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  1. IPTorrents Halloween Lottery! iPT Halloween Contest Rules The contest is open to ALL members who donate beginning October 15th and end November 3rd. Donations count in every donating category | For every $5 you donate, you get 1 ticket. Winners will be randomly selected & announced on November 4th, one every hour. Prizes will be shipped between November 10th - 12th. Contest is open to all locations, worldwide. Yes this means International, if you have an address we can ship it! Donations can only be made via google wallet and/or paypal. Click HERE The total number of your Lottery entries will display under the banner:
  2. Still working things out. Lots of modifications necessary for a more cloud friendly solution. Real life interference limit available time.
  3. If you check out this new domain: it says that PublicHD are coming back. Lets just hope it's true! You can check out their FB and twitter profiles, where they announce that too.
  4. only x-box360! its hacked and i can download games & play. x-boxs one? i will wait for hacking( i have the one!!!) there is no hack for ps3 or ps4 and the game's not worth the money
  5. 2014-09-03 'H & R Rules formal operation Please carefully read the H & R system rules will be strictly enforced by the rules. Please note: One, keep an eye on your HP values, and HR record personal page. 2, when HP is 0, it will be automatically disabled. 3, HP values ​​can be purchased through the points. The H & R rules are now officially effective. Please read the H & R rules carefully and abide by them. Note: 1. Always mind your HP and your H & R records; 2. Your account WILL be disabled when your HP = 0; 3. HP CAN be purchased with Bonus points.
  6. TTG: HnR Rules H&R Rules(ï¼NEWï¼ï¼‰ Instructions H&R appers as seeding institutionPlease note the flag:Hit and Run Any uploader can set a H&R. But it's only recommended to those who have large bandwidth and stable seeding time. Uploader is immune to H&R on his/her seeding torrent(s). If you have downloaded less than 5% of the torrent size, you are immune to H&R. Leecher is restricted by H&R as the following three indicators: Ratio per torrent: once the ratio of the torrent you have downloaded is larger than 2, you are immune to the H&R. Weekly necessary time: you have to seed 72 hours in total during 10 days after beginning download. Monthly necessary time: you have to seed 120 hours in total during 40 days after finishing download. Note: weekly necessary time is included in monthly necessary time. H&R rules apply to all rank of users. Penalty System Once a torrent is marked as "violator", you will lose 1 HP. You can use your bonus points to regenerate HP. Once your HP is 0, your account will be disabled.
  7. new domain:
  8. Tracker's Name: HD-Torrents Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing date: from now until 24 hours Review Link:
  9. 2014-06-05 - Because the site is under attack, resulting in the page can not be accessed, apologize. Special doing the following instructions: 1 Site Tracker on these days to keep running, so novice assessment, six weeks unregistered incremental assessment remains unchanged. The website will open June 6 24:00 Free two-day fully stations to show compensation. 2. Invite open system extension five days, until 12 June 24. Another cause can not be accessed because the site expired invited members to the forum posting complaints reflect the area, there will be an administrator treatment. Best able to provide each receive an invitation email screenshot as proof. 3 due to being attacked, we have been adjusted for the site. Have questions, please post to reflect: I. About RSS can push can not download, tracker massive red species and other issues, should there also asked to reflect post. 4. Resume HDWinG App support.
  10. Not Open!!! Invite code needed error!! You have entered incorrect code confirmation.