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  1. Hello, applying for myspleen. Thanks a lot for this invite. sending you PM now.
  2. Hello, I apply for TSC. Like +Rep added. Thanks a lot
  3. BTN and MTV and HDB. and I want all 3 lol
  4. CHDBITs is the great Chinese tracker. I wish they will open their doors sonn
  5. This is a sad news. SCC was really good tracker. I hope they will manage to stay alive.
  6. Hello, awesome giveaway and great start bro. I am applying for ncore. i have been waiting for this one for so long. I have my proofs ready. Please and Thanks. Likr+Rep added.
  7. @laliguras Hi, I apply for this invite. Thanks
  8. congrats DDR.. i wish they had opened signups for the celebration :-)
  9. Hello, I apply for this invite. really nice giveaway. I have always wanted this site. Thanks