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  1. MessageI'd just like everyone to give a big round of applause for dude88 & "an unnamed uploader" for all the work they do for the site to keep uploads happening. Its pretty unrewarding work and can take up a lot of personal time that "lets face it" we could spend doing things to improve our/their own lives.If you think someone..whether it be a staff member or another member has done a good job...let them know. One of the best rewards anyone can recieve is being appreciated.Many thanks to the above and to all of you that help make and build a community.Regards,QAdministrator
  2. i think you should color the words to white or any other color any way good job mate.
  3. Kedves felhasználok az oldalon a közleménycsere szünetel!!Google Translate: Dear user side of the communication exchange is suspended !!
  4. Apparently the site has been hacked again. Upon loading a site's page, you get redirected to PTH's main page.And of course now we have the same story all over again.'s leading admin Sarek is accusing a PTH staff member of sending him a PM, boasting how he screwed up his site.And the PTH staff member in question of course denied that they are evolved with NoS hacking in any way.