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  1. I"m taking applications for these trackers. Post here why you want it. Do not pm me unless i pm you first. Enjoy! 1 X Bitgamer 1 X Cinemageddon
  2. Tracker Name : Pornbits Category : XXX Signup Url : Closing Date: Soon
  3. PixelHD does not give out invites to their members. All of their staff are already on BTN And PTP. PixelHD has an application process. If you have good stats on BTN and PTP you should have no trouble getting in.
  4. Tracker Name : Speed.CD Genre : O-Day/General Review (If Any ) : Sign Up Link : Closing Time : Open for World Cup Week Additional Information Speed.CD Review Here
  5. What.CD Donor Pick Freeleech Buffer those accounts! Please rep my post if you find this helpful!
  6. Signup will close today. Be quick if you want in.
  7. As the title says! [Have]TranceTraffic [Want]What.CD/BitmeTV/Bitme/SceneHD Or other good offers. Not looking for IPT TL etc.
  8. Hi Everyone! Sorry I don't have a quote. Maybe someone can add it for me. But SceneHD is having a birthday celebration. The prices for invites has been reduced to 100Pts and every users has been given freeleech tokens! This should be a great opportunity to join the Scene! good luck
  9. BTMusic (Pedros) Review 2014 Pedro's BTMusic is one of the rarest music trackers in the Bit Torrent world. Specializing in only the highest quality rips, Pedro's puts a focus on quality and not quantity. You will not find a huge selection like on What.Cd or Waffles, but you will find the highest quality rips of many great albums. All uploaders must prove their work before being granted access. All rips must be created with a very specific settings. Tracker name : BTMusic Tracker genre : Music (FLAC Only) Tracker type : Ratio based Tracker url : Tracker registration : Invite only Maintaining ratio : Moderate Bonus system : No Main Browse Page Main FAQ Section Rules Section Stats
  10. For all of you Usenet people. Here is a 60% off coupon code for a block account at NewsDemon Coupon Code block60spl
  11. Thanks PornAddict. OP has been updated
  12. Dognzb.CR is open for today only. You must donate $10 within 10 days to keep your account for life. Signup Link:
  13. You can get a cheap seedbox for the same price as a VPN. It's worth it for a bit of privacy and a ratio boost.