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  1. Hi!@BearClaw1 Thank you very much for this beautiful gift I applying for PTP invite Rep and Lıke added my references are ready. I can send it whenever you want.
  2. Tracker Name: Genre: General Sign-up Link: Additional Information: Ghost Tracker (GT) is a HUNGARIAN Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / GENERAL.
  3. Autobot Crash Unfortunately due to system failure on the sites Autobot it ended up crashing and losing over 2000+ torrents, but due to our uploaders we still have over 2000+ torrents for you to choose from, normal service will resume shortly. Redemption Staff
  4. staff decided to provide access to UPLOAD TORRENTE and lower classes, today can upload torrents to all members who are in User, Power User, Elite User, Extreme User, Legend User, Star User, VIP
  5. Hey!!! I'm back I thought that in these cold days that remained since the first month of the year, let's do a little contest, do not lose our training. Make a list ... 3 things you like and 3 things you do not like about the IceTorrent community. My prayer is to use only decent words, even if you are bad with us. Not necessarily much. There will be prizes, as usual, about January 31.
  6. Dear Users! 2006 On 25 January, some people decided to create something that many people would talk about. It soon turned out to be a good decision, and now, in 2018, eliminating any minor or bigger problem, we can happily say Deathlord is celebrating its 12th birthday! To the benefit of this, in the coming days, prizes and games will be the protagonists! Be on the go, because getting good, but giving it better! Happy 12th Birthday Deathlord! : HBD: 1. For each Torrent, multiply your upload by 12x.
  7. Hi, nice torrents! The page looks like a new look and we're counting on you so now we're announcing a contest! The essence of the competition is a header creation! Allow your imagination (from fair borders) and make your picture the best. The header size should be 1000 * 140 and the image should be "MM" or "Mm-torrent". The best 3 voted by the staff will be added to a new vote that you have already voted for. Good luck for everyone and make the pictures! One person can do more than one picture. You can submit the pictures under the "Forum" menu item. No remuneration is left!
  8. Dear Members! We ask everyone to click on the new ad placements once a day for the sake of developing the page. This will help you to keep up the sidelines. In return, the system will once again credit 25,000 bonus points each time you receive this message. THANK YOU. OXIDOS STAFF
  9. We have enabled altcoin donations (Litecoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Monero etc). Due to high Bitcoin fees lately, it is not so convenient to donate 6 euros and pay 4-5 euros in fees. This will help our users pay much less when helping and supporting our community. Thank you for your continued support! FileList Staff
  10. Members of the Fleet,We're looking for someone who is adept at css and can help us to fix and update a stylesheet or two.If you believe you have what it takes send me a PM. However, I do caution you against wasting my time.Only contact me if you have a genuine interest.// So say we all
  11. The RoyalTorrent team is looking for capable staffers who know all the secrets in the world of trackers. Those interested are asked to apply using the paths on the Home page!
  12. Uploader Competition. winners 1st place: Guest 616db torrent-PLEXTOR 128GB S3C SATA 3 2.5 "PX-128S3C SSD Drive 2.stated: rolika513 572db torrent- KINGSTON DataTraveler SE9 G2 3.0 32GB USB 3.0 3rd place: spongebob 200 torrent-KINGSTON DataTraveler 100 G3 16GB USB 3.0 4th place: Naniii 162db torrent - 1 TB upload, 30 invitations, 300,000 points, 1 year ViP ranking. 5th place: athoss 22db torrent-800GB upload, 20 invitations, 200,000 points. 6th place: NSE 20db torrent - 500GB upload, 10 invitations, 100,000 points. 6th place: KPatrik 20dB torrent - 500GB upload, 10 invitations, 100,000 points 7th place: somimaister 5db torrent 1 month free. 50GB / Maximum: 1Gbps We sincerely thank the participants and their performance! Everyone who participated in this or so thank you! We will contact each winner and the prizes will be awarded. Everyone can win and win because there will be new surprises and promotions that will not keep them. Thanks again! Teracod Staff.
  13. Dear users!We're looking for radio and Experienced Uploaders who can add content to the site.Just sign up for a given rank who seriously believes and can accomplish your task.Anyone who signs up for a seven probation period will then be eligible for the project + support for the site option. For more information, please visit to any staff.
  14. If you encounter certain problems or find all kinds of bugs / bugs you can send a private message here or here. The problem with the domain has also been resolved, most users have had compatibility issues so they could not download anything, and now they can download without problems from that domain as well. We know about the existence of certain bugs, but we try to resolve them as quickly as possible.
  15. Hello, Is it necessary to donate? Using RoFront is free for all members of the site. However, we appreciate the support of users to cover operating expenses. Donations or purchases of affiliate products are purely voluntary and do not involve any contractual relationship, subscription or payment for the use of the site, which is 100% free of charge. Donation is not required to gain VIP status or a higher rate, they can also be earned free of charge by seniority, forum activity, user support, staffing, contests, bonus seed, etc. Make a donation! Any amount contributes to maintaining this site "alive". For a donation Clik HERE !!!