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  1. Welcome to the community, if you have any questions feel free to ask in shout or the forums. If your account was made using a vpn or proxy or disposable email you may get a message saying account disabled, if this is the case please make a new account with your vpn disabled and use a valid email address that you will have access to. Once you are validated by staff you may use a vpn and may also change your email if you wish. If you are having problems accessing your account you may also register at and ask, and you may wish to look around and visit there, it is also an awesome community and has loads of media
  2. Wrestling Desires Torrents [WDT] New 12 hour seedtime Please note VIP are exempt from all seed rules, and never seed unless they so choose. This is because they help to pay our server costs We at WDT have always valued our members, and this will never change! Without you there is no site Recently we have had a lot of feedback on how difficult it can be to seed sometimes, and to help out we are drastically easing up in this area. However if you can, we highly encourage you to seed longer, to help the community. Remember, seeding also gets you bonus points So without further ado, allow me to introduce our new and improved seeding rules, to take effect March 1st, 2018 12 hours or 1:1 seeding
  3. Tracker name | Wrestling Desires Torrents WDT is Back up