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  2. MOSCOW (Sputnik) - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized on Wednesday the need to fight back an ideology which might lead to Nazism and Holocaust while naming Iran as a country posing threat to Israel. On May 9, Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin and attend the Victory Day Parade in Russia. During the talks with Putin, the Israeli prime minister thanked his counterpart for the invitation as well as for separate mentioning of Holocaust in his speech. According to Netanyahu, this is another evidence of close relations between the peoples of Russia and Israel. READ MORE: Highlights of the 2018 Victory Day Parade in Moscow (PHOTO, VIDEO) Putin, in his turn, noted that Moscow and Tel Aviv shared memories of World War II and were united in their attitude to Nazism. In commemoration of the victims of the war, the leaders laid wreaths at the tomb of the unknown soldier. "The role of history is very important –when such a murderous ideology appears, it is necessary to stand up to it in time. It is hard to believe, but 73 years after the Holocaust, we in the Middle East have a country – Iran – which openly calls for the destruction of the state of Israel," Netanyahu said. Later in the day, during a phone briefing, the Israeli Prime Minister told reporters that there were no basis for concern that Russia would attempt to limit Israeli military actions in Syria. He went on saying that previous speculations that Moscow will try to stop Tel Aviv's cross-border attacks proved to be false. The meeting between the two leaders comes a day after US President Donald Trump announced his decision to pull out Washingon from the nuclear deal with Iran. Russia, alongside many European countries, has spoken out in favor of preserving the agreement, whereas Netanyahu, who has been insisting that Iran violates the agreement, has welcomed this move. It is worth mentioning that Tehran's compliance has been repeatedly confirmed by the nuclear watchdog, International Atomic Energy Agency. Tensions between Israel and Iran has been running high recently, with the latest episode being suspected overnight Israeli attack on the outskirts of Damascus which reportedly targeted depots belonging to Iran's Revolutionary Guards. Apart from the nuclear deal, Israel also expresses concern over alleged Iran's attempts to establish a permanent military presence in Syria and thus expand its clout in the whole region. However, Tehran denies the claims, noting that the country has been only sending military advisers to train troops loyal to Damascus since Iran supports Syrian President Bashar Assad in his struggle against terrorist groups in the country. Nevertheless, Israel continues to view Iranian activities as a threat to national security.
  3. WASHINGTON (Sputnik) - The United States has dedicated a large portion of its Defense Intelligence Agency to keep an eye on Russia, US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford said during a Senate hearing on Wednesday. "We significantly increased our analytic effort towards Russia and really dedicated a large portion of our defense intelligence agency now to look specifically at Russia," Dunford said. Duford underscored that the United States took its "eye off the ball" in regard to Russia. The Defense Department has only been able to meet 30 to 40 percent of each combatant commander’s commands, Dunford said. READ MORE: US Senate Intelligence Panel Plans to End Probe Into Russia Meddling in August The official noted, citing NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti, that there were no adequate resources to keep an eye on Russia. He added that the shortfall is due to balancing the global demand which has shifted to North Korea. Earlier this year, the Defense Department in its national security strategy said Russia was considered a major threat to US and NATO. Moscow has repeatedly called the US-NATO aggressive military buildup near Russia’s borders as nothing but a provocation.
  4. The US decision to withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), more commonly known as Iran nuclear deal, has sparkled uncerainty over the reached nuclear arrangements and Tehran's further actions. Riyadh will seek to develop its own nukes if Tehran decides to renew its nuclear weapons program, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said. "If Iran acquires nuclear capability we will do everything we can to do the same," the minister said as quoted by the CNN. In the wake of US President Donald Trump's announcement that he was pulling out Washington from the 2015 nuclear agreement, Saudi Arabia welcomed this step, adding that it would follow the US and would also reinstate anti-Iranian sanctions. The sanctions were lifted under the JCPOA in exchange for Iran maintaining its nuclear program peaceful.
  5. US President Donald Trump tweeted that the Democrats were not supporting his CIA nominee Gina Haspel because she was way too tough on terrorism. Earlier, reports emerged that Haspel would withdraw her candidacy over a number of concerns. Michael Springmann, attorney, author and former diplomat from Washington DC, has shared his take on this. Sputnik: What is your assessment of Trump's nominee for CIA Director? What prompted Ms Haspel to consider her withdrawal? Michael Springmann: In my view in this political theatre, the Central Intelligence Agency has long been known for murder, war crimes and human rights violations. The only person who went to jail for torture was John Kiriakou, but he didn’t do any torturing himself, he reported that it was American government policy. But in the past, people who engaged in torture, who covered up torture, such as Gina Haspel and other people, they’ve never been touched. There has never been a field-grade military officer or high-level civil servant who has been going to jail for what they did to people under this assumed war on terror that has been running since May 2011. I think that this back and forth of Gina Haspel is something to show that she is sorry, she doesn’t want to harm the agency. The agency is very good at manipulating the American press, and the American Congress and the rest of the American government, and the American people, saying it’s a needed organization, it helps protect America from unspecified enemies. I think that this is nonsense and I think that they really want to keep the agency looking pristine, so they have a little hair shirt and mayor Cooper business: “I’m sorry, I’m terribly sorry, I won’t do it again and so forth.” Sputnik: In your opinion, as a legal expert, do you feel that Gina Haspel at any time broke the law, or was everything that she did within the law at the time when she acted? Michael Springmann: I think she broke the law and should be prosecuted. The United States is signatory to the international Convention Against Torture run through the United Nations. The US’ code has Title 18 Chapter 1136 that forbids torture and provides draconian punishment for people who engage in torture; and they specify torture as being everything from harming people physically to sleep deprivation and forcing one to sit, or stand, or lie in uncomfortable positions. And you can get 20 years for ordinary torture, and if the subject dies you can get the death penalty. So, I think, they really need to look at Gina Haspel’s background on this. People working for the clandestine service are people who don’t care about the law, moreal values or human rights. When I was at the CIA’s consulate at Jeddah, the agency there, which was most of the consulate, and the consulate general Jay Freyers were recruiting terrorists for the Mujahideen to fight in Afghanistan against the then Soviet Union. So, these people just don’t care, and they hide their actions under national security, which is a great cover from murder, war crimes and human rights violations.