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  5. Video game piracy is a major issue (depending on who you ask), but sometimes the solution is worse than the problem; just ask anyone who has a game that uses the digital rights management (DRM) program Denuvo Anti-Tamper. Programs such as this are why some gamers tend to celebrate when video games are cracked (i.e., hacked so they can be pirated without any issues) or better yet released without anti-piracy programs. According to a post on NeoGAF, Bethesda Softworks’ upcoming survival horror game The Evil Within 2 has already been cracked, and the hackers did not find any Denuvo files. This news comes one day after a Reddit post confirmed the game will contain the program, but information is scarce, so for all we know the removal of the DRM program could only be a baseless rumor. On the other hand, Bethesda could easily have reconsidered the efficacy of the program after the news hit that hackers cracked the DRM of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War after twenty-four hours. And yes, Shadow of War used Denuvo as well. Prior to Shadow of War, the record for cracking a game’s DRM was five days, and the game in question was Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (it also used Denuvo). Apparently, this particular anti-tamper software doesn’t pose any challenge to hackers anymore. While Denuvo is meant to prevent gamers from tampering with games, many report the program does more harm than good, as it purportedly causes performance issues with numerous games, and players report that games with this DRM never fully uninstall and tend to leave files on computers. Even worse, Denuvo supposedly makes it difficult/impossible to play certain games offline. If these claims are true, I fully understand why gamers call the program draconian. If the rumor is true and The Evil Within 2 no longer has Denuvo, then The Evil Within 2 is the latest in a growing list of games that previously used the program, a list that includes DOOM, Inside, Titanfall 2, Hitman, and Mass Effect: Andromeda. However, Denuvo was removed from these games after they were released and cracked, which makes The Evil Within 2 one of the few games where the program was removed prior to release. Given the speed at which games with Denuvo are being cracked, game developers and publishers might turn away from this particular DRM program very soon.
  6. Popular Torrent Site Rutracker.org Shutdown: Many anti-piracy associations has come together in the previous 5 years to show their protest towards ban of torrent sites. Now, it went to another level as Russia has blocked the popular Rutracker.org torrent site from their search results as well. Russia is also planning to block any VPN (Virtual Private Network) services and is going to come into effect from November. Roskomnadzor has ordered search engines to remove torrent site Rutracker.org that was banned by the Russian government last year. Rutracker.org, which has been banned by Russia a couple of years ago over allegations of copyright violation, will now be unavailable in the google search results as well in India. The Russian government has amended its anti-piracy law to block torrent sites and President Vladimir Putin has signed it. Popular Torrent Site Rutacker.org Shutdown Will No Longer Appear in Search Results A protest started with all the biggies getting into the act by joining hands earlier this year. A conglomeration of 30 entertainment companies, including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Walt Disney, Warner Bros, and Twentieth Century Fox have formed a worldwide coalition called Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) to fight piracy. Google has removed the same website from its search result in India. It has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Several attempts have been made by government authorities, agencies and organisations from different countries to shut down popular torrent sites over the years but the efforts have been met with only partial success. Though only one site was shutdown, there are many other website which can provide you the same thing that rutracker.org provides like the Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337X, LimeTorrents, TorrentDownloads, Sky Torrents, IsoHunt, YTS.AG, Torrentz2, KAT, TorrentProject, and EZTV.
  7. Amazing giveaway i apply for empornium invite,for any proof you can pm me,keep it up.
  8. All the torrents are in FREELEECH from 12.10.2017 20:24:46 to 13.10.2017 20:24:46. TORRENT FREE = DL is not taken into account!
  9. The countdown has begun! https://secret-cinema.pw/public/imag...565a1422e1.gif Just 167 torrents to go until we hit the sweet 5000 torrents milestone. The staff is anxious to announce what's coming next so get your hard drives fired up and let's do some uploading! The user who uploads the 5000th torrent will get: - a bump in his/her user class (and that includes our dear Cinephiles!) - a nice custom title to their account - a donor heart added to their username since content is our lifeblood
  10. Karma has set the torrents FREE. set by Crianza Until 18 Oct 2017
  11. I have re-opened invites. To be eligible for an invite, you must be a Power User class or above, and must satisfy one of these conditions: Be actively seeding 30 non-freeleech torrents. (Golden torrents do NOT count.) Have uploaded 3 original torrents in the last six months. (Re-uploading old torrents does NOT count.) In your post, state clearly how you qualify for an invite, and that you are inviting someone you consider trustworthy. For example, "I am currently seeding 40 torrents and would like to request an invite for a friend." Guidelines about using invites: -- Do not ask for an invite if you already have one, or used your last invite in the last 2 months. -- Only invite people you know and can trust. Do not invite random people just because they ask. -- You should not be trading invites because that means you are giving invitations to strangers. -- If you invite someone who later cheats, you will permanently lose invite privileges. To see if you received an invite, check your profile page.
  12. Adult entertainment publisher ALS Scan will be allowed to depose Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince, a request that was triggered by the Daily Stormer saga. According to the court, there are grounds to ask the CEO why he has not used his authority to terminate pirate sites. The questioning should be narrowly tailored towards this issue and limited to two hours. In August, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince decided to terminate the account of controversial neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer. “I woke up this morning in a bad mood and decided to kick them off the Internet,” he wrote. The decision was meant as an intellectual exercise to start a conversation regarding censorship and free speech on the internet. In this respect it was a success but the discussion went much further than Prince had intended. Cloudflare had a long-standing policy not to remove any accounts without a court order, so when this was exceeded, eyebrows were raised. In particular, copyright holders wondered why the company could terminate this account but not those of the most notorious pirate sites. Adult entertainment publisher ALS Scan raised this question in its piracy liability case against Cloudflare, asking for a 7-hour long deposition of the company’s CEO, to find out more. Cloudflare opposed this request, saying it was overbroad and unneeded, while asking the court to weigh in. After reviewing the matter, Magistrate Judge Alexander MacKinnon decided to allow the deposition, but in a limited form. “An initial matter, the Court finds that ALS Scan has not made a showing that would justify a 7 hour deposition of Mr. Prince covering a wide range of topics,” the order (pdf) reads. “On the other hand, a review of the record shows that ALS Scan has identified a narrow relevant issue for which it appears Mr. Prince has unique knowledge and for which less intrusive discovery has been exhausted.” ALS Scan will be able to interrogate Cloudflare’s CEO but only for two hours. The deposition must be specifically tailored toward his motivation (not) to use his authority to terminate the accounts of ‘pirating’ customers. “The specific topic is the use (or non-use) of Mr. Prince’s authority to terminate customers, as specifically applied to customers for whom Cloudflare has received notices of copyright infringement,” the order specifies. Whether this deposition will help ALS Scan argue its case has yet to be seen. Based on earlier submissions, the CEO will likely argue that the Daily Stormer case was an exception to make a point and that it’s company policy to require a court order to respond to infringement claims. Meanwhile, more questions are being raised. Just a few days ago Cloudflare suspended the account of a customer for using a cryptocurrency miner. Apparently, Cloudflare classifies these miners as malware, triggering a punishment without a court order. ALS Scan and other copyright holders would like to see a similar policy against notorious pirate sites, but thus far Cloudflare is having none of it. Torrentfreak.com
  13. The recording and film industries have presented their lists of the worst piracy websites to the US government - making, incidentally, for a pretty good cut-out-and-keep guide to finding illegal content. One highlight of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) submission is fully-loaded streaming boxes such as Kodi, which, as it points out, can be easily configured to point viewers to unlicensed films and television shows. "Streaming device piracy – enabled by preloaded piracy devices and unauthorized add-ons – poses a significant and evolving challenge," says MPAA CEO Charles Rivkin. "Today, six percent of North American households own a device with software configured to access pirated content." However, TV Addons - which says it offers 'all the best unofficial Kodi addons' - complains that the MPAA is dragging its reputation through the mud. "This is despite the fact that no MPAA affiliate ever sent us a single DMCA complaint in all our years of operation," it complains in a statement. While it concedes that it did have a run-in with the MPAA in June after the organization entered into a global anti-piracy alliance with Bell Canada, it fulfilled all its legal obligations, it says.
  14. New Zealand-based internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is offering to organise large scale legal action - including raising the money to pay for it - against film executives accused of sexual abuse. As salacious claims of harassment and abuse continue to swirl around top film executive Harvey Weinstein, the embattled tech giant has come forward to lend his influence and resources to back a damages lawsuit on behalf of those who claim they have suffered at the hands of Hollywood "elites". This week the Oscar-winning movie mogul was forced out of his own company amid lurid accusations of sexual harassment and abuse involving actors and company employees dating back decades. Weinstein has apologised for his behaviour saying he came of age in a time when all the rules about behaviour and workplaces were different. Dotcom says he knows from personal experience what it is like to be abused by those wielding power in the motion picture industry. https://twitter.com/KimDotcom/status/917187593678159872 The Megaupload founder, whose lavish Auckland mansion was raided in a joint FBI-police operation in 2012, has been in an ongoing court battle for the past five years over attempts by the US Government to extradite him to face copyright charges over his defunct file-sharing site. The infamous raid was prompted by concerns held by the Motion Picture Association who considered Dotcom's operation was costing the industry millions of dollars in lost revenue and lobbied the Department of Justice to shut it down. Now Dotcom is plotting his revenge saying it is time they are taught a lesson. The tech boss said people like Weinstein felt untouchable, destroying lives and businesses with impunity. "They dine with presidents, donate millions to powerful politicians and buy favours like tax breaks and new copyright legislation, even the Megaupload raid. "It's time to shine some light on those Hollywood elites who think they are above the law and untouchable. I have the motive and the resources to help victims. And that's what I'll do. "They think they can get away with anything. But they can't. We'll teach them," he told the Herald. He was willing to lend his considerable reach on the internet to promote and advance a damages suit against Hollywood movie bosses including fundraising on the internet. https://twitter.com/KimDotcom/status/917182835701645317 Costs would be met by a high traffic crowd-funding campaign he was confident would raise millions of dollars for the cause. He was also casting for a Los Angeles-based law firm to represent the hundreds of victims pro bono ahead of an anticipated tsunami of complaints to be levelled against movie bosses. He said he had been contacted by several law firms and would be making calls to Los Angeles in the next 48 hours. The kiwi-based Mega founder was also appealing for someone to create a site where those who had suffered sexual abuse at the hands of the Hollywood heavyweights could share their stories anonymously. https://twitter.com/KimDotcom/status/917179558129844225 Ideally he was pitching for women to develop the site. He said it would be built with security and anonymity in mind and appealed for any local developers interested in creating the platform to contact him via Twitter. So far feedback on social media had been very positive, especially from women who wanted to see sexual predators in Hollywood exposed and justice done, he said.
  15. Dear Socks! Because of the ongoing work on this site, helper messages will not be answered for the time being. We would ask for someone who needs help to contact a helper directly with a private message. Contacts: Gabuka oregjozsi srocyklon veteraan Thank You! Z-Staff