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  1. Turing left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for the trade :) A+++++

    phoenix was Trading

  2. Ryark left Positive feedback   

    Good Buyer, paid in full. Would deal with again A+

    phoenix was The Buyer

  3. desioz left Positive feedback   

    thanks, great member

    phoenix was Trading

  4. teamtim left Positive feedback for a topic   

    FrenchTorrentDB Buffered Account
    Great transaction, nice account

    phoenix was The Seller

  5. bearclaw left Positive feedback   

    Reliable and always fast to respond.

    phoenix was The Seller

  6. D4rKSh4D0wTT left Positive feedback   

    Thanks For The Deal My Friend +1 ...

    phoenix was The Buyer

  7. D4rKSh4D0wTT left Positive feedback   

    OutStanding Friend , Simply Awesome !!

    phoenix was The Seller

  8. taiebam left Positive feedback   

    Nice to trade with you ;)

    phoenix was Trading

  9. Voland left Positive feedback   

    good deal, thanks

    phoenix was The Seller

  10. Desteny left Positive feedback   

    Very good admin and very helpfull

    phoenix was The Seller

  11. AsAp left Positive feedback   

    thanx for the invite pro

    phoenix was The Seller

  12. almazer left Positive feedback   

    Trusted guy!

    phoenix was Trading

  13. AK26 left Positive feedback   

    Trusted member, thanks mate:)

    phoenix was Trading

  14. Bogar left Positive feedback   

    Thank you very much, Good trader!!

    phoenix was The Buyer

  15. InviteManiac left Positive feedback   

    Trusted guy :)

    phoenix was The Seller