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  1. Donations Needed! Hello, As much as I hate to ask again and again, we once again need your help to keep HDME up and running! There are no donations since the past 2-3 months and we have a very hard time keeping up with things this way, so I request members to pls help out no matter how big or small it might be.... We are also offering 3x upload credit on donations over ** eur. Staff
  2. Google Translation: Happy Lunar New Year HDCity wishes all citizens a Happy New Year, good luck, family reunion, and happiness! City-wide free leech engaged till Feb 18 (until the eighth day of the new year).
  3. Google Translation: Welcome to the New Year, from 2021.02.12 to 2021.02.19 global freeleech is on.
  4. The website is currently experiencing downtime due to database issues.
  5. Site is back online.
  6. Site has moved to a new domain:
  7. Google Translation: Happy New Year To celebrate the lunar new year, sitewide freeleech is on until 24:00 on February 14th.
  8. Site is down. The server is not responding.
  9. New contest Cummunity NHL Pick-the-Winners-Contest * Cummunity NHL Pick-the-Winners-Contest * The NHL is still going forward... * The Covid has wreaked havoc on the NHL season, but they are pushing forward... * 60,000 bonus credits prize * FREE 4 ALL * Join in NOW...!!! * Don't be late...!!! * You don't even have to know the sport to play... I'm running the contest and I don't follow the sport... * thank you to our cummunity sponsors * Discuss this post here
  10. Google Translation: Notice about opening Sitewide Freeleech and HnR mechanism TJUPT wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and the Year of the Ox is so bullish! From now on, Sitewide Freeleech will be set~ In the new year, TJUPT will usher in major changes, and the site will gradually change from a sharing ratio (Ratio) assessment model to an assessment model that ignores the sharing ratio (RatioLess). From February 16th, the first round of public testing of the entire site Hit and Run (HnR) assessment mechanism will be launched, and the Sitewide Freeleech will continue until the end of the first round of testing. Please click on the relevant rules of Hit and Run (HnR) to view the details, you're welcome to reply to relevant suggestions or give bug feedback at the bottom of this post, once adopted or verified, a 2W karma value will be given.
  11. Google Translation: Freeleech 24-hour freeleech from A****!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23 hours 47 minutes 55 seconds Freeleech
  12. Google Translation: The chariots of the Gold Mine are full! Freeleech for all until 2021-02-12 15:31:09, Quebec time.
  13. Site has migrated to a new platform. Google Translation: Expected opening => 12/02 @ 17h00 If this is your first time using the new platform, you will need to recover your password by entering the email address you have associated with your account, clicking on "Forgot your password?".
  14. Google Translation: Any videos related to the 2021 CCTV Spring Festival Gala are banned! Freeleech ends at 22:00 on February 17th! The website has been closed for a long time. If you don't log in for a long time, it will be disabled automatically. If you can't access it normally, please don't worry! We wish you a happy New Year!
  15. Google Translation: Dear members, Very recently we decided to become a private tracker, that means that no more new members are joining. The reason for this is that we have become too big and our servers are running at their maximum. It is the intention that you have a valid email address for the site and make sure that you do not lose login details. The page where you can request this, again is out of order. We hope to have informed you sufficiently. Best regards J***