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  1. You have zonaq account with email? I have account with pin and email.
  2. Von Donnerstag dem 29.03 bis einschl. Montag dem 02.04.18 ist das Invitesystem geöffnet. TRANSLATE: From Thursday, 29th of march till Monday, 2nd of april 18 the invitesystem is open.
  3. Hello to all; Lately I had announced that SSDB will close, indeed it will close, as all the best things have an end, but not today, nor tomorrow, nor in the months or the next 100 years. I have received your messages, know that I am deeply touched by the importance you attach to this community, so the internal problem will not be a culmination of the journey started a few years ago, but a starting point more solid. Thank you to those who have shown me their willingness to help our community and those who have never stopped helping. Each of you is important to this community, be it uploads, sharing, donation, shout help, torrents, or even the forum. P.S: I want to remind you that SSDB has no external link, and no partnership with other torrents sites. Check that you are connected to In case of problems, or someone invites you to other torrents sites, please contact the staff: N.B: The same rules apply. Thank you all, and long live SSDB and the adventure continues. Sincerely
  4. Tracker's Name: Freedom-HD Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing date: Open only for a few slots, so hurry up. Additional information: Freedom-HD is a French Private Ratioless Torrent Tracker for HD Movies / General Releases.
  5. 1 x CMCT-PT account giveaway Rules: Don't PM. Apply here. Give me rep and thanks. After you receive account send me positive feedback.
  6. Looking for an “eyepeetv” box because you can’t afford “Sly” or “Virmin” Media? You might find exactly what you need on Facebook or eBay. People appear to be getting around the crackdown on so-called “fully-loaded Kodi boxes” on various online platforms by simply misspelling keywords, such as the names of legitimate content providers, in product listings. Facebook and eBay − along with Amazon − banned the sale of piracy-configured streaming devices last year, but it’s still very easy to track them down on their platforms. One of the tricks sellers seem to be using to their advantage is deliberately misspelling companies’ names. “Sick of high Sly and Virmin Television bills,” reads the product description of a £50 “eyepeetv” device listed on Facebook. Other listings promise “SLY / Virmin ( IPTV ) Premium channels” or “Full sly channels [and] all 3pm [Premier League] games”. “Illicit streaming devices are illegal and unsafe,” Kieron Sharp, the CEO of the Federation Against Copyright Theft, told Trusted Reviews. “eBay, Facebook and Amazon have banned the sale of these devices, but criminals are beating the system by purposely misspelling brand names − we need to see tighter controls in place to help stop the sale of these devices.” Earlier this week, piracy-tracking firm MUSO released new data suggesting that piracy is “more popular” now than it has ever been before.
  7. It took a crucial piece of evidence for Microsoft to win one of its numerous anti-piracy lawsuits in China: A computer seller telling an investigator that he could install a Windows 7 knock-off for free. But the US software giant's victory was marred by the paltry compensation ordered by the court, illustrating both progress and challenges for foreign firms defending their intellectual property in China. Premier Li Keqiang pledged this week that China will "strictly protect" intellectual property rights, and special IP courts have been created to hear such cases. But US President Donald Trump has already made up his mind, and was preparing to unveil on Thursday tariffs on a wide-range of Chinese imports for what the White House called "state-led" efforts to steal US technologies. Alibaba's Taobao e-commerce website remains on a list of "notorious markets" put out by the United States Trade Representative. As does the Silk Market in the heart of Beijing, where fake Ralph Lauren polo shirts fly off the shelves. Washington has also long accused Beijing of forcing US companies to turn over proprietary commercial information and intellectual property as a condition of operating in China. 'Mirror copy' A survey of US businesses by the American Chamber of Commerce shows IP infringement continues to be a top challenge for some in China, citing inadequate laws and the difficulty of prosecuting cases as the most vexing IP issues. In Microsoft's case in the southern province of Guangdong, the company's lawyers focused on a large computer maker bundling its hardware with a pirated version of Microsoft's operating system in sales on Taobao. Using the name "Bob Jovi", its investigator purchased a computer from MSI's flagship online store in 2015, asking customer service if the machine came with an operating system. According to the court documents, the customer service representative wrote back that he could help install Windows 7: "It's a mirror copy of Microsoft's official operating system, just like the real thing, no fee." After receiving the computer with pirated software, the investigator made two more purchases over the following months to show the bundling was "commonplace" and "sustained", Microsoft argued. While the court ruled in Microsoft's favour, it set damages at $32,000 after finding the total cost of the infringement undeterminable as Microsoft only demonstrated three instances of piracy. Nor did it award Microsoft all of its legal fees. In December, after a two-year process, Microsoft lost its appeal for a larger settlement, leaving the software giant paying out more than it was awarded, the court documents show. "Most important is that the defendant will stop infringing and purchase genuine software," said a lawyer who has represented Microsoft in IP cases, who asked his name not be used. Microsoft declined to comment. The lawyer said it was not cost efficient to sue all infringers but the cases deterred others. 'Whack a mole' Microsoft argued its case in a civil court, but China set up special courts in 2014 to handle IP cases in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. A dozen other lower-level IP tribunals were opened. From 2013 to 2017 the number of IP-related court cases doubled, breaking the 200,000 mark last year, said Tai Kaiyuan, a justice of the Supreme People's Court, noting China now has sufficient IP-related legislation. "We've worked hard to implement them and build the justice system," Tai said, according to state media. Scott Palmer, an IP lawyer who represents US and European companies at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton in Beijing, said China has made "incredible" progress. "There are still problems. There is still infringement, sure, but anyone who watches China and speaks honestly about what they see has to admit it has come a long way," Palmer told AFP. The main area of infringement in China has moved to online platforms like Taobao, where brands face a frustrating game of "whack a mole" to get a range of knock-off products taken down, he said. Laura Wen-yu Young, a lawyer at the IP law firm Wang & Wang, said the IP courts are a "huge improvement" from the past when judges had no relevant training. A trademark case can now take just over a year on average to be decided, compared to having to wait up to four years in the past, she said, though there are still "a lot of improvements needed".
  8. Tracker's Name: ScenePalace Genre: General Sign-up Link: Closing date: Soon! Additional information: ScenePalace is a Private Torrent Tracker for Movies / TV / General Releases.
  9. 2 x RetroWithin invites giveaway Rules: Don't PM. Apply here. Give me rep and thanks. After you receive invite send me positive feedback.
  10. [Have] account with original email (TRADED) [Have] account with PIN + original email [Have] account with PIN + email [Have] account with original email [Want] Xthor, Abnormal account, WiHD or Offers
  11. TTsWeb very pleased to say we can now accept donations again We use and to accept donations along with bitcoin address located at Donating via credit card is 100% safe we will never see the credit card period its all handled via a very respectable USA based company. Donating via is completely automated Before people ask, NO we dont have a paypal account and NEVER will again. We have decided to make the bot do filtered scene stuff instead of every tv show scene releases.
  12. If you plague GTA 5 and want to play in Real Life mode you can try a servers with true RolePlay! Enter five and search for Romania Real Live. You'll find Phoenix servers and the Nexus server. Five is a program that installs over GTA V and gives you the opportunity to enter private servers in Romania and outside! Five offers you the opportunity to enter the world of RolePlay!
  13. Make any donation by 12PM (E.S.T) on 3/27, and message ***, and get an extra 1200 Bonus Points to get ready for the new Bonus Point store launching soon!!