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  1. kwinkle

    MoreThan.TV | TV

    The site says "Sorry, the site is currently invite only."
  2. kwinkle

    Open: CartoonBits | Misc

    Link does not work! seems the domain is gone.
  3. kwinkle | TV

    These guys are pretty cheap...not one Mb to start you off with!!
  4. It says " Site Closed" ?!?
  5. kwinkle

    Open Signup: | General

    Very crappy tracker from India, that wants you to give personal Information after you sign up,on what it calls "CrazyHD FB verification". They want your Facebook info, ISP name, and Location! Stay away from this one!!! Here it is below: Fbverify CrazyHD FB verification CrazyHD verification is mandatory to download torrents that are not suitable for minors. Please fill in the following details and press next CrazyHD Username: Facebook Full Name: *Type your full name as it appears on your facebook profile. Requests with incorrect names will be rejected. Email: ISP Name: Location: All Fields are mandatory