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  1. Big Thanks for your help.  Really cool of you.  Good day my friend.

  2. Just want to say "thanks" for letting me joining this community.  and I big thanks to you for being so helpful, even when I have dumb questions.  I appreciate that. 

    1. Inviter


      We are happy to have you here mate, really appreciate your nice comment.


  3. I have an invite to, GimmePeers, and Please consider.
  4. I have, GIMMEPEERS, and TorrentLeech invites fot the PAssTheHeadphones invite or if you have an apollo invite. We cam work out something. I was a long term kand need to find something. I would prefer Apoolo because I have some interesting music taste at times and the bigger site would be more likely to have more of what I want. Thnaks for your time and help/
  5. I have invites to BitME.TV, Torrent leech and GImmePeers. I will be willing to try to trade one for an APollo invite to replace I was a long time user of it, even when it was nOINK which got shut down and repaced it. Please think about trading for it. Thanks
  6. Hey i'm a long time user. I've been using it since it was OINK. When Oink Closed we were given the chance to join When closed down It wasn't clear on what happened and it took me a little while to figure out what happened. I've tried and tried to get an invite with no luck. I have an invite to GIMMEPEERS, TorrentLeech and I'm willing to trade one of them to get a Apollo invite. I love music and these other sites don't seem to have a lot of the stuff that I like. Please let me know if you can help out. It would wbe greatly appreciated. I've always done well with my ratios and care about the communty and spreading the love of music and movies. THanks a lot with any help you may be able to give me.