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  1. Yay,...Congratz Spider, you made it. Nice & Great tips from you as well. Cheers, Chocobee
  2. Thanks Pirata for the pinned and Update. As Inviter mentioned, It's 100% legit way, I tried it myself. I hope everyone could feel the luck from here and get invited there too.
  3. Additional Info : You may use the mIRC client to join and idle there until you can get the lucky draw. The FREE 30 days mIRC trial should be sufficient enough for you. Once that you successfully join the IRC ( /server ) Type .invite and there'll be a bot to PM you for the next instruction, read and follow the guide in your PM and wait till your luck come. then after recieving the BoT pm, type /msg BoT .inviteadd Be active and friendly in the channel may rise the chance of having random multiple lucky draw and quicker announce by staffs.
  4. INVITE RAFFLE has ended!!! For now we don't know if it's permanent or temporal , So Thread will remain Open until We assure it's closed permanently. How to get invited to Join their IRC : /server Channel : /join #bitme What not to do ? DO NOT PM without permission. DO NOT request invites or discuss content What to DO ? type .invites and u are registered for a draw if u have luck u can get immediately otherwise wait and don't quit your IRC client whenever it is possible if u won in draw and if u are present their [even idling ] then u can get ur invite without asking anything [no interview] Just try to be friendly & active then someone will draw frequently So many ways this is one and legitimate as per their rules. Your chance to get invited is 95% if you follow my instruction properly. I had myself invited to through the IRC like a month ago. You just need to join the lucky draw and then leave your PC idle for a night on bitme IRC for a night or 24hours , there'll be a daily lucky draw and most often It will pick those who joined the draw and idle the most.