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  1. Nice GA Rep and like added. I apply for revolutiontt Feedback add Thanks
  2. Google Translation: Previous recoding works (including 720p 1080p iPad) because handling reasons, will be completed after pressing somewhat flawed or defective, have now changed the approach, and later iPad through the built-in subtitle related software to ensure quality work.Recent re-encoding all the works limit 2XFree, also please support our team re-encoding. If you have comments or suggestions for re-encoding works feedback, you can post to the address: In addition, we will replace the recent high-performance server 502 to resolve the frequent problems If the page does not open, please visit again later. Without notice
  3. Tracker's Name: HDPter Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Additional information: HDPter is a new chinese tracker.
  4. Nice GA grimm I apply and thanks.
  5. Dear Friends, as fellow members of the Private torrent community we are deeply sorry for what happened with It was one of the best trackers if not the best and was basically a gateway into the world of private trackers. We hope an alternative springs up in the near future. As admins, we appreciate staff's decision to erase all the user data. We are all here for our passion but user safety & privacy comes first. That being said, let's come back to our site affairs. We won't be continuing our tradition of having yearly Holiday interviews to recruit new members. Also, until further notice no new invites will be handed out to our users and we will stay with one recruitment thread on an external tracker. This situation is temporary and will not last. We simply want to keep completely out of the lights for the time being. We have a small and a nice community here and we want to keep it this way. Hope you agree with our decisions that were taken in these tough times. With respect, staff
  6. From a a Waffles Admin: OK. here, finally is the story. Waffles went down for financial reasons, and stayed down due to staff issues that will not be hashed in public, don't bother asking. Lack of communication was because of the staff element, I was hoping the downtime would last a day or two at most at the beginning, but that obviously isn't what happened. This happened at a really inopportune time, we were just as surprised at what happened since we went down as you were. We've changed hosts to get a situation that is within our current means. We still owe a debt to the old host that will need payment, and we still need money to pay it. Because we're changing hosts (and equipment), we don't know how long it will take before we are able to come back up. But I will make sure our twitter and this space are updated with news as it comes, particularly if an ETA arrives. Some answers to frequently asked questions: No, we're not adopting gazelle. The amount of development time it would take to do that is not available. For now, things will be as they were when we went down. No data appears to be lost, we have the site code as it was when we went offline. We're keeping the current invite policy in place when we reopen. We recruit at a couple of private torrent sites, plus invites are open. So will we offer something more liberal? That depends on what we find our current capacity to be after we get set up. That's all for now. Let's hope the migration goes simple and easy. ---------------------------- On the site's main page, you can see right now an image titled: "Just moving things around a bit, back soon!", followed by a Bitcoin address apparently.
  7. From site's IRC, withheld usernames: (@REDACTED) REDACTED is making sure we're protected so what happened at what doesn't happen to us at all. Probably a migration is in progress, since the site is down in the last few hours.
  8. Pirate sites have a tendency to carry advertising for gambling services but in some regions, notably Russia, online gambling is illegal. So, when torrent and streaming sites carry ads for these services, copyright holders are now reporting them to the authorities who are forcing lSPs to block them. Regular visitors to the world’s largest pirate sites will be acutely aware of how they generate their revenue. Advertising is commonplace, ranging from simple unintrusive images to horribly aggressive popups and similar plagues. What is also glaringly obvious is the kind of companies that advertise on such portals. From those who offer a date after a couple of clicks to those offering gentlemanly extensions, ‘pirate’ advertisers tend to reside towards the bottom of the barrel. This is largely due to the pressure being applied to well-known brands to keep their ads off pirate sites but for some reason, gambling companies still make regular appearances. While they provide a valuable source of revenue, their presence on pirate sites is providing a new leverage point for anti-piracy outfits. While gambling faces restrictions in most territories, over in Russia the practice has been completely outlawed online since 2006. However, gambling companies are still advertising on Russian pirate sites, something which has not gone unnoticed by anti-piracy groups. As a result, some rightsholders have been reporting the rogue advertisers and the sites they appear on to Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor. If the complaint is upheld, Russia’s Federal Tax Service, the body responsible for carrying out state registration of legal entities, gets informed. It carries out its own checks and if illegal advertising is discovered, the pirate site displaying it is earmarked for blocking. According to news outlet Izvestia, several video-related rightsholder groups have already reported a batch of pirate sites in this manner. As a result, three sites (, and have already been blocked. “After receiving the complaint, Roskomnadzor notifies the site that online casinos cannot be advertisers,” a spokesperson explains. “If a site responds and removes the casino advertising, it is not blocked. If they do not remove it, Roskomnadzor will have it blocked. If there is no response, then the site is stored in the blacklist and is blocked in Russia.” Under current legislation the site will be removed from the blocklist after it removes the illegal advertising. However, for many that also means a hit in revenue. “If you keep in mind how many pirate sites carry such advertising, it can dramatically affect their income and contribute to two positive things: firstly, Russian citizens will not be involved in gambling and dubious financial schemes. Secondly, pirate Internet businesses cease to be attractive and thereby decrease,” a spokesperson told Izvestia. According to Maxim Ryabyko from anti-piracy outfit AZAPO, such illegal advertising is widespread. “We have made an assessment of the inventory. It is safe to say that more than half of such advertising is located on the most prominent and expensive placement positions, for example, in the header,” Ryabyko says. “If pirate sites with similar advertising are reported to the Federal Tax Service through Roskomnadzor, the [pirate site operators] will have to look for an alternative, for example, by increasing the volume of other, lower-cost advertising on their sites. Ideally, this would lead to discussions with them about the creation of partnerships with legitimate sites.” What is interesting about this process is the reported ease of having a block put in place. Ryabyko says that a regular copyright blocking case has costs attached and can take six to eight months to complete. On the other hand, reporting and having a site blocked for illegal advertising is not only much quicker, but also essentially free. Only time will tell how effective the practice will prove, but it’s a good example of how anti-piracy outfits are prepared to innovate in order to achieve their goals. Source:
  9. Tracker's Name: Shellife (SL) Genre: Music Sign-up Link: Closing date: Very Soon!
  10. Tracker's Name: Genre: HD Sign-up Link: Closing date: Soon!
  11. Tracker's Name: PornBay Genre: XXX Sign-up Link: Closing date: N/A Additional information: Pornbay is a Private Torrent Tracker for XXX Releases.
  12. De la part d'Abnormal, de celle d'AnanaMouss, de MrMouton, de Moljnir, de Chipolato, de RuBy et de moi-même Tous les upload du jour (up le 13 novembre 2016 entre 0h00 ce matin et 23h59'59'' ce soir) Sont en freeleech Y a un an on était 14 membres (des staffs et quelques testeurs) y avait pas bcp de torrents... depuis .. pas mal de prob, de gros fou rires, de belles engueulades, des histoires d'amour même pour certains (suis pas le seul) des événements regrettables ont jalonné cette année, il y a eu quelques histoires mémorables, des départs tonitruants mais... Mais ce matin Nous sommes 1440 membres et il y a plus de 35 000 torrents sur ABN Nos cadeaux pour vous 15 Jours de freelech integrale et quelques surprises qui seront ajoutés tout au long de la semaine soyez attentif ! Merci a vous tous C'est la plus belle aventure virtuelle de ma vie A titre perso, si c'était à refaire , avec le même programme, les mm galères et bonheurs... je re-signe direct Je vous aimes les Abnautes Translate From Abnormal, that of AnanaMouss to MrMouton to Moljnir to Chipolato to RuBy and myself all day upload (up November 13, 2016 from 0:00 this morning and 23h59'59 '' tonight) are in freeleech Y a year we had 14 members (of staffs and some testers) had not bcp torrents ... since .. quite a prob, large stitches, beautiful shouting matches, stories of love itself for some (am not the only one) of the regrettable events have marked this year, there have been some memorable stories, thunderous departures but ... but this morning we are 1440 members and has over 35,000 torrents ABN Our gift to you 15 days freelech integral and some surprises that will be added throughout the week be careful! Thank you all this is the most beautiful virtual adventure of my life for me, if it was again, with the same program, mm galleys and happiness ... I live re-sign I love you Abnautes
  13. UK Internet providers have added close to 500 URLs to the national pirate site blocklist. The expansion follows a request from copyright holders who frequently add new proxies for sites that have previously been barred. Despite this mass-update, the ongoing blocking whack-a-mole is far from over. Over the past several years hundreds of websites have been blocked in the UK for facilitating copyright infringement, and this list is getting longer and longer. Just a few weeks ago, 123movies and several other streaming portals were targeted by yet another High Court order. These blocks have some effect, at least in preventing subscribers from accessing the domains directly. However, there are plenty of alternative routes people can use instead. Blocked sites and people who support them often create so called reverse proxies. These allow users to access blocked pages through a new domain name, bypassing the restrictions put in place by the court. At least, for as long as it lasts. Copyright holders are well-aware of the proxy sites and frequently send ISPs lists of new domains to add to the blocklist. Over the past weeks, we have seen one of the largest blocklist expansions to date, targeting hundreds of new domains. The expansions often happen silently but are covered under the existing court orders. One UK ISP was kind enough to share an overview of the new additions, published in full below. The new targets include a wide variety of proxies for popular pirate sites such as The Pirate Bay, 123Movies, ExtraTorrent, RARBG, Tubeplus, EZTV, CouchTuner and Putlocker. TorrentFreak spoke to a torrent site owner who had several of his proxy sites blocked by the recent update. As a result, traffic dropped significantly last week, and it may drop even further once it’s implemented by all ISPs. Proxy traffic The question remains whether this new round of updates will have much of an effect. The proxy sites are setup with the intention to bypass blockades, so many will simply move to a new domain. The popular proxy link site “Unblocked,” which offers an up-to-date overview of working proxies, is a good example. The site’s domain was added to the blocklist, but it already moved to a new home at Unblocked’s owner told us that he has no intention of backing down, labeling the blocking efforts as futile. “Anytime we receive multiple reports of the site being blocked, we redirect to a new domain that same day. It’s become quite a simple routine now and we don’t expect to give up anytime soon,” he says. “Considering the popularity of Unblocked in the UK, I don’t think their strategy is an effective way to deal with piracy. Our traffic data doesn’t show any major changes after our many domain changes.” And so, after yet another update, the whack-a-mole continues. Copyright holders will keep adding new domains to the blocklists, while site owners continue to hop from domain to domain. — Below is an overview of all the domain names that were added over the past three weeks in two batches, 480 in total. Some have a duplicate entry, listing both the www and non-www version. Batch 1 Batch 2 Source:
  14. Woosh, too much time has passed since last contest... it's time to right this wrong. This one will be another Upload Challenge, with all our new brothers/sisters who recently joined us, it will be a blast! The contest will run for roughly 2 weeks (till 4th December include). If you wanna take part in this contest or simply curious about the rules and prizes... IT'S HERE
  15. We are all feeling a little lost right now with the loss of such a major fixture in the private tracker world. We thought they would live forever, that we would wake up in the morning and we would be able to download the best copy of that album we had thought about the night before. Today we realized that is not the case. Today we lost the largest collection of music in the world. For many, WCD was not just a place to download free music, it was a lifestyle. Many people spent much of their free time sharing their music, posting in the forums, chatting in IRC. It seemed to be the center of many people's private tracker universe. The tough part now is to try and move and and hope something similar rises from the ashes, just as WCD did from Oink. We also lost GGN for the time being. They have done a full backup and wiped their server as some of their infrastructure was on OVH Remember, stop any WCD torrents you have in your client(s). No need to remove any data though. Keep it and upload it here for our FLAC contest or wait for something to rise. One thing we all should know is that something will always rise from the ashes. Sharing will live on. We have a few threads where people are talking about the closure, feel free to leave your thoughts. R. I. P. What.CD | I feel ill; first that thing ...then this thing. | What was your last WCD download?