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  1. on winning the world cup ! (See.... Used spoiler tags this time ) To celebrate then end of the world cup which has been enjoyed by all we have decided once again to open the doors for a short period of time. We understand that it's not a popular move by some but at the same time we understand the need to grow our numbers. Not by much, which is why open sign ups shall remain for a short period of time and not be a regular occurrence. We would also like to thank everyone that took part in the Fantasy League ! We hope it was enjoyable, it was certainly more popular than I expected ! Thanks also to the staff that put their time into setting it up and getting it running.
  2. well im this <3 ratio has to be up..ass other trackers alot stuff in this tracker...lots of oldschool stuff
  3. thx i got tru there irc and got an invite some im good thx...
  4. the simpsons married with children alf fresh prince of bell air