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  1. I see the seedboxes are still going very strong. You keep this community going great Inviter, very cool. I would like to apply my friend as my current seedbox is shut down. Thanks again mate :)
  2. Open: TehConnection (TEH) | MOVIES

    Might have been, thanks for the post though matey. I hope it re-opens
  3. Open: TehConnection (TEH) | MOVIES

    Invite only mate.
  4. News

    Do you know what information they would want in the application mate?
  5. 1 x Invite Giveaway

    Cheers for clearing it up mate...
  6. 1 x Invite Giveaway

    Applying again? Who does that... lol Not very polite thing to do if you ask me mate. It is up to the person "giving away" the invite as to who gets them, so if the person thinks that a person deserves the invite based on their criteria for the giveaway they will give that person one. Most of the time, invites are given away to members that have contributed to the community in some way.
  7. 1 x Invite Giveaway

    Thanks very much mate. Rep and feedback added my friend.
  8. 1 x Invite Giveaway

    Ahh ok thanks mate, then I would for sure like to take a look at it mate...
  9. I have a buffered HDCorea account with original email. GONE. Also have EOTI account. Pm me with only good offers. Im looking for BTGigs, TTG or the likes.
  10. 1 x Invite Giveaway

    What is this site anyway bro? lol I wouldn't mind having a look if you have any left that is. Thanks for the GA
  11. 2x invite GiveAways

    Thank you for the reply mate.
  12. Open: ExtremeDesi | General

    Tracker's Name: ExtremeDesi Genre: MOVIES / MUSIC / STAGE SHOWS / GENERAL Sign-up: Additional information: ExtremeDesi is an Desi Private Torrent Tracker for MOVIES / MUSIC / STAGE SHOWS / GENERAL
  13. 2x invite GiveAways

    I would like to apply for this tracker mate. Nice give away keep it up. Will add rep and feedback
  14. Open: TransmiTheNet (TtN) | TV

    Nice one bro thanks. Applied and was sent an invite.
  15. 2 x CHDBits Invite GIveaway

    They are both gone mate sorry. Thread closed!