit for the bonus you get everyday. You can use bonus points(UCoins) to change your username, title, and their color. Bonus points can also be used to change torrent's promotion status for yourself, others or everyone. U2 has practically no english subbed content. Unless you speak Japanese, encode, or want raws to mux, there's not much reason to be there. New accounts will be deleted if there is no traffic (0 KB upload and download) within the first 7 days of registration. It is considered as one of the top anime trackers now after LOG IN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS OFFERS SUBTITLES REQUESTS TOP TORRENTS UPLOAD FORUMS RULES FAQ USER CLASSES UCOIN STATS MY RATINGS Pre-Times -/10 Speed 9/10 Content 9/10 Community 9/10 OverAll 9/10
  5. Tracker Name: TVChaosUK Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: TV Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium Bonus System: Yes Banned Countries: None Tracker IRC: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION TVChaosUK is a private tracker specialized in UK TV series. Most of the content are in SD quality but their pretimes are good and some old TV series from 60s, 70s and 80s are also available there. There are lot of freeleech torrents which can help in maintaining ratio. HOME CATEGORIES TORRENTS Request FORUMS UPLOAD CLIENT BLACKLIST GRAVEYARD RULES FAQ USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATE MY RATINGS Speed -- 8/10 Content -- 8/10 Community -- 8/10 Rarity -- 8/10 Overall -- 8/10
  6. AnimeTorrent | Anime | 2021 Review Tracker Name : AnimeTorrent Tracker URL : Tracker Genre : Anime Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker SignUp : Invite Only Maintain Ratio : Easy Bonus System : Available Banned Countries : None Tracker Irc : #AnimeTorrents Description • is a private torrent tracker specializing in Anime Movies, Anime TV Series, OVA (Original Video Animation), Manga, Light Novels and Hentai in DVDRIP, BDRip, Blu-Ray and HD (720p/1080p). Majority of the content uploaded to this tracker are produced in Japan and other Asian countries. All the Anime, OVA and Hentai uploaded here have English subtitles • AnimeTorrents has approximately 36,000 users and 17,000 torrents Login Home Torrents Upload Subtitles Forum Rules Faq Bonus points Donate My Rating Content : 8/10 Speed : 7/10 Pre time : 7/10 Community : 7/10 Overoll : 7.5/10
  7. Name: TV-Vault (TVV) URL: Genre: Old TV Series Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Singup: Closed - Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium Bonus System: None Banned Countries: - IRC:Server: Channel: #tv-vault TRACKER DESCRIPTION TV-Vault is a very unique tracker dedicated for old TV shows, TV movies and documentaries. All content must have aired on or before December 31, 2014 which means that the TV show/movie must have ended fully before that date. They have a pretty decent amount of old content, around 55,553 torrents as for december 2020. The community prefers torrents in high quality though most of the content is pre-HD-age, so while quality isn't a must, most shows have several different qualities including HD. The community is pretty active. Out of a total of 11,063 registered users, about 4,333 active this month. The IRC channel is active as well, but not as crowded as other TV trackers out there. Staff is very helpful and professional. TV-Vault is a sister site to Cinemageddon so many of CG staffers are also on TVV. Staff do their best to fulfill requests as TVV stands on a 60% request fulfillment ratio. Also, the Wiki information is huge, a lot to learn from this tracker about torrenting and old TV shows. Maintaining ratio is not very easy, not much freeleech torrents and no present bonus system. But, TVV launch many sitewide freeleech events, so if you get the chance you can build a pretty decent ratio during an event. Invites are not too hard to come by, Power Users get an invite or two every month. In order to become a Power User, you have to upload some content yourself. In conclusion, TVV is a unique tracker that is the best in its' on category. I personally appreciate their work as it is very important to preserve the golden content that aired on TV many many years ago. LOG IN HOME CATEGORIES TORRENTS UPLOAD REQUESTS TOP TORRENTS FORUMS RULES HELP USER CLASS FAQ DONATE STATS MY RATINGS Pre Times -- Community 7/10 Content 9/10 Speed 8/10 Overall Rating 8/10
  8. Name : CinemaGeddon Tracker URL : Tracker Genre : Movies Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker Signup : Invites Only Bonus System : Yes Seed Difficulty : Medium Banned Countries : None Irc Server: / #cinemageddon TRACKER DESCRIPTION CinemaGeddon (CG) is a private tracker dedicated in movies , especially the old & rare ones. There are alot of B-Movies on this tracker you probably never heard of before! Tracker got around +24K registered members with App. +160K uploaded torrents , which shows how active the tracker is in this specific category. Not all movies are allowed on CG , they should at least meet any of the following : - No IMDB Page. - Fewer than 1000 votes on IMDB. - A rating of less than 3 on IMDB. One of the best things on CG , is their Rare content! A lot of movies exclusive to this place are ripped and uploaded by CG members , also got a nice design & easy to use. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS FORUMS UPLOAD TOP TORRENTS RULES HELP CREDITS DONATE MY RATINGS Speed : 8.5/10 Pretimes : -/10 Content : 9/10 Community : 7/10 Overall : 8.5/10
  9. Tracker Name Pornbits Tracker URL Tracker Genre XXX Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only Maintaining Ratio Easy IRC Channel #pornbits on TRACKER DESCRIPTION Pornbits is one of the best private trackers for porn. The content is good so is the speed. Keeping a good ratio is easy, because they have alot of seeders and leechers, also large torrents and packs that have a gift icon are freeleech. They have porn in all kind of formats from dvdrips to web-dl 720p & 1080p and blurays. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS FORUMS Rules USER CLASS FAQ DONATE MY RATINGS Speed 8/10 Content 8/10 Community 9/10 Overall 8.5/10
  10. Tracker Name : LearnFlakes Tracker URL : Tracker Genre : Certificate / IT Training / E-Learning Tracker Type : Ratio Based Tracker SignUp : Invite Only Maintain Ratio : Hard Banned Countries : None Irc : TRACKER DESCRIPTION • LearnFlakes is a torrent tracker created in 2013 that focuses on IT tutorials. • You will find tutorials from Lynda, Pluralsight, Symantec, Udemy, SANS, MOC, EMC, CBTNuggets and pretty much everything related to technology, programming, graphics & design. • LearnFlakes has about 25,191 members and nearly 34,360 torrents. LOG IN HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS REQUESTS UPLOAD FORUMS FAQ BONUS POINTS DONATE MY RATINGS Content : 9/10 Speed : 8/10 Pretime : 9/10 Comunity : 8/10 Overoll : 8/10
  11. EXOTICAZ | EZ | 2020 REVIEW Tracker Name: ExoticaZ Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: XXX/Porn Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Easy Bonus System: Yes Banned Countries: None Tracker IRC: #exoticaz ExoticaZ is an Asian Private Torrent Tracker for XXX Releases. Previously known as YourExotic, it is the sister-site of PrivateHD, Avistaz, Cinemaz and AnimeTorrents. ExoticaZ offers a wide selection of Asian, censored, gay, non-Asian, softcore, transsexual and uncensored content. These come as blurays, DVDs, video clips/packs, siterips, pornstar packs and photo packs. Under the browse tab you can also search through the endless list of performers, studios and tags. Seeding is easy with high seed numbers, good seed retention and regular uploads. New members are restricted to downloading torrents no older than one week. You will be provided with a link to show what you can download whilst on this restriction. The forums are account protected meaning you will need to create an account to access this section. Forums are really boring with mostly support tickets and newbie questions so go check out their main irc channel #exoticaz. Bonus points personally feel like they take ages to build but you can spend these on upload credit, points donation and invites (really expensive!). Donations are paid in USD and are by either credit card or crypto. All donors will receive upload credit, VIP status, invites and bonus points. Packages start from $10 up to $200. LOGIN HOME CATEGORIES TORRENTS UPLOAD PERFOMERS PHOTO ALBUM STUDIOS REQUESTS RULES GUIDES USER RANK FAQ BONUS POINTS DONATION RATING Pre-Time - -/10 Speed - 7/10 Content - 7.6/10 Community - 5/10 Overall - 6.6/10
  12. CINEMAZ | CZ | 2020 REVIEW Name: CinemaZ Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: Movies Obscure/ Foreign Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Easy Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION CinemaZ is a Private Tracker that focuses on obscure, foreign, cult Movies. It is a part of Avistaz Network (ExoticaZ, AnimeTorrents, AvistaZ and PrivateHD). They have a collection of over 22K+ torrents, the content is quite unique with gems that cannot be found anywhere else. There is also a good deal of TV Shows, both old and new, even if it’s not the core of the tracker. Ratio is not very hard to maintain. Lots of Half leech/Double Upload/Freeleech content. Bonus point system where you can buy Upload Credit or invites. Joining Cinemaz is not too complicated, the tracker opens its doors from time to time even if its restricted to certain geographical zones. A good tracker for those into obscure movies. Recommended. LOGIN STAT HOME TORRENTS SUBTITLE MOVIES TV SHOWS UPLOAD REQUESTS FORUM GUIDES FAQ RULES BONUS STORE DONATION RATING Pre-Time: -/10 Speed: 8/10 Content: 8/10 Community: 7/10 Overall: 7.9/10
  13. Name: Learn-Bits Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: E-Learning Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Closed / Invite Only Bonus System: Yes Seed Difficulty: Easy Banned Countries: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION LearnBits (LB) is a private torrent tracker for E-learning stuffs like IT, Networking, Business, Medical, Web Design & many others. Being rebuilt as a new home for ScienceHD refugees and content. The site is currently TBDev based but a new Gazelle build is in progress to make this the next go-to site for documentary content. Tracker is up since 2008, got around 9K registered users with App. 7K torrents which makes it not the Highest one regarding E-learning trackers around. Although small but you can still find some gems there. This tracker covers a huge array of categories as listed below. and also, a lot of Great Ebooks, tutorials, etc. LOGIN HOME TORRENTS UPLOAD RULES TOP 10 REQUEST USER CLASS FAQ Bonus Points DONATION RATING Pre-Time: -/10 Speed: 6.5/10 Content: 6/10 Community: 3/10 Overall: 5.5/10
  14. Tracker Name: LosslessClub Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: Music Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Invite Only Seed Difficulty: Medium Bonus System: Yes Banned Countries: None Tracker IRC: None TRACKER DESCRIPTION LosslessClub is a private tracker for Music from Ukraine. LosslessClub is specialized in lossless music but they also have some DVD and HDTV formats. All the tracker is in Russian but there is a option to change the language which makes it easy to browse. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS ARTIST UPLOAD TOP 10 FORUMS RULES FAQ USER CLASSES BONUS POINTS DONATE MY RATINGS Speed -- 7/10 Content -- 7/10 Community -- 7/10 Rarity -- 7/10 Overall -- 7/10
  15. Tracker Name: Oppaitime Tracker URL: Tracker Genre: XXX Tracker Type: Ratio Based Tracker Signup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Hard Bonus System: None Banned Countries: None Tracker IRC: Channels: #oppaitime, #oppaitime-announce, #oppaitime-requests, #oppaitime-help TRACKER DESCRIPTION Oppaitime is a private porn tracker for Jav, Hentai and H-games. It's a 6 years old tracker and content is uploaded daily. Community is small consists of 2.5K+ members. Tracker is still growing and the porn is of Japanese, Korean Origin. Oppaitime is considered best for HENTAI & JAV Porn/XXX. Its a must try for JAV lovers. HOME CATEGORIES & TORRENTS UPLOAD COLLECTION REQUESTS TOP TORRENTS FORUMS RULES WIKI USER CLASSES NIP STORE DONATE MY RATINGS Speed -- 7/10 Content -- 6/10 Community -- 6/10 Rarity -- 8/10 Overall -- 7/10