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  1. I signed up for a seedbox with them in 2013, was happy with the service and upgraded to a vps. That worked fine for over a year, but in just the last week or so it has completely gone to crap. My vps is down constantly, when it's up it is so sluggish I can barely get it to do anything. In my support ticket they said they had traced the problem to one of the users in my node. I asked them if they were going to do anything about it. They offered to transfer my container to another node, everything would be the same, they said, except for the ip address. I said fine, go ahead. Two days ago. Nothing has happened, and all I've gotten from them in the intervening time is that they made multiple attempts to make the transfer, and they all failed. And that's it. My vps was up for a little while today, now it is down again, and nobody is responding to my ticket, not even to say, "We're working on it." Not even a tweet, the network status page says everything is fine. So my experience with Dedi has taken a steep nosedive, and I am looking for a new host. Any suggestions?
  2. She takes so long to boot up, I just keep her turned on all the time. (Somebody here is a fan of "Whose Line is it Anyway"...)
  3. 5/10 It's cool that you're bi and all, if I knew you were a girl I would give you more points, but I'm guessing you're a guy named Bob...