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  1. | HDC | HD | 2020 Review Name: HDChina URL: Genre: High Definition (HD) Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Signup: Closed/Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium/Hard Bonus System: Available Banned Countries: NA IRC: NA |--- DESCRIPTION ---| HDChina (formerly: HDWing) is considered a great Chinese trackers specialized in HD movies and TV series. HDChina has their own internal encoders group like HDChina,HDCTV,HDWing,iHD and others.You also will find releases from other chinese trackers too. Site is available in chinese and english as well.Pretime and speeds for new internal torrents are considered to be good like other Chinese trackers. |--- HOME ---| |--- BROWSE ---| |--- REQUESTS ---| |--- OFFERS ---| Upload |--- FORUMS ---| Subtitles |--- RULES ---| |--- Bonus points ---| |--- Donations ---| |--- RATINGS ---| Speed: 9/10 Pretimes: 9/10 Content: 9/10 Community: 9/10 Overall: 9/10
  2. M-Team TP | M-Team | HD | 2020 Review Tracker Name M-Team TP Tracker URL Tracker Genre HD Tracker SignUp Invite Only/Buy VIP Account Maintain Ratio Easy banned countries None Chatbox Yes IRC #irc_m-team (It's on the Login page) Tracker Description M-Team is a Chinese HD private tracker and one of the best Chineses out there. M-Team covered music, TV and HD movies in various formats 1080p, 720p, mHD and BluRay full untouched sources. They have a lot of torrents and most of them are well seeded because there are many users inside, the content is good and most of the untouched discs (BD/4K) are first uploaded here then uploaded to another trackers. Tracker got around +40K registered members with App. 306K+ uploaded torrents , which shows how active the tracker is with really large content. The internal release groups of M-team are MTeam, MTeamPAD, MTeam3D, MTeamTV, KiSHD, BMDru, OneHD, CNHK, StBOX,R2HD. Like every chinese tracker , In M-Team Newly registered members should pass the newbie test which is (Upload 20GB , Download 15GB , Bonus Points 4500) , which is so easy to pass. ||Home/Stats|| ||Torrents|| Request Subtitles Upload Offer ||Forums|| ||General Rules|| User Class ||Bonus Points|| Donations ||Ratings|| Pre-times 9.5/10 Speed 8/10 Content 9.5/10 Community 8/10 Overall 9/10
  3. TV-Vault | TVV | Old TV Series| 2020 Review Name: TV-Vault URL: Genre: Old TV Series Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Signup: Closed/Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium Bonus System: NA Banned Countries: NA IRC: #tv-vault on |--- DESCRIPTION ---| TV-Vault is considered to be the best tracker specialized in old TV shows and documentaries. It has a sizeable collection of old and rare TV series in various formats including 70s,80s and 90s Quality is not the priority here as most of the torrents are of the pre-HD age, instead the focus is on preservation of TV shows. In its category, its one of the best trackers and i think the only one exists there. |--- HOME ---| |--- CATEGORY ---| |--- BROWSE ---| |--- REQUEST ---| |--- TOP 10 ---| |--- FORUMS ---| |--- RULES ---| |--- FAQ ---| |--- UPLOAD ---| |--- USER CLASSES ---| |--- STATISTICS ---| Donations |--- RATINGS ---| Speed: 8/10 Pretimes: 6/10 Content: 8/10 Community: 7/10 Overall: 7.5/10
  4. TVStore | TVS | TV | 2020 Review Tracker Name: TVStore Tracker URL Tracker Signup: Invite Only Tracker Type: RatioLess Tracker Genre: TV Seed Difficulty: Easy Bonus System: YES Tracker IRC: / channel: #tvstore Chatbox: YES Banned Countries: None Tracker Description TVS is the best Hungarian Tv tracker with 8,315 users and 34,443 torrents.. It's ratioless , there's is no need to worry about ratio , great staff , Very helpful if you need any advice or help.. Of course you will find many TV shows dubbed in hungarian..but english content is good too.. They upload almost everything from FLEET , KILLERS , AVS , RTN and MORE..with good speed.. If you like all the new shows this is definitely the one for you... Also Don't be fooled about their language , you can easy use google translate and after awhile you will feel like home.... HOMEPAGE TORRENTS Airdate Upload Forum Requests Rank Wiki My Ratings For Stats Pretimes 7/10 Speed 8/10 Content 7.5/10 Community 9/10 Over all 8/10
  5. Retroflix | Movies | 2020 Review Tracker Name Retroflix Tracker URL Tracker Genre Movies Tracker SignUp Invite Only Maintain Ratio Easy Bonus System Yes Chatbox Yes Banned Countries None Tracker Description Retroflix is a small tracker for Bluray DVDrip and TV shows with a big focus on arthouse and older material. Retroflix should be in the minds of all classic lovers. No longer is it just Cinemagaddon, & KG. About ratio & Hit and run rule is Once you have downloaded a torrent, you must seed it for at least 72 hours or until you have ratio 1 in your client. Any download that does not meet this criteria will be marked as -Hit And Run. They Have a chatbox and bonus point system implanted so ratio maintain won't be a problem . Tracker statistics Registered Users / Limit 9,264 / 10,000 Torrents 6,906 & Seeders & Peers are around 10,754 and 10,848 Retroflix Also have a donate system fr rich users so various facilities A donor can enjoy from here . Stat ||Home Page|| ||Browse|| Subtitle ||Forums|| ||F.A.Q|| ||Rules|| ||Bonus System|| Donation ||Ratings|| Pre-times 6/10 Speed 7/10 Content 7/10 Community 7/10 Overall 7/10
  6. TorrentDay | TD | General | 2020 Review Tracker Name Tracker Genre General Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed Difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Invies Only Banned Countries None Tracker Birthday 2009-09-11 Tracker Irc port 6667 or +6697 for SSL Channel: #td.announce Channel: #td.announce2 for UK peeps Tracker Description TorrentDay is the middle sister of IPtorrent, Speed.CD, SceneTime, TorrenTing, Deildu. "same owner" They have very good pretimes and a great variety of movies, tv, anime, software, audio, books, documentaries, games for most devices. They have very usuful special Softwa/Packs releases every week for android, AKA "Paid apps for free". Sign up is via invite only but not hard to find one. Maintaining ratio is easy due to the many freeleech torrents and many leecheers. The community is very active and helpful. The minimum ratio you are allowed to have is 1.0. Below 0.3 will result in account disabling. As many trackers, upload just for power users and above. All torrents including FREELEECH must be seeded back 1:1 or to a minimum of 72 hours. Failure to do so will result in a Hit and Run, Be carful. IMHO this site is great for people who have experience with torrents and for beginners also. Home Movies Section TV Section Upload Forums Rules FAQ Bonus System Donation Ratings Pre-times 8/10 Speed 9/10 Content 8/10 Community 6.5/10 Overall 8.5/10
  7. Pornbits | PB | XXX | 2020 Review Tracker Name Pornbits Tracker URL Tracker Genre XXX Tracker SignUp Invite Only Maintain Ratio Easy IRC Channel #pornbits on Tracker Description Pornbits is one of the best private trackers for porn.The content is good so is the speed.Keeping a good ratio is easy,because they have a lot of seeders and leechers ,also large torrents and packs that have a gift icon are Freeleech. They have porn in all kind of formats from dvdrips to web-dl 720p&1080p Scene releases, Clips, HD porn , blurays and much more. .This tracker is a must have for porn lovers A strong point in Pornbits is IP Locked for your security, anyone who has any doubts about the IP Locked look in FAQ. The 'gallery' section allows users to share adult photos with the PB community, a busy forum and uploading is available to all users. Pornbits does not offer a bonus system/seed points or donations but is easy to build and maintain a ratio on. Highly recommended. Pornbits Have a SEED Time or H&R is about minimum 6 hours or seed until Your ratio for any given file is around 0.8 . ||Home Page|| ||Browse|| ||Forums|| ||Rules|| User Class ||FAQ|| Donations ||Ratings|| Pre-times -/10 Speed 8/10 Content 8/10 Community 9/10 Overall 9/10
  8. Tracker Name PolishTracker (Pte) Tracker URL Tracker Genre General Tracker Tybe Ratio Based Bonus System Yes Seed difficulty Easy Tracker Signup Invite Only banned countries None Chatbox Yes Tracker Birthday 2011-06-25 2,762 days old Tracker IRC Host: port: 6667 (6775 SSL) Channels: #polishtracker, #pt-support, #pt-support Tracker Description Polish Tracker is one of the oldest and best general trackers out there since 2004. Last year they changed their URL to a new one , also with new layouts/Stylesheets along with some updates in Bonus points counting & data.. You can choose the language of interface "English or Polish". Tracker have various categories containing music, movies, applications, TV series, anime, games, XxX and others with really good pre times. Pte is the best polish tracker in scene that has internal release group called PTRG. Maintain ratio is easy as : - Bonus points system is implemented , where you can buy extra GBs to your upload count. - Releases from their internal group (PTRG) have so many leechers , you can just snatch them once they're just now uploaded by your seedbox & go! PolishTracker got active community/forums considered great for polish users. The tracker has IRC channel. Users also communicate through forums and chat box. In my opinion the tracker’s new look it’s not bad for browsing but the old one is much better! Home Browse Forums Bit Streamer Help Desk Bonus System FAQ User Classes Donation Ratings Pre-times 8/10 Speed 8/10 Content 7.5/10 Community 8/10 Overall 8.5/10
  9. Name BakaBT | BBT Category Anime Type Ratio-Based URL Initial Year 2003 | 2009 Signup Closed Bonus Points Yes Maintaining Ratio | Seed Difficulty Easy Banned Countries No IRC Channel #BakaBT IRC Support #bakabt-support Description BakaBT is a private BitTorrent tracker, focused on East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) content. BakaBT became a private tracker on April 11th, 2017. It is the largest anime-dedicated private trackers around. BakaBT started 2003, originally known as Boxtorrents, its staff founded BakaBT in 2009 after discovering that the founder Box was profiting off of website donations. In May 2010 BakaBT was a target of a large DDoS attack. It was a semi-private tracker website before it changed to a private tracker model. Community With ~65,500 registered users BakaBT is the largest private anime tracker around. BakaBT is tracking ~15,500 Torrents with 0 unseeded, there are many active members always searching for the best quality material to be able to archive them in the best possible quality over many years and maybe many decades in the future. BakaBT used to have a blacklist but it has been removed recently. The members are very active in the Forums, and the encoders/uploads are always testing source material for creating the best encodes. You can find a very large number of beautiful tracker banners created by the BBT members They have banner contests each year during holiday seasons. What makes BakaBT different? There are many anime torrent sites but BakaBT is unique in the quality of content. The goal is to provide torrents only for completed anime or anime-related material and only the best versions. Public submissions are not accepted, only Power Users and Power Uploaders may do so and are able to make an upload offer. All submissions are thoroughly checked before they are added to the ever-growing list of series; ever-growing as even old torrents are still seeded. The mantra in short: quality over quantity, and ease-of-use. BakaBT exists because of its users; old content is still available because of the many dedicated seeders who provide the members with good download speeds, so returning the favour is a must. Sign up Sign ups are currently closed, so if you are currently without an account or your account has been pruned, you will be unable to use BakaBT from now on. There will be a system set in its place, either invite or applications or something similar a bit down the line. Home Torrents Offers IRC Bonus Rules FAQ Donate My Ratings Speed 9 Content 9/10 Community 10/10 Overall 9.5/10
  10. Name: The Place (TP) URL: Genre: E-Learning / Seduction Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Singup: Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium Bonus System: None Banned Countries: - IRC: Server: 6667 Channel: Tracker Description The Place is an old E-Learning tracker for like-minded adults to gather and share their techniques, experiences, and theories on seduction, relationships, dating, and other related personal self-improvement goals. Other than self-improvement and seduction content, you will also find Sex, Health & Fitness, Food & Drinks, Fashion & Clothing, Psychology & Body Language, Dancing & Singing, Languages, Accents, MMA, Magic and more. Like all .click (.bz) trackers, ThePlace is known for group buys, where a group of people contributes money to purchase an expensive product/file/book from some other place in the filesharing world or actual stores. This torrent will then be a .click exclusive, which cannot be shared outside, under penalty of a ban. This allows it to obtain many high quality products that other trackers often do not have. The community is very active and nice. The forums are very interesting and you can find yourself spending a lot of time chatting there. Maintaining ratio is not hard but not too easy either. There's some Freeleech and Neutral-Leech torrents. Speeds are okay, but most files are rather small (e-learning) so it's not a huge issue. Content is amazing though. ThePlace is a tracker in the .click (.bz) family, like TheGeeks, TheVault, TheOccult, TheShow and more... Main Page Browse Request Page Forum Upload User Class Rules FAQ Donation Page Ratings Rarity 7/10 Community 9/10 Content 9/10 Speed 7/10 Overall Rating 8/10
  11. | MTV | TV - Movies | 2020 Review Tracker Name Tracker URL Tracker Genre TV Tracker SignUp Closed / Invites Only Seed Difficulty Ratio Free Tracker banned countries None Chatbox Yes Tracker Irc Server : Port : 6667 Channel : Server : SSL Port : 6669 Channel : #help Tracker Description MoreThan.TV, Also Known As MTV has successfully completed its fifth year after tracker first launch in 2014 by adding many new features and with a remarkable increase in its members database and content. Tracker name indicates the truth that content covers more than TV shows and that is proven clearly with growing of movies section. Both SCENE and P2P movies resourced from many reputable HD trackers like, AwesomeHD, HD-Torrents, BeyondHD and M-Team TP are being uploaded with very good pre times and very fast speeds. Speeds are very good even for the old torrents thanks to many seedboxes used by faithful members and the tracker itself has a dedicated 40 TB seed server to ensure all members can download with full speed. MoreThan.TV is now a reliable home for many Movies and TV lovers due to many factors such as security, friendly helping stuff, good active community, easy, stylish and modern interface, active forums and above all it is both RATIO FREE and HIT&RUNFREE tracker. Unlike other trackers, MTVrarely suffers from DDOS attacks thanks to good security implemented. MTV has Some internal teams for both Movies and TV shows DRACULA, VLAD, TEPES, and SOIL which are well know for very good quality and since MTV doesn't prohibit uploading its internal to other trackers but they have two strict rule for internals upload to other site and they are First : Never change our tag with your tracker tag or your name tag.* Second : Do not upload them to public trackers, usenet, or IPT.*, many of them are being uploaded to other reputable HD and general private trackers. Immediately after new TV shows are being aired you can grab them from MTV with various qualities like WEB-DL, HD, SD and complete season packs which come unrared. Community is great helpful and very active in both uploading and seeding, also their request section is quite active. Many changes have been done in the past five years that helped the tracker to be among the highest level trackers like moving to Ratio Free system using Gazelle script, developing new invites system, adding new seed servers regularly and not adding too many strict rules.The whole tracker interface is mainly English as well as the forums and they have sub-forums in different languages. You can find many beautiful, attractive and stylish themes to choose from and they add new ones regularly. Forum and WIKI sections are very rich with helpful subjects and very good tutorials covering almost all bit torrent issues. Invites are rare but this is normal with all high level trackers to ensure that only good and worthy members can join. Tracker Invite getting system is bit tough you need to maintain some tough Requirement to get invite privilege from MTV BTW time to time MTV Announce contests if you are lucky to be a winner on any of those then invites can be bit easy for you . ||Home Page|| ||Browse|| Collage ||Forums|| ||Requests|| Top 10 Market ||Site Wiki|| ||User classes & Promotion|| Donation ||Ratings|| Pre-times 9/10 Speed 9/10 Content 9/10 Community 9/10 Overall 9/10
  12. Name: Oppaitime | OT URL: Genre: XXX - JAV - Manga Ratio Requirements: Ratio Based Singup: Closed - Invite Only Maintaining Ratio: Medium Bonus System: Available/ "Nips" System Banned Countries: - IRC: Server: Port: 6697, Non-SSL - 6667 Channels: #oppaitime Tracker Description Oppaitime is a very niche and unique private tracker that specializes in JAV content, Manga and other Hentai. The purpose of this tracker is to provide an organised and long term access to this niche content of JAV/MNG/Anime/Games. There's many JAV/Hentai trackers out there but what's special in Oppaitime is that you have access to all genres in one single tracker. No need for any other Hentai source if you manage to get into Oppaitime. The community is very friendly, there's many collections to browse through. Oppaitime has 2450~ registered members, with 70% active in the last month (about 1700~ members). You can share your love for Asian babes with others who share your passion for Asian beauties and wonders Maintaining ratio is not hard because you have the bonus system and also the ratio requirements are very fair, like most Gazelle trackers. Invites are not common, you need to upload content and climb the user classes in order to obtain invites. In conclusion, Oppaitime is strictly for JAV/MNG/Asian lovers, if you have no interest in censored Asian porn or anime porn then there's nothing else there for you. This tracker is not for collectors, they're 100% Asian sexual content. Home Page Browse Forums Collections Top 10 Upload Userclass Donation Requests Page "Nips" Bonus System + Store Rules FAQ Wiki Ratings Pre Times 7.5/10 Community 8/10 Content 9/10 Speed 8/10 Overall Rating 8.5/10
  13. ExoticaZ | EZ | Porn | 2020 Review Tracker Name ExoticaZ Tracker URL Tracker Genre XXX Tracker SignUp Application/Invite Only! Maintain Ratio Easy Bonus System Yes Tracker IRC #exoticaz Tracker Description ExoticaZ is a Asian Porn private tracker for XXX releases. Previously known as YourExotic they are a brother site of AnimeTorrents, AvistaZ and PrivateHD. They are currently invites only but they do open sign up time to time . Invites are tough to get there, you need 10k Bps to buy invites in exoticaz same as avistaz rule . ExoticaZ offers a wide selection of Asian, censored, gay, non Asian, softcore, transsexual and uncensored content. These come as blurays, DVDs, video clips/packs, siterips, pornstar packs and photo packs. Under the browse tab you can also search through the endless list of performers, studios and tags. New members have little restriction on dl'ing contents they are allowed to dl contents which are 1 week older before they finally become members there . Stat ||Home Page|| ||Browse|| ||Forums|| ||Requests|| ||Rules|| Guidelines || Bonus|| ||FAQ|| ||Donation|| ||Ratings|| Pre-times /10 Speed 7/10 Content 8/10 Community 8/10 Overall 8/10
  14. MMA-Torrents | MMA | Sports | 2020 Review Tracker Name MMA-Torrents Tracker Genre Sports(Mixed-Martial Arts) Tracker Type Ratio Based Bonus System NA Tracker Signup Closed/Invite Only Tracker URL Tracker FaceBook Account Tracker Twitter Account Tracker Description MMA-Torrents is a Private tracker dedicated for MMA/Mixed Martial Arts and for many people the best in this stuff. Has 43,956 torrents in time of review. It has pretty good content, but their torrents become dead easily. Homepage Browse Torrents & Categories Today's Torrent MMA Events Upload Forums User Class Rules FAQ Donate (as Members) My Ratings Speed 7/10 Content 7/10 Community 7/10 Overall 7/10
  15. VHStapes | Other/Old content | 2020 Review Tracker Name VHStapes Tracker URL : Tracker Genre Other/Old content Tracker Tybe Ratio Based Maintain Ratio Medium Tracker Signup Invite Only banned countries None Date of creation 2 years, 6 months ago IRC Channel #VHSTAPES.ORG Tracker Description VHStapes has known before as N.ostalgic is a very good tracker for those who are interested in various old movies, tv shows, anime, documentaries, comic and manga. Categories: ADULTSWIM, ADULTSWIM WOC, ANIMATION, ANIMATION WOC, ANIME x264, ANIME x265 AV1, ARCHIVE PACKS, ASIAN MOVIES, ASIAN TV SUBBED, AUDIO & E-BOOKS, COMICS & MANGA, DOCUMENTARIES, HOWARD STERN, LASERDISCS, MOVIES, MUSIC VIDEOS, NSFW, PC GAMES, ROMS & EMULATION, TV 2009 & BEFORE WOC, TV 2014 & BEFORE, TV CURRENT, YOUTUBE ARCHIVES. They have good content and it’s not hard to maintain ratio, thanks to their freeleech content and bonus points. Home Browse Forums Collages Requests Tags Upload Top10 Wiki User class Bonus Stat Ratings Pre-times -/10 Speed 6/10 Content 6.5/10 Community 5/10 Overall 6/10